Fallon Updates

Our wild horses continue to die in the Fallon pens as BLM completed the gelding while the public was at the DOI public workshop in Denver.

Fallon update: ALL ONLINE AT: http://www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/fo/wfo/blm_programs/wild_horses_and_burros/calico_mountains_complex/gather_activity_updates.html


BLM will be transporting additional Calico horses selected from the last tour day at Indian Lakes Facility to the Palomino Valley facility on Monday June 21 – Wednesday June 23. These horses will be available for adoption during the July 14, Internet adoption. For any details on the upcoming internet adoption event and viewing location, please call (775) 475-2222.

Indian Lakes Weekly Update (June 12 thru June 18)

Nearly all horses have gained weight and regained their health.  Nursing mares and yearlings are on a high nutrition diet while all other horses in adequate body condition are on a maintenance diet.  A few of the 2010 foals are noted with minimal levels of upper respiratory disease.  They are being monitored and treated as necessary (see previous Upper Respiratory Veterinary Report below).  Gelding of the five years and older stallions took place this week.  During gelding, one stallion was noted with two cryptorchid testicles and was euthanized, one stallion suffered a spinal injury while in the chute and died on his own and one gelding was found dead in the pen.  Mares are still foaling, but births are fewer and intermittent. No miscarriages occurred.

Facility Death: 3, Cumulative Death total: 99


7 Responses to “Fallon Updates”

  1. sandra longley Says:

    You don’t “note” a stallion is a double crypt..you have to palpate they are still up in his belly usually the size of a pea, if he was over 5 yr.they would be atrophied inside the body cavity..he could have been anywhere from 5 to 21 for all we know..He actually could have been a gelding already as well as noted in their “secret” documents when they made the plans to start returning gelded stallions to HMAs..”we will have to brand them on the hip so that we can tell they have been gelded”(ie..so that we don’t think they are a double crypt)

    • sandra longley Says:

      Having seen this process done..I really seriously doubt the vet did this on a wild horse..seriously..I want to see the video of the process he went thrpough to determine this horse was a crypt..another healthy horse disposed of…Get a grief conselor for them….

  2. Suzanne Moore Says:

    I am beyond angry.

  3. Christine Says:

    I was watching one of the videos the other day that showed Tomahawk and Lightning, and I noticed that Tomahawk and others weren’t branded and tagged, tho other stallions were. Was it ever asked at the viewings why that was and what they were planning to do with the unmarked horses?

  4. Breaking News: Wild Horse Advocate Requests FBI Investigation « Straight from the Horse's Heart Says:

    […] Fallon Updates (thecloudfoundation.wordpress.com) […]

  5. jan eaker Says:

    This is a terrible, but not surprising , thing, just more BLM business as usual goings on,

  6. Linda Says:

    BLM = Bureau of Liars and Murderers

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