Cold Springs Roundup

The Cold Springs roundup is to start Monday despite language in the BLM’s handbook and the Cold Springs Decision Record that “The BLM also avoids gathering wild horses by helicopter during the 6 weeks prior to and following the peak foaling season (i.e., March 1 through June 30).” They are not abiding by this although when we raised the issue in Stinkingwater (OR roundup planned to start July 1) they delayed until August 18th. As background, the Cold Springs decision record was signed and released BEFORE the allotted comment period was up.

For question re: the roundup you can call the main office number for Vale, OR BLM is 541-473-3144 – Field Manager is Pat Ryan – they will try to transfer you to a 1-800 line, that is not helpful.

Tuesday  will be the only “public observation day” and that will may not be at the trap site (essential for viewing heath of horses post-roundup) but at a far off observation point.  They are citing unwarranted safety concerns they have also closed the entire herd management area despite only having 2 people sign up to try and observe the roundup.

This really is a sad commentary on a public agency and their management of such a treasure as wild horses.

BLM’s facts– (no mention of livestock grazing in this same area)

The estimated population is 181 horses

The estimated animals to be gathered are 165 horses

The estimated animals to be removed are approximately 106 with the removed horses going to the corrals in Burns Oregon.

The number of horses to remain in the Cold Springs Herd Management Area (post-gather) is approximately 75 horses (45 males and 30 females).


9 Responses to “Cold Springs Roundup”

  1. jan eaker Says:

    BLM is out of control;

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    People near here please call and get on the list to observe and go watch our wild horses when you are allowed. Oregon advocates, please attend. mar

  3. equus5 Says:

    Was there a comment period for this roundup?

  4. Margaret Says:

    And once again we see the numbers skewed. More studs than mares=lots of competition/fighting.

    181 horses doesn’t sound many–why would BLM again ravage another HMA? Because they can doesn’t mean they should.

    I love Gene Seidlitz comment–We are the Bureau of Land Management, not the Bureau of Wildlife, not the Bureau of Wild Horses, the Bureau of Land Management. That about sums up their horrid mentality.

  5. jean Says:

    I recently read a quote that I believe to be very true. “Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened” -Author Unknown. Any person that can literally run down these innocent young foals in such horrid conditions are without a soul and that implys to everyone involved with this senseless tragedy. I don’t know how they can live with their conscience, but second thought, do they have one? The wild horses belong to the American people and we should have a voice in their future. Please, show some compassion with handling these magnificent creatures and let them live out their lives in freedom. They deserve no less.



  7. Janet Ferguson Says:

    There are county laws in Nevada regarding legality of the timing of wild horse and burro roundups I have read, for this very reason.

    Will find info & post.

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