BP…Ruby…Mustang Roundups

BP and Ruby Pipeline Connection Raises Questions About Removal of Calico Wild Horses from Northwestern Nevada

Bloody BLM roundup results in more than 140 deaths of federally protected animals

Colorado Springs, CO (July 10, 2010)—A contract between the $3 billion Ruby Pipeline project managers, El Paso Corp of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and energy giant, British Petroleum, was uncovered this week by ATS News, the investigative journalism arm of number-one “alternative topics” web site, AboveTopSecret.com. The contract reveals how BP stands to reap millions of dollars from the proposed 675-mile pipeline from Wyoming to Oregon. Ruby would destroy areas of pristine wilderness in northwestern Nevada, formerly home to the majestic wild horses of the Calico Mountains. Ruby Project Coordinator Lars Ecklund said during an April 16 meeting, reported on by the Klamath Falls Herald and News: “Don’t think we’re going to put this pipe in without making a mess . . . It’s going to look like Hiroshima. It’s going to look nasty.”  …. continued online here: http://bit.ly/BPMustangs

Plus: Report from the KLAS news team and George Knapp on the BP-Mustang connection


7 Responses to “BP…Ruby…Mustang Roundups”

  1. jan eaker Says:

    Of course it’s all connected, and we’re not supposed to figure this out???

  2. cathleen Lambert Says:

    It is just sickening how these politicians can be so cruel to these horses, but “Money Talks”. I wish we could stop this, and not have to wait till “Judgement Day”, because that is no help for the horses.

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    How long does it take the White House to realize we are not backing off? There is now evidence that should be collaborated and acted on ASAP. The roundups must all end and the management of these wild herds and captives given over to an interim group to protect them. It would be a simple thing to stop the roundups and acknowledge the wild ones’ rights.

    Just because you have a budget and schedule in place is no reason to keep doing the wrong thing by the wild ones and the American people. End the Roundups now, BLM. mar



  5. Janet Ferguson Says:

    BLM writing the law to fit its own opinions — JoAnn Worley has decided what is and what is not a wild horse, and damn the 1971 Act.

  6. Bio-Diversity Group Sues BLM to Stop Controversial Ruby Pipeline « Straight from the Horse's Heart Says:

    […] BP…Ruby…Mustang Roundups (thecloudfoundation.wordpress.com) […]

  7. Debbie Richmond Says:

    The Feds can be fought by a single honest county official who knows the U.S. Constitution:


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