Kid’s Naming Contest for Freedom Fund Foals

Attention Kids for Cloud: Naming Contest!

There are new faces in the Freedom Fund bands! I’ve named Conquistador’s colt “Diego” but I need help naming Trigger and Mae West’s filly daughter and Bo and Chalupa’s son (the first Freedom Fund foal). Kids – what do you think? Please email your ideas to Winners will receive a signed copy of the new Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions DVD.

Bo & Chalupa's son- name?

Trigger & Mae West's daughter- name?

Chalupa's colt on left, Diego on right

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8 Responses to “Kid’s Naming Contest for Freedom Fund Foals”



  2. KA Schaaf(kasohio) Says:


    Where have I heard that before….

    • KA Schaaf(kasohio) Says:

      Its amazing the difference between these mamas and babies living free VS
      the ones in captivity. The HORRIBLE BLM brands tarnishing their beautiful shiny coats, I hate them.

  3. jean Says:

    They are absolutely adorable and I hope they continue to be able to run free, unlike the unfortunate ones that were deprived of their freedom.

  4. Phyllis Says:

    A thank you everyone who helped rescue these horses so their babies could be born free and be forever free. Without you’re caring and Ginger, Makendra, and all the efforts of the Cloud Foundation, these beautiful horses, would not be free. God bless you all

  5. Madison Says:

    I think Diego is really cute.I’m not saying Chalupa’s son and Mae West’s daughter aren’t cute.I think they’re adorable all three of them.I absolutely love the name Mae West though Ginger.Do you all like that name.Though I am wondering what’s that mark on the top left side of Mae West’s neck.Did the BLM put that there so in the round up the pilot won’t capture her.Whatever it is it actually looks kinda pretty on her.Praise God for his creations.

  6. jean Says:

    Nature at it’s best! And, a big thank you to Ginger Kathrens and so many others for making this all possible. We must continue to support them in their efforts to help free all our wild horses.

  7. CStone Says:

    I’m Not a “Kid” anymore, except at heart! But, if no Permanant names yet: I Vote for CINNAMON and GINGER!
    THese names could fit Either of the foals’ coat color.
    May the Great Creator bless All of you who helped or prayed to KEEP these magnificent Horses FREE!!

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