Reminder: Twin Peaks Comments Due Friday!


Wild horses in Twin Peaks- BLM photo


Just a friendly reminder, please share with everyone you know:  All comments regarding the Environmental Assessment for the proposed roundup on Twin Peaks are due by June 18th, 2010.  IDA has made an easy to use comment letter form– just be sure to write your own comments in addition to or in place of the sample letter. TAKE ACTION HERE.

The Cloud Foundation’s comments to the initial scoping letter may be of help: TCF Comments -TwinPeaks_ScopingLetter

synopsis from the following handout: Take Action California Info Sheet

Managing to Extinction of California’s Wild Horse & Burro Herds

Original Herd Areas (HA’s) designated in 1971: 38

Herd Management Areas (HMA’s) remaining: 22

Original HA’s size in 1971 total: 6.6 million acres.

Reduced-size HMA’s now: 2.4 million acres.

Livestock Grazing allowed on 8.1 million acres (includes acres allocated to our wild herds)

Current population of California wild horses/burros: 4,952

BLM’s Target Population: 2,201 animals

Livestock on California’s public lands: 43,750

National Cost of Grazing Yearly and Cost of Warehousing Wild Horses

  • Cost to administer public lands grazing program yearly = $144 million
  • Revenues from public lands grazing yearly approximately $21 million.
  • Annual loss to American taxpayers = $123 million
  • Term for public lands grazing program “welfare ranching.”
  • Cost to warehouse 37,000 wild horses in short and long-term holding approximately  $110,000 per day
  • Yearly cost to warehouse captured wild horses $40 million plus.
  • 37,000 wild horses in holding versus 20-25,000 wild horses and burros in the wild.

BLM’s Proposed California TWIN PEAKS Roundup

A BLM helicopter roundup is planned to begin in August to remove 1855 mustangs and 210 wild burros from the Twin Peaks area, just north of Susanville, California. The roundup would take 45-60 days and leave only 450 mustangs (nearly all the mares returned would be given infertility drugs) and a mere 72 burros in this beautiful area designated principally for their use.  Comments are needed on BLM’s plans by June 18th– Visit our homepage for more info:

  • 10,460 cattle and up to 22,000 sheep are permitted to graze on the Twin Peaks area
  • BLM’s “Appropriate” Management Level (AML) for burros: 72-116
  • AML for wild horses: 448-758
  • Size of Twin Peaks designated wild horse herd area: Nearly 800,000 acres
  • Revenues generated yearly from livestock grazing fees: $120,000 (estimate)
  • Cost of proposed roundup/processing of 1,980 wild horses and burros (assuming 420 of these will be adopted) = $4.2 million – 35 times annual grazing revenues
  • Additional costs of 1500 wild horses placed in long-term holding for a five year period = $3.5 million
  • Grazing revenues for the same 5 year period:  $600,000.

Wild Herds Need You- What You Can Do

  1. Call and email and meet with staff of U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer (ph. 916.448.2787) and Dianne Feinstein (ph. 415.393.0707), and your Congressperson & state legislators too! Message: High cost to the taxpayers; loss of our last big California wild horse herd; loss of potential for eco-tourism in area; loss of freedom and family for the wild horses; likely death toll at least 99 animals (.05% average deaths according to BLM)
  2. Write letters to the editor of your local paper.
  3. Tell your friends about the planned removal of California’s wild horses in Twin Peaks & across the West, visit your CA herds in the wild and work to protect them for future generations to come.

    Burros in Twin Peaks, BLM


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