Canadian Geographic – The Last Wild Mustangs – excellent documentary


4 Responses to “Canadian Geographic – The Last Wild Mustangs – excellent documentary”

  1. sandra longley Says:

    To my canadian friends who always remind me they are superior to the US(and I never disagree) please step up to the plate and carry on where Slim leaves off, and save a place for the few wild horses you have left..Don’t treasure a them so your children and grandchildren can see them in the wild..and Slim, would you marry me!!!!

  2. Barbre Brunson Says:

    A marvelous documentary with respect and admiration for the history of the wild horse. I don’t undersand how anyone can kill the horse that carried them to hunt food—to discover new lands—horses served in war… seems mans memory of what he owes the horse evaporates with modern times. The environment and wildlife pay for mans selfishness. The determination by some to eliminate the wild horses is a measure that predicts this type of thinking will not stop at the wild horses, but move on to the next target that gets in their way. Calculating only their greed and need. I am grateful to those that stand against the destroyers of the wild horse.

  3. sandra longley Says:

    I thought it was especially noteworthy, that the mule deer herds increased when there were more wild horses..That the mule deer use the wild horse herds for protection from predators, wolves. I have seen this for my self with does and fawns moving in tight with mares and foals with a pack of coyotes in full cry. And these were domesticated horses. My mares chase coyotes for just the fun of it..and they mean business-the coyotes are in full flight.

  4. Jan Says:

    was this video ever ran on pbs or nat geo – it shd be ran on some national tv station in usa so more could see it

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