Push to Save America’s Wild Horses Continues after Judge Dismisses Case on Technicality

Latest TCF press release online here: Push to Save America’s Wild Horses Continues after Judge Dismisses Case on Technicality

please share with media – send along with your own letter to the editor or email to friends

photo by Craig Downer

Plus: Take Action… PLEASE Email President Obama– call for a moratorium on roundups and the release of the Calico mustangs. Call for REFORM of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact


10 Responses to “Push to Save America’s Wild Horses Continues after Judge Dismisses Case on Technicality”



  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Keep doing all you have been doing. We must not fade as the summer comes and the roundups begin. We need to fight BLM with information and we need to be in the field to know all we can. Please support Herd Watch. We will be gearing up to meet this challenge. There is too much to lose and little time left. This is it, friends. Let’s show the world we are strong people and we believe in the preservation of all our wild herds and the captives who are so sadly kept from us. love you all, mar

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Please contact us at Herd Watch if you are wanting to help adopt/buy or support the adoption/purchase of any Calico horses. We need land with 6 foot fences. The more people who come forward and will commit to help over the next year the more horses may be saved from the Three Strikes System and Sale Authority.

    Anyone who has the desire to commit land and effort to save our wild captives before they are shipped to Long Term Holding, please come forward. Contact Herd Watch. The need is acute and the horses are about to be pulled off their range by the thousands. If you have the desire to be of help and you have land, good fences and water, hay fields and run in shelters, these horses will be needing a place to live, in family bands if possible. This is an appeal to all those who have the ability to help. Thanks, mar

  4. sandra longley Says:

    This is a must read article..watch the video and pass it on..


    • sandra longley Says:

      By the way, this link is accompaning my comments to the white house, with my suggestion they read the other 4 parts to the story. Someone needs to get the message of what we are up against-I am sure the president didn’t have “this” in mind as the change he wanted to bring to washington.

  5. Janet Ferguson Says:

    The head of MMS was fired by Obama/Salazar.

    There is hope yet.

    • sandra longley Says:

      Salazar did not straighten up the minerals department just as he did not straighten up the BLM..both continued to follow the Bush policies, and the head that should roll is Salazars.-I donot think he will do it during this crisis..but i do think it will come..look at all the dirty dealings on the Ruby Pipeline..and worry about all the “fasttracking” and land grabbing going on..Now the BLM wants the ruby pipeline to buy..Soldier Meadows..the best source of grazing and water on the calico complex..Now that they have gotten rid of the horses on the calico..they think they can dispose of our land in any fashion they see fit…Corrupt to the bone..

      • sandra longley Says:

        We need to let the President know..and show him evidence-that the BLM is every bit as dirty as the minerals dept…a biproduct of the disaster is that heads will be rolling NOW-salazar will be firing the janitor if it saves his butt.. and the menerals dept split into 2 divisions-one that does the permitting and one that does the oversight..The WH&B program needs the same thing.

    • Karen L. Says:

      In the press conference Obama seemed not to know if Birnbaum was fired or resigned, saying, “I only just learned about it last night.” Some of the press corps were looking at each other oddly at that revelation. Salazar will indeed be firing anyone who may reflect badly upon him at this point, but the DOI is probably pleased as punch with Bob Abbey as far as the wild horses are concerned. As BLM director he is carrying out their agenda nicely. The land grabbing and gas pipelines aren’t horrifying enough of the American public for everyone to take an interest and a stand. The blackened birds and dead dolphins are galvanizing people. We must keep trying to get major news networks to tell the entire graphic story of our captured mustangs.

  6. Jan Says:

    since don abbey knew nothing about wild horses nor cared – wonder if he will do any good on the oil spill – i doubt it – the wildlife and the people are perishing and no one seems to care – nat geo chanel had a very good program last nite on the oil spill – seems bp is lying to the people about everything – where have we had that happen before – just feel bad for horses in nevada – going to be real hot this weekend and know they have no shade – hope they have water

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