Craig Downer’s Report on Tuscarora Flyover

Mr. Downer’s report is now posted online on the Cloud Foundation Website. 310 horses seen and 3,624 cattle on these designated wild horse ranges planned for a massive roundup this summer.

Cattle graze near the river - aerial photo by Craig Downer

You can read the Cloud Foundation’s comments to this roundup and more details here. (short summary of comments:

The planed roundup of 1438 wild horses and the removal of 953-1,039 of these animals should be considered and offered for public comment again only after the cancellation of grazing permits and utilization of alternative management practices. It is notable that grazing authorization for over 4000 head livestock are permitted while only 440 wild horses are allowed. We encourage you to reduce or eliminate livestock grazing on the Owyhee, Rock Creek and Little Humboldt wild horse herd management areas (HMAs) while increasing the “appropriate management levels” (AML) for the federally protected wild horses… continued online here.


10 Responses to “Craig Downer’s Report on Tuscarora Flyover”

  1. jan eaker Says:

    so very sad, they are UNDER AML, so there shouldn’t be a roundup at all!

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    No, There should not be a round up here. We have been to these HMAs this spring. Coming into Little Humboldt and Rock Creek near Midas, NV there was horse sign in one place! In a little canyon. No other sign in any place we went. There is plenty of water, reservoirs and ditches with water all for cattle. The entire areas we saw were groomed for cattle especially from the North where fencing was around each allotment and the gates were progressively shut as we went further south to the top of Owyhee. It is a large range and there should have been more sign of horses. The few foals that Craig saw may be an indication of other meddling by BLM. I feel there is criminal mischief and we must do all we can to stop this roundup. There is no going back once they start. We have been through this and we know how it works. Stopping the roundups is our only recourse. mar

  3. Linda Says:

    Thanks, Craig, for keeping us updated about on-the-ground realities. Your observations call the BLM’s mathematical projections of herds doubling every 5 years into serious question.

    Only 3 foals observed out of 312 wild horses? According to the BLM 20% increase per year, there should have been about 62 babies. Even using the NIS 10% low number, there should have been about 30.

    As I’ve said many times, I’m no math wizard, and I’m sure some kind of “compound” equation applies. Am I missing something?

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Yes, and we are out of the BLM loop looking in on our own and we do not see what they claim.


    • Linda Says:

      Also, since the bands and herds are spread out over such a vast area, the contractor (which one?) is going to have to chase the horses for miles and miles unless they use a whole bunch of trap sites.

      Capturing the most horses in the shortest amount of time = increased profits. All the contractor has to do to get paid is get them into the trap by any means necessary. And every horse that dies is one less the BLM has to deal with.

  4. sandra longley Says:

    maybe its time to form a human chain..then they can drive the horses over the top of us and say see…wild horses are Dangerous! from here they are going directly to your house and hold your children hostage, then they will empty your bank account and steal your car..whoops I guess that is what BLM is doing..

  5. sandra longley Says:

    citizens have been trying to get cattle off of the public lands since the 1800s just read a book on it..’public rangelands revisited’ and i don’t mean wild horse advocates..conservationists groups have written enough to fill the library of congress on the subject of the damage done by cattle and their owners to public lands and many or more graze in our forest land and the photos of damage would blow you away..not a horse in sight to blame either..The idea that they could write these EAs with the logic of a three year old and expect us to swallow it is repulsive..its time for a revolt, rebellion, uprising what ever else you want to call it..”wheres the beef???” eating their wAY THRU YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AMERICA…WHOS THEIR BANKER??? KEN SALAZAR

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    BLM, We have had enough. Stop the roundups. you cannot prove these horses are excess. You do not have science or any real indicator for your decisions to remove our wild horses. read the blogs. All you are doing is making good folks angry and they are on to you! Back down and allow this crisis some reality. mar

  7. sandra longley Says:

    In all likelyhood, the BLM personel have been counting cattle as horses in these flyovers..BLM reports seeing herds of 50 wild horses on the calico..probably not..since they donot tend to congregate in numbers of that size and the grass is amazing this spring on the any scientific explaination for that?

  8. Karen H. Says:

    Is our only recourse to contact our senators to ask Senator Reid of Nevada to stop the Tuscarora roundup? Senator Reid is in the fight of his political life. He has stiff competition and may not win in November. Personally, I don’t think he will risk alienating his constituents to stand up for the wild horses. Has anyone been in touch with the Western Watershed folks? Any interest there in the damage 4,000 cattle left on the HMA will do to range conditions?

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