Three New Action Alerts from IDA

BLM photoTell Government To Stop Wild Horse Roundups – Please Send 3 E-mails

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is pushing ahead with its plan to remove 6,000 wild horses, like the Utah horses pictured here, from the range in six western states between now and October. This will bring the total removed for 2010 to more than 12,000. The first major roundup, Owyhee Complex in Nevada, is scheduled to start this week – click here for updates.

Until the helicopters descend, wild horses are free mustangs, living with their families in the mountains and canyons. The BLM roundups will forever change their lives – stampeded into trap pens, they will never see their families again. Some will be adopted, others will be sold to the highest bidder. Most will be shipped to government holding facilities in the Midwest where they will be warehoused for the rest of their lives – with the two most important things taken from them: their family and freedom.

Please click here to take Action 1: Oppose Utah Roundup of 480 Horses.

Please click here to take Action 2: Say “NO” To Roundup of Nearly 200 Horses and Burros in Nevada.

Please click here to take Action 3: Help Stop Roundup of 445 Horses Outside Ely, Nevada.

IDA alert online HERE


9 Responses to “Three New Action Alerts from IDA”

  1. jan eaker Says:

    This is a great thing, thank you IDA! and TCF for putting it on the blog; please everyone, send in your comments!

  2. Margaret Says:

    From KTVU–local news station here in CA–Calico was a big success as per the BLM. Apparently they left behind some 1100 horses. HUH????

  3. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    Yeah, according to jo lyn worley, quoted in a story from AP, they did a flyover jus’ las’ week of 13 HMAs in Nevada, Oregon & Utah.
    she’s so tickled there are so many left!


  4. jan eaker Says:

    but NO photos to back up their claims, and we’re just gonna believe the good ol’ BLM, aren’t we!!???

  5. turgay donat Says:

    welcome all my friends.

  6. Marsha Prokosch Says:

    These beautiful animals are being treated unjustly, they must be saved somehow, it makes me sick that BLM has no remorse and that we have such unconscious leaders. When each segment of destruction is publicized, it breaks my heart. Marsha

  7. Laura Says:

    The WILD HORSES and their plight are a REFLECTION of the TRAUMA we are suffering as a nation, with out-of-control corrupt politicians on both sides of the equation, with noone reading MAJOR bills in Congress or the Senate prior to voting on them, with Barack Obama REFUSING the help of over 13 countries who had oil-sucking barges that could have been sucking up 85% of the oil from the get-go, with all kinds of shenanigans happening down in the Gulf Coast seemingly to pummel yet SEVERAL MORE INDUSTRIES in America, so the WILD HORSES are like us, running from tyranny and feeling trapped & wishing for our freedom!! And, some day we will rue the day we EVER fell for the crap in D.C.

    The BLM is just a reflection of our tyrannical government, the never-ending colonialization of the world, the killing of innocent people abroad, and now, with the “Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Act of 2007” passed hugely in the Congress, we can all be designated “terrorists”, because GUESS WHO gets to define it?? Uh huh, the BIG PARTY GOVERNMENT.

  8. Laura Says:

    I don’t think our emails are working! However, phone calls, WALK-IN’s to our LOCAL CONGRESSMEN’s office, pestering the LOCAL HUMANE SOCIETY representative, and letters to the editor are still useful ways we can fight this, but I’m afraid we are nearing a time fast, when we will have to come up with a MORE CLEVER, INGENIOUS, and STIMULATING way of achieving our goal for protecting our wild horses!

    How about THIS idea?? The VERY NEXT TOWNHALL MEETING we have in Nevada (the worst culprits of all), or elsewhere, get all our wild horse activists there and PRESS THEM LIKE CRAZY on the round-ups!!

    We can ban together with the “original” Patriots, not the right winger fake ones who co-opted the original Tea Party “patriots”, but the “original” ones, and exclaim our questions in with the rest of the bunch! They are the ones who show up at these Town Hall meetings, much to the dismay of the politicians!! LOL

  9. T. Says:

    If the horses were legally protected to remain on their land, by an actual law, isn’t Kenneth Salazar violating the law in having these horses run off this land, killed, tortured, placed in small pens where mares died and lost foals, and stallions were castrated and died? The employees of BLM, and Kenneth Salazar, are all paid by taxpayers. They ignore the outrage of citizens, and continue to run and kill horses. Why? Is it because of an alleged contract to run a pipeline through the horses’ land, a contract which BP also signed? How can government employees torture and destroy our American wild horses, hide furtively and ban the public from viewing anything they are doing, while they cause the death of horses? The public citizens, we the people, pay their salaries, and we see this administration killing our horses, blocking help for the Gulf Coasts and letting people suffer and animals die, we know that Salazar refused to protect wolves and supported their massacre, and we think this administration will go down in history as an atrocity against living creatures.
    In fact, why wouldn’t the BLM people, and Salazar, who perpetrated this deadly stampede and killing of horses, be prosecuted and convicted of violating the laws that protected horses, as well as the laws that punish those guilty of criminal animal abuse and killing helpless horses.

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