Two Plead Guilty to Wild Horse Shootings

New AP article by Scott Sonner: “2 Nevada men plead guilty to killing wild mustangs”– Monterey Herald

Assistant U.S. Attorney Sue Fahami said they shot into a herd of eight to 10 horses and watched at least four fall to their deaths. “We feel justice has been served at this point,” Fahami told The Associated Press after the court appearance, adding that she and Bogden combined received a total of approximately 24,000 e-mails and letters. “There has been great public interest in this case. And it’s not just in Washoe County, not just in Nevada, not just in the United States,” she said. “We’ve received e-mails from all over the world.”

New press release from the Cloud Foundation online here regarding  the guilty pleas – please share with media.

“Davis and Keathley admitted using public lands as their private shooting gallery, and to gathering their spent shells,” said Terri Farley, author of the Phantom Stallion series of books, and a wild horse advocate, “They knew it was illegal to kill America’s wild horses on public lands, but they didn’t care.”

“We commend Nevada State law enforcement and BLM law enforcement for apprehending these wild horse killers and we applaud the apparent willingness of prosecute to ask for the maximum penalties provided for under the law,” stated Cloud Foundation Director Ginger Kathrens. “The public loves their wild horses. It is an understatement to say we are outraged at this horrible act.”

Carrol Abel, photo


5 Responses to “Two Plead Guilty to Wild Horse Shootings”

  1. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Free on bail?
    No sentencing until September?

    Does this mean they are walking around, going to bars with their buddies who surely also have firearms?

    Give me a break.

  2. Honor Hannon Says:

    Home to take their anger out on their wives. girlfriends, children, dogs ,cats and other wild horses that they can find. Its just too easy to buy another gun, or borrow a buddies and not leave any clues. These guys need to be locked up until sentencing and then get a full year plus $the complete fine allowable. I’mglad I don’t live anywhere near Keathly or Davis and I hope my grandaughters stay away from them too. VERY scary lawless country,America.

  3. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Any judge who doesn’t require this type of individual to undergo psychological evaluation prior to sentencing which incorporates their life story and experiences (such as their family life growing up, who their peer group is; whether or not they served this great nation and as such might qualify for health services) should become conversant in issues of animal abuse in the 21st Century.

  4. Janet Ferguson Says:

  5. Janet Ferguson Says:

    A survey of pet-owning families with substantiated child abuse and neglect found that animals were abused in 88 percent of homes where child physical abuse was present (DeViney, Dickert, & Lockwood, 1983). A study of women seeking shelter at a safe house showed that 71 percent of those having pets affirmed that their partner had threatened, hurt or killed their companion animals, and 32 percent of mothers reported that their children had hurt or killed their pets (Ascione, 1998). Still another study showed that violent offenders incarcerated in a maximumsecurity prison were significantly more likely than nonviolent offenders to have committed childhood acts of cruelty toward pets (Merz-Perez, Heide, & Silverman, 2001).

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