Freedom: A Stallion’s Courage


7 Responses to “Freedom: A Stallion’s Courage”

  1. Kathryn Baker Says:

    This is a powerful message about a powerful stallion, Freedom, and his effort to be free, as he was born free.
    I hope that he is running free and healthy right now. But, there are thousands of America’s wild horses inprisoned right now that should be free.
    Does anyone know for sure where Freedom is now and how he is doing?

    • sandra longley Says:

      A couple of months after the roundup, Tracie of TMP blog, flew out to reno and spent a week. She took one day and drove the calico, looking for horses left from the roundup, she found the tracks of a mare with a new foal, looking for water at a culvert along the road-there was no water there..all day there was no sign of horses, visually nor were there tracks or manure piles, at about dark-she came close to hitting a horse who was pitch black and obviously a stallion with no white markings..It was a brief encounter, but it is my belief it was the stallion Freedom looking for mares..2 months after the roundup, and he had not found any..It was reported to me by Dr. Kane that he had spotted around 30 horses around the gather site after the roundup..however-the determined stallion, Freedom, had not found any..There is no greater bloodhound than a stallion looking for was worrisome that he had not found any-and is strong evidence that the land had been cleared of horses..but if there are any..he will find them. Later, craig downer made a trip through the calicos and found somewhere around 30 horses, no mention of freedom or a black stallion.

      • sandra longley Says:

        Also, in the original stills of freedom in the gather pen, he had a large gash on his left pastern that was fresh from the gather, before he had tried throwing himself over the fence..Advocates kept asking if he had been regathered, the BLM said there were many black stallions in the pens and they did not know..But, he would have easily been recognised by that gash..I do not believe he was re gathered.
        It is very unfortunate that the balance of horses are set to be regathered in 2 years so mares can be given PZP..My hope is that we will have stopped that plan by evidence has been presented that 600 horses remain on the calicos..BLM has presented VERY questionable statements to that effect.

      • sandra longley Says:

        I wnt to add, having read the BLM gather calls for removing barbed wire fencing near the gather sites..This was obviously not states the fencing is to be put back up after the gathers are completed.

  2. Barbre Brunson Says:

    The BLM does not honor the law—only ranchers. It was a hard reality for me to accept. I work for the government and love my job—I do it the best I know how and thought that was true of everyone. Imagine my disappointment to learn that BLM breaks the Wild Horses and Burros Act law routinely. How anyone can allow wild horses to be chased by helicopters and not cringe at the cruelty is beyond my ability to comprehend. Those of us that care are ignored and the unfair treatment of our wonderful wild horses continues.

  3. Honor Hannon Says:

    Response to “mtklaric”
    This video was NOT staged. Was taken as it happened. Even BLM has expressed admiration of Freedom’s intelligence and bravery and promised not to round him up again. What you did not see was his turning and calling to his band of mares to follow him. Lead mare tried but could not jump the fence. With a bloody chest from the barbed wire fencing he broke thru, he left hopefully never to be penned again and never to trust human beings ever!

  4. Madison Says:

    Let that be a message to the BLM!They can’t take the wild horses freedom.Not even Freedom.

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