Herd-Watch Update & New Email

Laura Leigh, in her capacity as program director of Herd-Watch is actively participating in the lawsuit to stop the Tuscarora Roundup in Nevada which was to start on Friday, July 9th but was delayed at least one day. Updates will be posted soon.

For all inquiries regarding Herd-Watch please use our new address:  herdwatch@thecloudfoundation.org. Thank you for your patience while this official email was setup.


6 Responses to “Herd-Watch Update & New Email”

  1. Suzanne Moore Says:

    I’m really anxious to hear what’s happening. Did the roundup start Saturday like the BLM said it would?

  2. jan eaker Says:

    I too am anxious to know if this travesty was postponed???? I look at my horses, it’s in the 80’s here, can’t put it in my brain what running them for miles in this heat would do to them, and I know it’s hotter out in NV.

  3. Margaret Says:

    I too am hoping this travesty is put on hold. But I worry. The last time BLM put a roundup on hold (end of Nov) they did that secret roundup that they didn’t tell anyone about until it was over.

    Why do we have to go through this time after time after time? Why can’t the fact they we oppose any and old roundups be sufficient? Are they really that hardheaded?

  4. Margaret Says:

    You guys go read the news bulletin from BLM. They are stopping the roundup until they can figure out better timing.

    7 horses died between Sat morning and Sun morning. Some of it was colic–I’m thinking too much water with improper cooling methods (walking the horse until he’s cool–as you would with domestic horses). Some of it was brain swelling–not sure what it means–dehyrdation or too much water to fast.

    Not sure what they are going to do with the remaining horses they have in captivity. That wasn’t addressed.

    Apparently there are two big bands fairly nearby. One is at an almost dried out water hole, and the other band has no water.

    I don’t know the geography of this area. But after the winter that we experienced here in CA–I’m a bit surprised that the horses have no water. Unless someone’s been fencing off the water again…

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    There are folks trying to stop this today… there will be more news. Horses have died but there are people on this. go to the new post… mar

  6. Seven Wild Horses Killed on Day 1 of Tuscarora Roundup « Straight from the Horse's Heart Says:

    […] Herd-Watch Update & New Email (thecloudfoundation.wordpress.com) […]

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