Cold Springs, OR – Roundup Update

BLM contractor (Cattoor Livestock) rounded up 47 mares + 15 foals, & 47 studs. 20 went immediately   to Burns corrals, 35 will be shipped out tomorrow pre-roundup (3 hr trip). One foal looked strange according to APHIS vet and was not dehydrated but something was ‘off’. They shipped him & his mom  to Burns and when they unloaded he was dead. Cause of death not yet determined. Foal was aged at 6-8 months, most foals are 2 months old or less.  Horses in great condition overall. They are doing a selective removal of over half the horses- reducing this herd to 45 males and 35 females. Another roundup that is timed for contactor availability and mostly closed to the public. Observation point is 1/2 mile from trap site- today only. Binocs essential. OREGONIANS only: Please call Senator Wyden and ask for an immediate moratorium on summer roundups (503) 326-7525 or DC office: (202) 224-5244


12 Responses to “Cold Springs, OR – Roundup Update”

  1. jan eaker Says:

    more needless deaths, when will it end???

  2. savewildhorses Says:

    “Most foals are 2 months old or less.” Sick. Cruel. Inhumane.

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    What a shame to lose these horses and the herd to be below viable level. This is what will continue over this summer and into next year as our herds dwindle and the mares get PZPd and more stallions are left than mares. We need new management out there that will allow our wild ones to live healthy lives and not be subject to the indescriminant and violent management practices we are seeing now. Our herds are not able to withstand this any longer. Smaller herds are not going to make it long into this uncertain future. Change is essential to life for wild horses in the future. mar

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:


  5. Sharon Kennedy Says:

    The sorrow we do on earth is reflected back to heaven….the BLM killers
    will have no where to hide when God picks the moment for justice.

  6. Margaret Says:

    I guess I don’t have to live in Oregon to say BARF ON THE BLM.

  7. Linda Says:

    So the foal looked “strange”, but was shipped anyway in a trailer full of milling, terrified horses? This was approved by a vet? This was witnessed by BLM employees and the contractor who insist they care about the welfare of the animals? If you care so much, prove it.

  8. anumpeshi Says:

    mustangs/horses are legends,our grandfathers told stories of thunderbeings coming from the stars,sacred warriors,companions and teachers,they bring to mankind loyalty and unconditional love,why then hasn’t mankind returned this gift and loved and protected them as Sacred thunder beings?Saving all Sacredness,is a gift to remember,allowing others to murder and cause suffering and torture,is allowing oneself to suffer,for we are all connected to the universal mother spirit,we are all divine souls and we are all One,visitors here on this planet,how can mankind destroy so much beauty and grace in just one lifetime?I pray for all humanity to arise and to awaken in his/her heart,we must return to our sacred ways of the ancient ones to remember whom we truly are,the buffalo give to us courage,the mustang teaches us to remember freedom,and the dolphins raise our heart vibrations to the core song of our mother earths heart,wakaya

  9. anumpeshi Says:


  10. Andi Says:

    The Cold Springs HMA has been gathered TWICE in 20 years. TWICE. It is being returned to the minimum AML, the level it was at when it was last gathered 5 years ago. No one raised a stink then, so why now? One stallion was put down because of a broken penis. I doubt *that* happened in the gather and I suspect he was in a great deal of pain. I, for one, am glad he is no longer suffering, as that must have been miserable for him!

    Please learn *all* the facts about an incident before passing judgment. The Oregon BLM has done an exemplary job in managing the herds here in Oregon, with good genetic viability and little to no change in the minimum AML in the last 2 decades. If the herds have improved and excelled with this management program, then maybe they are doing something right in Oregon?

    Please do not lump the political BLM with the real people who work for the BLM that actually care about the horses and take their jobs seriously. If not for them, I shudder to think how the horses would fare!

  11. Andi Says:

    Does anyone monitor this blog? I’ve made several comments to clear up some concerns and bring to light the orphan foal I have needing a home and the comments are never approved by the moderator. But they are still there.

  12. Mike Evans Says:

    I was at the roundup and work for a permit holder on the cold springs alottment,What the hell is wrong with you people!!?? It’s better for horses to starve to death than to be relocated ?? get a clue people,go to the BLM website and read the range report and the recomendation from a noted ENVIRONMENTALIST BLM official, The numbers were too many for that alotment,I would like to have you idiots come with me in the winter out here and see all the starving horses due to overpopulation, you bleeding hearts are all the same, you spout off about things that you have absolutely no knowledge of and make up “FACTS” What would you like us to do with the “WILD HORSES” that get on OUR PRIVATE GROUND?? didn’t think about that did ya ?? let me turn 10 or 12 horses into your backyard and see the response I get.I’m not anti horse i’m pro range land management,we as cattle producers are fined and threatened with revocattion of permits if we screw up,the same doesn’t apply to the BLM, roundups are a neccesary evil.The only way for horses to survive is to have these roundups and culling processes.Feel free to comment and please think before spout off on a subject!

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