Advisory Board Now Accepting Nominations for New Members

Please see the federal advisory board notice posted online now for more details.

Currently this board is not functionally representing the wishes and diversity of views of the American public and the board needs advocates for the wild horses and burros.


5 Responses to “Advisory Board Now Accepting Nominations for New Members”

  1. jan eaker Says:

    who is being nominated from the advocates? and how will the new members be selected? does this mean that Larry is gone???

  2. Angela Valianos Says:

    I have been battling horse slaughter successfully for almost 10 years now. My final battle was making it about the people, so I turned the entire war around and introduced the drugs that were in the meat being rushed overseas and not tested for: hence the abuse and lies from the USDA to the EU, the EPA to the people. Now the ENTIRE world has jumped on board with the drug and abuse occuring within all horses: from Wild Horses to our backyard Pets.

    I coined the phrase: “America’s Dirty Little secret”, and I am now commissioned to write my stories and hopefully published within the next few months. My editor is also incorporating Wild Horses and the BLM within the contents of one of my books. This WAR with the BLM is far from over and the reasons for erradicating have not been made public, I intend on disclosing these reason’s before one of my books comes out, of course with proof of what our Government has intended to do behind closed doors, without THE PEOPLE.

    I am one of the top investigative warriors in this war and my resources are strong and dependable, and they work for free !!! As we all do.

    I don’t mean to toot my own horn, I just wanted to give you some background information so you are informed of my abilities. Since CAVEL International has finally given up passing/reversing the Illinois Law they have FINALLY sold their property so: I am relocating back home to Texas at the end of this summer so I will be more accesible in the hands on investigative work needed, should you call upon me.

    One last thing, not everything that has been said about me is fact, and I will make sure to clarify all in one of my books, just for the record.

    I would LOVE to help in anyway I can, just ask and it is done.

    Thank you-

    Angela Miller-Valianos

  3. Suzanne Moore Says:

    I know your name and your work, Angela. I joined the wild horse warriors last year after spending 30 years fighting slaughter. The two have become so intertwined it’s hard to separate the two issues.

    Thank you SO much for your offer of help. I’m sure there are many things you can do!

  4. Angela Valianos Says:

    Thank You Suzanne.


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