RED ROCKS, NV- Show Support for Wild Horses Today- Michelle Obama is coming!

!! WILD HORSES show their support for MICHELLE OBAMA’S PROGRAM
WHERE:   on Charleston Boulevard at the entrance to RED ROCK CANYON
WHEN:    1:30PM TUESDAY, JUNE 1, 2010
WHY:  “Let’s Move Outside!” will use America’s public lands to help keep
kids fit. Many of Nevada’s public lands are home to wild horses…or would
be if the Administration stops the all-out war on mustangs in summer 2010.
Instead of staying home in front of the TV and computer, kids could be…
Hiking the range to observe mustangs in the wild
Camping in mustang territory to document wild horse behavior
Exploring wild lands and mapping water sources
Repairing human damage to high desert environments
If wild horse sanctuaries were protected in Nevada, wild horses could remain
on their lands and benefit the young people who love them. These magnificent
wild ones can teach children about being lean, strong, active, family loyal
and free. This would keep ecotourism income in our financially troubled
State. We are asking Michelle Obama to support an outdoor program around
kids and wild horses/burros.
Our Bureau of Land Management keeps thousands of Nevada wild horses in
cramped pens and plans to roundup nearly 3000 more this summer at huge costs
to we taxpayers. This is illogical and unnatural.
Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar whose department enabled the Gulf
Oil spill, has already proposed to spend $44.5 million taxpayer dollars next
year on just one “wild” horse sanctuary in the East, where Nevada’s horses
will be kept segregated by sex and stallions castrated. No natural wild herd
behavior there, the end to historic bloodlines, and big bucks for some
ranchers back East. Why?
Sen. Harry Reid says he hates to see wild horses in pens, but he has
done nothing to date to put a moratorium on Nevada wild horse roundups. Why?
Does he tacitly support the Salazar plan in order to facilitate welfare
cattle? 4000 lease-subsidized cows will replace the 1000 wild horses on
public land near Elko after the July1-14 costly horse removal. Follow the
money: water intensive solar and wind projects proposed for Nevada will
enjoy cheap environmental impact mitigation if the horses and burros are

CONTACT: Arlene Gawne  CEL: (702) 277-1313 and FAX: (702) 838-1009


9 Responses to “RED ROCKS, NV- Show Support for Wild Horses Today- Michelle Obama is coming!”

  1. Marge Says:

    What an awesome plan!

    Thank you for putting this plan together!



  3. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Patrick Barlow, a contributer to the Facebook page, “Citizens Against the Euthanization of Mustangs” wrote this:

    “Put this detail in your brain for when people start complaining about the
    cost of the US Mustang project. Mustangs get $39million, Defense gets
    $925billion. Every 1.5 seconds the defense industry spends more than
    the entire annual mustang budget. You spent more time than that reading

    Do you think its really going to help the deficit to cut a bite
    out of the mustang $??”

    The US Mustang project — I don’t know what that is exactly, unless it is the name of the program that trains Mustangs as riding horses.

  4. Jill Says:

    We need to gather funds to quickly put that billboard/poster in USA Today or the Washington Post!


    President Obama, Please!!!! This is out of control!

  5. Valerie Says:

    ’93 BLM Mustang gather from Nevada is in danger of shipping to slaughter this weekend. Oh wait, he can’t be headed to slaughter since the BLM claims no BLM mustangs go to slaughter! Kill broker wants $700. I have post on my site (link below) and there is more info on the Another Chance 4 Horses website as well. Please help, we are looking for someone to buy, help donate for him, and/or provide a home offer.

    • Robin Bailey Says:

      Hi all, just got a reply from Lori and Christy at Another Chance for Horses. This little mustang gelding is safe and has a home!!!!


    Robin, THANK YOU


    Several Advocates have made requests toward the release of the Calico Complex horses.

    Gene Seidlitz of the Winnemucca district is the man with final authority.

    RT’s blog has Craig Downers letter. Here is mine.

    Write him… cc anyone you think might care.

    Wild Horse and Burro Division
    Bureau of Land Management
    Winnemucca, NV

    Dear Sir:

    At this time I would like to officially request that the disposition of horses currently held at the BLM facility named the Broken Arrow in Fallon, NV be postponed until such time as the range data collected confirms inventory left within the complex. No data has been collected or supplied to the public to confirm populations within the Complex since the gather took place. As the gather was called off early due to insufficient numbers to complete the contract, any other action would be premature.

    As the survey is to begin shortly within the Complex the delay would pose minimal inconvenience.

    With the Tri-state Mega Complex still in the planning stages, with an announced mission of managing wild populations across the landscape, this seems like an opportunity to create public confidence in such a statement.

    If data comes back from the two week survey that would support the return of horses to the range we also have a unique opportunity to further the mission stated. Some of the horses gathered this past winter had been gathered previously in California. These horses now have blood draws and observation time at this holding facility, as well as the information collected in California. Including these horses in the potential release would give an opportunity to further the database on migratory patterns within the Complex.

    If the mission statement is actually to reflect practices within the complex this request is made in good faith and with reasonable expectation.

    Thank you.
    Laura Leigh



    Letter to BLM by Craig Downer – The Cloud Foundation and The Equine Welfare Alliance

    Wild Horse and Burro Division
    Bureau of Land Management
    Reno, NV

    Dear Sirs:

    Freedom – (Craig Downer)
    I am concerned about the fate of Calico complex wild horses now in captivity north of Fallon as well as those that remain living in the wild in the five HMA’s from which the former where captured. I recently flew over southern and central portions of Black Rock East, Black Rock West, Calico Mountain, and Granite Range HMA’s in a light plane. In this very open area I was only able to observe only 31 wild horses in several bands, while during this same flight I observed 350 cattle. There was a reasonable spring green-up of the landscape and the open treeless character of the terrain permitted a high degree of horse detection.

    My concern is this: there appears to be a real dearth of wild horses remaining in the complex after the last helicopter roundups. In light of this, I am requesting that the Calico horses now in captivity not be moved to holding and adoption centers until after the aerial population inventory you are planning for the complex is completed. I understand this is to take place right away. If, in fact, there are far fewer wild horses remaining in the complex than earlier estimated, I would urge you to release a fair number of the wild horses of equal sex ratios in order to bring the herd up to a more adequate level.

    Looking forward to your response,


    Craig C. Downer

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