Please voice your opposition to the StinkingWater Roundup

Contact your Oregon Senator:

Ron Wyden

Offices:  DC: 202-224-5244 Portland: 503-326-7525  Eugene: 541-431-0229  Bend: 541-330-9142  LaGrande: 541-962-7691  Medford: 541-858-5122 Salem: 503-589-4555

Jeff Merkley

Offices: DC: 202-224-3753  Portland: 503-326-3386


4 Responses to “Please voice your opposition to the StinkingWater Roundup”

  1. sandra longley Says:

    Ginger, Makendra, you need to look at the Silver King HMA, documents posted over at the mustang project page…things just got alot worse

  2. sandra longley Says:

    The few mares left on a million acres will be NON-BREEDING all released mares PZPd

  3. Anne Novak Says:

    Who’s seen the film Gas Land ?

    • Deb Bennett Says:

      I just watched it-really eye opening. I live in WV where they are beginning to drill everywhere. Once again, big business gets to do whatever they want without any oversight. So, what’s a little contaminated water? So what, the wild horses are removed? What will it take to stop them?

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