BLM Violates Protocol & Puts Wild Horse Foals at Risk in NV Roundup

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BLM Helicopter Roundup To Begin Despite Presence of Vulnerable Young Foals

BLM starts dangerous roundup, violating their own protocol designed to protect wild horse babies

Elko, NV (July 8, 2010)— Over 1,400 federally-protected wild mustangs are to be rounded up beginning tomorrow, July 9, in the Tuscarora area of Elko County Nevada during the hottest month of the year. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is violating their own set-protocol for waiting six weeks after the main foaling season, defined as March 1-June 30, so that young foals can escape the inherent danger of a high-heat summer roundup. BLM will dispatch privately contracted choppers to run the Tuscarora mustangs over miles of rugged terrain in a taxpayer-funded roundup expected to last three weeks and result in the removal of some 1,100 mustangs. Only last month, Oregon BLM wild horse managers postponed a planned roundup that would have started the day after foaling season—opting to begin instead in mid-August for the horses’ safety…. continued online here or via:

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11 Responses to “BLM Violates Protocol & Puts Wild Horse Foals at Risk in NV Roundup”

  1. sandra longley Says:

    Keep your malox handy folks its going to get brutal ugly and deadly, and they are going to make sure we don’t know how deadly..this is THEIR homestretch and they are pushing beyond the limits..I see it in the EAs I am now reading..They are not really even trying to justify the extremes they are going to..there is no rational to explain it…its criminal

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Continuing with this roundup schedule is a slap in the faces of all those who have expressed the need for a management change for our wild herds. Ginger is right about using their money for the fiscal year. These roundups are already in the budget, paid for. So they will not stop them unless there is an executive order or a lawsuit strong enough. Get behind the money raising for the lawsuit and keep pressure on BLM. Help fight for freedom for all our wild horses and burros. mar

  3. Margaret Says:

    I wish I had kept a copy of my letter this morning. Let’s just say I blasted the BLM.

  4. Linda Says:

    Has the Churchill County Sheriff’s investigation been completed? If so, what was the outcome? Any sane person would think the BLM would hold off on this until those results were in to avoid another scandal. I almost forgot, they have their “cloak of invisibility” to protect them!

    Sure wish some of the Pony Express riders would weigh in on this, especially the vet.

    I was reading the Nevada Animal Cruelty Statutes AGAIN and I still think the the Calico helicopter roundup fell under the category of “overdriving”. This one may as well.

    Also, I know they have the following livestock exemption, but is driving horses, especially young foals, over such dangerous terrain in the summer heat an “established method of animal husbandry”? Would Nevada ranchers do the same to their own horses?

    574.200. Intended applicability of provisions

    The provisions of NRS 574.050 to 574.510, inclusive, and section 2 of this act do not:

    6. Prohibit or interfere with established methods of animal husbandry, including the raising, handling, feeding, housing and transporting of livestock or farm animals.

  5. jan eaker Says:

    Whatever horses are left after all this inhumanity is done, need to be taken from the BLM, this is BLATANT cruelty, why are they allowed to do this?



  7. Suzanne Moore Says:

    Press release soon.

  8. Celeste Foster Says:

    Like anyone should be surprised that this is happening… Its a shame an a disgrace an should not be permitted to happen.

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  10. Ann Wilkinson Says:

    Great my taxes are going to be spent fighting another lawsuit. Round these things up, and feed them to the nation’s poor. We don’t have the money to keep feeding all these unwanted horses. It isn’t a shame this is happening, and it should be encouraged. They have no natural predators left.

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