Stinking Water Comments Due

Late notice– this one almost slipped by: BLM Oregon plans to roundup 214 horses in Stinking Water herd management area: roundup 214 horses; return just 40! Roundup scheduled for June 21st – The Environmental Assessment is online here. Another roundup that should be stopped immediately —

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11 Responses to “Stinking Water Comments Due”

  1. sandra longley Says:

    Points to consider: this is not the first time they have decimated this herd..I have not been able to find evidence that this herd has been genetically tested..and its not only that they are returning only 40 horses but 5 to 10 of those horses returned will be that leaves aprox. 10 to 15 mares..this is an outrage..there is NO evidence that these horses are not doing well..there is ‘stated” ample supply of water, certainly no shortage of grass..the desert areas are having record rainfalls..and in fact you will find this very interesting look at the cattle allotments on these lands..there are 3 of those designated as winter allotments..from dec. 1 to the end of feb..that tells me those allotments are being used to feed cattle on..and we all know what that does to the ground..and if you look at those allotments they are the “meadow allotments” best grazing”..they attach to the home ranches and one of them is fenced for cattle on both sides of the stream for almost a whole section of land..This is completely any given time Oregon has tried to 0 out herds, we only have about 25oo head left in what used to bethousands of wild horses in oregon. Please contribute your comments..this is a dangerous way to manage a wild herd and will genetically kill the herd slowly but surely

    • sandra longley Says:

      At the end of the summers roundups, there will only be around 1300 horses left in oregon, with only the kigers still to round up, cutting numbers even further.

      • Christine Says:

        They didn’t zero out the Sheepshead herd, did they? 😦

        I came across an interesting factoid the other day, in an article about keeping a family cow – a lactating cow, which most of the cattle on the range are, needs at least 46 pounds or more of hay a day. My mustang got FAT on 12 pounds (4 pounds alfalfa, 8 pounds grass hay).

  2. sandra longley Says:

    This is a long but very interesting article about the spanish mustang..towards the end is a discussion about the spanish mustangs in Oregon and the history of how they got there,,several herds in oregon have tested for original spanish markers and have a strong history

    • Linda Says:

      Paged through this, but haven’t had a chance to read all of the many articles yet. To me, the upshot is that there HAVE been past scientific/genetic studies, but they’ve been ignored, discounted, or dismissed by the BLM and other government bodies. Case in point, the presentation to Congress re: wild vs. feral status, with its numerous citations from independent SCIENTISTS.

      Now the BLM has asked for input and management ideas, PUBLICALLY ADMITTING a lack of or outdated scientific studies regarding the wild ones, and the failure of the WH&BP.

      Obama has put a six-month moratorium on offshore oil exploration and drilling, citing a lack of hard science on safety and potential disasterous impacts like those in the Gulf.

      So where’s the science on the horses and burros? Where’s the moritorium until that data, especially from independent sources, has been gather and reported? Where’s the separation of powers within the WH&BP to prevent the same conflicts of interest and lack of accountablity that occured within the MMS?

      No more reliance on anecdotal observations from ranchers and mathematical calculations. The studies must be complete, integrated reports of ALL impacts to the individual HMAs/HAs/USFS land for direct comparison, BEGINNING WITH THE COWS!

      It’s time for the BLM to step up and DO ITS JOB! If they’re sincere about needing help, they could start with submitting a Herd Watch grant to Congess, since it’s already up and running.

  3. sandra longley Says:

    there are so few who have done studies on the wild horses..there is a prof. out of the university in Utah..I can’t remember his name right now.but I e-mailed him and he me..he is doing field studies on herds of horses in E. Washington, that are not mustangs but are run out as wild horses are on 300,000 acres..he is also speaking at a syposium in australia on wild horses in july and their a couple of sanctuarys being run in a natural state that could provide science..However BLM seems to view these as tainted because its being done by people who don’t hate the horses..and lets not forget,,”They have been doing this for 40 years”..but the fact that they have been at it for 40 years and are not gaining any ground aught to be educational in itself..

  4. Margaret Says:

    Not again…will this nightmare ever end????



    • sandra longley Says:

      Louie i have a printout of it, but tracie should be putting something up on the mustang project blog soon..I had tracked down some photos that andy harmon took of this herd out of burns oregon, nice looking bunch of horses..I have a real issue with what they are doing with this herd..they seem to be most concerned with the fact the horses are over AUM yet are going to geld and release 5 to 10 of those geldings back out to eat the AUMs??? There is no social structure among wild horses for geldings-better to turn out 2 or 3 more mares. I would like an explaination as to how this figures into their process and thinking. I am going to try and get our state politicians involved in this..I am going to ask the govenor to speak up on this issue as well as our 2 democratic senators…on the eastside of the state we have republican congessional reps who side with the ranchers on these issues.

  6. equus5 Says:

    Does anyone have the contact information for this public comment?

    • sandra longley Says:

      the mustang prject blog has all documentation up on Stinking water,be sure to read the Cattle allotment EA document, it is very informative!

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