New Reno Gazette Journal Article

BLM workshops on plan to move wild horses east are being livestreamed today and tomorrow – June 14th, 2010

Livestream of video online here


7 Responses to “New Reno Gazette Journal Article”

  1. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    Well!! THAT was interesting!!
    I was particularly impressed with how ‘slaughter advocacy’ fit right in with the ‘Adoption’ topic.

    • sandra longley Says:

      sues solution to the adoption program..kill the fix the adoption problem. She must live right over a gas leak..honestly can do better than that for an elected official..what..did all the cows turn out to vote for her..did anyone tell her a registered cow is not the same as a registered voter?

  2. Linda Says:

    Yeah, interesting how some folks got called for being “off-topic”, while others were allowed to just ramble on. Sure wish the Livestream was better. I now have a mind-killer of a headache.

  3. Christine Says:

    I’m glad I’m not witnessing the travesty…I’m angry enough right now. So unbelievably angry it would be a bad idea to express how much here.

  4. sandra longley Says:

    All that being true..I was so very proud of the advocates who spoke today…each and everyone did the wild horses proud! I would have gone to jail for kicking sues chair out from underneath her, and for her cronies to clap for slaughter showed no class whats so ever..

  5. Linda Says:

    All the advocates were so well-spoken, informed, and RESTRAINED. I’m with you, Sandra. If I’d been there for the SS slaughter remarks, I might have joined you in the slammer.

    Thanks so much to everyone who represented our wild ones in Denver. If the BLM needs accurate information and is open to new ideas and directions (which they obviously aren’t), they only had to listen to the people right in front of them.

  6. Linda H Says:

    I just wanted to add, being there at the workshop in Denver today, that is was a good day. Most everyone with differing opinions was respectful, (at least in the room) and there was a lot of good dialogue. Yes, there were many well-spoken advocates, who dispelled some myths about our negative stereotyped image. Sue Wallis wasn’t much of an entity, either, and there were far more insightful comments from both sides that had more impact. The facilitator did an admirable job, and some of the BLM people were good, particularly Mike __?__ from the DC office. Now if this dialogue can continue and we if can go into more depth on some of these issues at future workshops. . .

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