Important Message from Ginger Kathrens

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20 Responses to “Important Message from Ginger Kathrens”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This summer really has become the Challenge of the Stallions. Thanks, we always like to hear something from you. mar





  4. true15 Says:

    Thanks for the reminder

  5. Christine Says:

    Does anyone know that Lightning and Tomahawk and several other
    Calico stallions are up for Internet SALE starting tomorrow???

    Interestingly, they’re NOT gelded.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      All those stallions were requested to be kept as they are by the people wanting to buy/adopt them. You can do that. They are the last mature stallions taken off the range of the Calico Complex. mar

      • Christine Says:

        So they’re already spoken for then? Whew.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Yes, and it is hoped that people will respect this and not bid against anyone who has requested a horse. These horses have been under the watchful gaze of people who really care and who are all altering their lives in preparation for these horses to be brought to a good home and saved from BLM captivity. Driving up bids in this situation will be noticed by the advocate community and remembered. mar

      • Christine Says:

        There MIGHT be some bidding for the Curly stallion, as the Curly Mustang Association board members have JUST found out about this sale. I would hope that there would be understanding in that case. The same will likely be true for some of the adoption eligible Curlies (who all appear to be his get, anyway! 🙂 ) . I will let them know the stallion is already spoken for, tho.

      • Christine Says:

        Okay, I expressed to them that the Curly stallion is spoken for and asked that no one else bid, but I can’t promise that no one will. Well, I can promise one person won’t – me.

  6. jan eaker Says:

    4 more horses dead at Owyhee:

    Gather operations continue to be suspended. Two more animals died and two were euthanized because of complications related to water starvation and water intoxication.

    Gathered: 0, Deaths: 4, Total deaths: 12
    4-year-old stud, 4-year-old stud, 4-month-old colt, 3-year-old stud



    The HSUS Calls for Halt to Wild Horse Roundups
    The Humane Society of the United States calls for moratorium on BLM roundups following mustang deaths

  8. jan eaker Says:

    Yes , and ASPCA has also signed on
    ’bout time!

  9. Christine Says:


  10. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    HSUS has also said the same thing BLM told us in Denver at the workshop; BLM should choose and train observers who would have the ability to shut down any harmful activity??

    Observers need to be unassociated with BLM and trained only by animal welfare professionals; meaning HSUS should train the observers who must never be chosen by BLM.

    They seem to have come to an agreement with that one. mar

  11. Jan Says:

    can we believe blm postings that they are making water drops to the horses in the area where the roundup was on saturday i sure hope so – apparently they will only do it for a few days and then round the several hundred head up – more deaths will surely occur – so glad that humane soceity and other humane groups are finally coming on board and that jane velez mitchell is covering it on her news – hope more networks will pick up story and demand to see what the blm is really doing – i know american people fed up with bp – look at the damage in the gulf – wildlife there may never recover and do they want to now build a pipeline across 8 western states – think of the possible pollution – i am now hoping that more horse people will write and call – but write letters, emails can be deleted – keep up pressure on the blm – got several emails today that more groups are doing just that

  12. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    What I would like to see is one of these animal welfare groups go out and monitor if they will not let us. Then I will believe they want to save the wild horses of the Owyhee. mar

  13. Carla Bowers Says:

    Hey, Wild Horse Advocates –

    As Ginger & Makendra know, I’m a avid WH&B advocate in CA & I’m volunteering to put together a national/statewide database of WH advocates/supporters for better communications with one another, organization & to offer more take-action suggestions. The first goal is to connect advocates together by state to build statewide teams.

    Please email your first & last name, organization affiliation (if any), email address & city/state to:

    I’ll be back in touch with you after receiving your info. Feel free to pass this offer on to other advocates you know.

    For the wild ones, Carla B

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