The Mustang Conspiracy: Sex, Drugs, Corruption, and BP

New two-part report from Above Top Secret news – watch part 1 online here and part 2 online here.

Includes interviews with award-winning journalist, George Knapp, Cindy MacDonald and Cloud Foundation board member and ecologist, Craig Downer among others


6 Responses to “The Mustang Conspiracy: Sex, Drugs, Corruption, and BP”

  1. jan eaker Says:

    business as usual in the world, Wy may sell part of the Grand tetons to developers, more mustangs to die and lose their freedom, our world sold out to greed and power, it’s very sad.

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    With this information out and gaining momentum and showing people how deep the corruption has gone, we must be able to use this to stop BLM from taking anymore wild herds from their homes. Especially along the path of this pipeline.

    The deceit and the collusion BLM has involved itself in with these actions makes these actions fraudulent theft of our wild horses.

    BLM, Stop the roundups NOW! mar

  3. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Stop the Roundups!
    Washington needs to hear this NOW

  4. Sue Says:

    OK, we all know this, now what? How do we get anything done? Where do we go from here? I am sick of politicians (all of them) and big corporations (all of them) and corrupt government agencies turning a deaf ear to the people. Money is the bottom line here and the horses lose!
    If anyone is still eating beef (why?)… you better make sure it was raised by a small family rancher on private land and if you don’t know where the beef was raised, then you are probably contributing to the removal of the wild horses from public lands. Make sure you know who is getting your money.

  5. Nora Morbeck Says:

    I gave a talk last night to the local saddle club — just doing my part to educate the community about the status of the WH&B program. Interestingly, quite a few of these people had no idea what’s been happening with the wild horses. There was such a look of shock on some of their faces. This is a wonderful, educated group of horse people, who seem well aware of typical government corruption. They simply had no idea that it extended so far into WH&B protections.
    So, WE — the people who post here — know what’s going on, but BLM mismanagement isn’t on everyone’s radars, especially people who live in the East, South and Midwest.
    I gave each person present last night a list of sources and helpful web sites, and I asked them to do their own research to form their own opinions. I’m very opinionated about these issues, but I genuinely want people to make up their own minds. I hope the group I spoke with last night will visit TCF site, read over the latest articles on Craig Downer’s findings, and watch reports like George Knapp’s “Stampede to Oblivion.”
    I believe that more awareness makes a difference.
    And I think we are making a difference. I found this message from the president of the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association. He seems rather testy about the fact that the BLM may be starting to listen to the public. Of course, he also misrepresented the details of the BLM meeting he attended, but I suspect he’s trying to get his members worked up against the WH&B program. Sorry if this link is a re-post, but maybe some of you haven’t read it before.

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