Salazar Ad

Was printed in the Denver Post in May, 2010 – what a poor comparison of leaders (download a larger PDF version here: Two of a Kind Ad)


21 Responses to “Salazar Ad”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    These sportsmen do not speak for all sportsmen. That’s for sure. How very presumptuous of them! No comparison. Teddy would be appalled. mar

  2. Barbara Warner Says:

    Yes, Salazar had an opportunity to protect our outdoor heritage for our children and grandchildren but he sure blew it . Teddy has probably rolled over in his grave . Actually he may be spinning. Salazar was a huge mistake and needed to go yesterday.

  3. Ronnie Says:

    Oh-My-God! You think you have seen it all.

    Natural resources, heritage, protector, Salazar?!! For this generation and generations to come?
    My grandchildren’s awareness of wild horses & burros: “Gran, look at my history book…all the pretty horses running free in the beautiful mountains. What happened to them?”

    BLM & MMS = An alarming magnitude of animals & marine life suffering, dying, dead.

    -Oil “spill”: birds, crabs, fish, dolphins, turtles…and MORE!
    -Again, delisting WOLVES! Wolf pack families destroyed. Cubs!
    -Massacre of bison on BLM lands
    -Prairie dogs
    -*Wild horses & Burros…BLM following “secret” plan to total annihilation!!!

    Salazar is immune to the Endangered Species Act.
    Protecting as he and his DOI is deemed to do.
    It is not dramatic to state Salazar is in charge of a holocaust of our wildlife.

    More fitting if the above “Salazar Ad” read:

    “Two of a Kind”:
    -Power Broker Cattlemen & Salazar
    -Hitler & Salazar.
    -More applicable: Lucifer & Salazar. Pure EVIL.


  4. Jill Says:

    A mustache needs to be drawn and horns poking through the cowboy hat…

    Salazar, is a reincarnation of Hitler to the wild horses.

    The images of these two men should not share the same page!

    Propaganda by those pushing for The Ruby Pipeline?! Shoot the deer and the elk and roundup the horses… what kind of sportsmanship is this!

  5. sandra longley Says:

    While hunters are pouring beer over their heads..they might want to stop and consider the fact…there will be NO hunting around any of these thousands of acres of fenced of power installations, 8,000 plus acres of geothermal water towers as far as the eye can see, windmills butted up against each other for miles..these are protected installations..I had to have security clearance to work on these projects..That land will be –forever off limits to the public let alone a drunk with a hunting rifle..LOL

    • sandra longley Says:

      So the Sierra club the Autobon society and the various wildlife associations that have condemed and demeened the wild horses and burrors..The sage grousers who imagine that the birds will thrive and nest among the remments of the wilderness on the land..once we are will be next..don’t come crying to me for my are sealing your own fate.

  6. Linda Says:

    I truly can’t believe this ad. The quote alone is antethical to everything Salaczar is DOING, no matter what he says. Also, TR took on big business monopolies. Salaczar is facilitating them.

    If TR was alive today he’d storm out (not “walk softly”) into the woods, pick up a “big stick”, and give Salaczar a beating he wouldn’t soon forget!

  7. Margaret Says:

    Excuse me while I go BARF.

    TR would be proud???? I don’t think so. I thought Teddy was for promoting the land. Not wasting precious lives.





  10. Donna Buscemi Says:

    Not only are these 2 polar opposites- Salazar is far from a leader. What an insult to TR

  11. Donna Moore Says:

    Starting to see those PR dollars in action. Truly insulting.

    • Jill Says:

      Yes, same advertising strategy it appears…

      Women for Obama!
      Community Organizers for …
      Mac Users for …
      Dog Walkers for …
      Postal Workers for …
      Teachers for …
      Hippies for …
      Farmers for …
      Nurses for …
      Swimmers for …
      Horse Lovers for …
      Union Workers for …
      Sportsmen for …
      Now, it’s Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development
      A campaign within a campaign and who may be behind this, besides big business, cattle and the Ruby Pipeline corporation? Possibly suggested by the man himself who won with this advertising strategy.

  12. Jan Says:

    didnt teddy roosevelt set aside more public parks than any other president including like the grand canyon – seems i saw that on the ken burns series on pbs the parks – where does salazar get off thinking he is like roosevelt – give me a break – i think if teddy was alive today he would urge the govt to protect the wild horse and preserve their lands



  14. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I think we need to independently (advocate by advocate) contact The Ruby Pipeline and as for their assistance in a Wild Horse and Burro Protection Program funded by their own Public Relations fund. It would help their public image, and it might benefit the wild horses and burros, if we ask for something specific, such as
    a) Assistance with removing unneeded barbed wire from ranges
    b) Assistance in enhancing natural water sources or rain water cachements for wild herds.
    c) Assistance in reporting what their people see of the wild horses and burros as their people are all over the ranges in the next 50 decades;
    d) Public campaign to alert all Americans to the plight of the wild horses and burros on the ranges.
    e) Seed money to assist the Herd Watch.

    What have any of us got to lose by doing this?

    See how they actually respond.

  15. Barbara Warner Says:

    Good idea, Janet. Do you have the contact info?

  16. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    It will not hurt one blessed thing and we may get the wild ones on their payroll. Or a big grant to keep them from more mischief. Isn’t that how it works? Rich company does wrong and pays out huge sum to smooth it over?? Well, that is how it once worked before the rich learned how to make the taxpayers pay for everything. mar



    Sportsmen Protest Oil and Gas Leases in Colorado’s North Park
    Coalition urges BLM to update its management plan before considering drilling that could jeopardize the area’s moose, elk, mule deer, sage grouse and trout

    April 28, 2010 (DENVER) – To conserve water quality and wildlife habitat in Colorado’s North Park, a sportsmen coalition today protested the Bureau of Land Management’s proposed oil and gas lease sale in the popular recreation area near the Colorado-Wyoming border.

    The BLM’s Colorado State Office plans to put the 14 North Park parcels – totaling nearly 11,400 acres – on the auction block May 13, 2010. The proposed lease area is about 15 miles northwest of Walden, Colo., in a part of North Park considered one of the most biologically rich areas of the state.

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