Bordo Atravesado Removal Comments Due Friday!

Our apologies for the late, late notice on this comment period- comments are due on Friday, May 14th. The Environmental Assessment is online here.

In Short: BLM proposes to capture 106 or more horses via water trapping  and remove all but 40-50. The range allows up to 273 cattle to graze. The cattle are in a pasture rotation over five pastures and as a result the horses can not roam freely throughout their designated range.

The Cloud Foundation comments may help you in the composing your comments: Bordo Atravesado Comments

As always: please be polite and constructive in your comments, this is a small herd and the only BLM-managed wild horse herd in New Mexico.

In 1971 Wild Horses in three herds were to be managed on 143,133 acres of BLM and non-BLM/non-Forest Service lands- that has subsequently been reduced to the less than 20,000 acre Bordo Atravesado Herd Management Area. Additionally the Forest Service lands where wild horses were designated to be living in 1971 in New Mexico have been cut in half with only three small herds remaining on USFS-managed public lands: Jicarilla, El Rito (Jarita Mesa) and Caja.

Please send your comments via email to:

Socorro Field Office
Bureau of Land Management
901 S. Highway 85
Socorro, NM 87801-4168

(575) 835-0412
(575) 835-0223 FAX

26 Responses to “Bordo Atravesado Removal Comments Due Friday!”

  1. melissa mills Says:

    please stop killing these beautiful creatures. the cattle are the most destructive animal on earth. the horses should be allowed to run freely. the cattle should be contained to certain areas. your so called agency should be abolished. all you do is capture, torture, and kill these horses. all for a bunch of animals that are destroying the beautiful land that they roam. the cattle industry does not need all that land they need to share the land. you are barbaric!

  2. Susan Hopf Says:

    It is just crazy that this is still going on – when will the beauracrats actually listen to the people instead of their wallets

  3. Miranda Hartwell Says:

    It really is time that big business and economics do not continually over consume resources. Wild horse are an American heritage and should be honoured, not mal-handled and inexorably driven out of the wild to suffer slaughter or poor conditions unsuited to equine welfare. Such a selfish use of the land, and the mistreatment of sentient beings will benefit a few at the expense of something far more intrinsically valuable. My impression of the BLM is highly unfavourable, and it seems to represent many things that are reprehensible to the good name of the US; it lacks integrity and any vision of true harmony.

    One would hope that with the decimation caused by the BP oil leak, that environmental concern, and a better regard for the animals which we steward, would be far higher on the agenda than the profits of avericious businesses.

  4. jo marie burns Says:

    Just voicing my concern and asking that you please leave the horses where they are, they are not hurting anyone, and are part of our heritage. enough of them are in holding pens now and we need to not have more to feed, or go thu the years of being kept ,
    The horses deserve to be free.

    jo marie burns

  5. PERRY BROWN Says:


  6. Marge Says:

    What is water trapping?

    How many of the horses will drown?


    • sandra longley Says:

      Marge they are using the areas where horses go to water to trap them..there are corrals set up and once the horses become comfortable the gates are shut remotely..small bands are removed at a is the kinder gentler way to do it, much less stress and chance of death and injury than the helicopter drives for miles, terrifying the horses, and making babies and the old run for miles..This is the best EA I have read in terms of trying do it in a way that is wild horse friendly…what we need is more land to be returned to the horses, so that they do not have to be removed at all..or at least only small numbers..I give this group of BLM employee a high grade on their attempting to really try and consider the horses..they are fighting policys that have to be changed by congress and powers higher than them..I am trying to be fair, because it is not often we deal with EAs that are just not a rubber stamped piece of paper duplicate to the last one we read.

      • Andrea Nix Says:

        Very true! Please consider ways we can all begin to COOPERATE on this issue! That is what we must do: assess the true needs and develop sound management to answer those needs.
        We don’t need to provide for cattle at the expense of horses. People truly need to eat less beef, they’ll feel better and live longer! And they need to ASK for products that don’t destroy our environment, because big business is serving demand and projected demand.
        Fairness, respect and honor to the horse is what’s lacking in the horse industries and BLM, whenever horses are abused. The wild horse issue is a moral, ethical issue that has far-reaching implications on a social level.
        The integrity of a country is determined by how it treats its animals, and the US has some work to do on this! We do not want to end up with strange customs that are abusive. Let’s design programs that take us into the future as a humane, sophisticated country, which is our IDEAL.

  7. Merry Shaw Says:

    STOP!!! STOP!!!

  8. Jeudi Curtis Says:


  9. Wild Horse Updates for the Day « Straight from the Horse's Heart Says:

    […] Cloud Foundation has several important announcements of interest to all of us.  Click HERE and […]

  10. Monika Courtney Says:

    Does anyone ever even listen or read our messages…. what has become of this democracy… it resembles more and more a dictatorship.

    To whom it may concern:

    With all the turmoil in the political world, the health insurance fiasco, and the ongoing mystery about the birth certificate… we can only wonder, if WE THE PEOPLE, are forever ignored by the ones in office or in high positions of government, who dictate the rules and laws and either abuse their power or the public trust, or create more havoc and suffering for those with no voice. Or do we have a voice ?

    The will of Congress and the wish of the PEOPLE to preserve/protect the wild horses and burros in this country, has been grossly ignored by your agency. The protocol within your jurisdiction seems to pretend to give the people a voice by letting us submit comments… yet, your agency has received tens of thousands of those comments in protest of round ups, and still ignores the wish of the PEOPLE.

    Americans do not want their wild horses/burros managed to extinction, nor condemn them into holding zoos funded by their tax money. The propaganda and crusade to do so must stop now. The latest despicable act of BLM on the Calico horses is a travesty and the public is aware of it. The myth of starvation and “excess” horses is getting old. The cruelty inflicted on the mustangs is unspeakable and carried out with a constant attempt to be hidden away from the public eye. The high number of fatalities clearly demonstrates the urgent need for investigations and change.

    Your agency is in dire need of restructuring and providing the American people with the truth, not constant deception and such betrayal to our wild horses and burros.

    It is a sad time to feel pride in this country, when the very creatures on whose back this country was built, are persecuted to extinction under the guise of “management”. Surely, other alternatives such as true protection in their preserved habitat (1971 WFRHB Act), safe from the invasion of drilling, mining and an ever increased cattle population are not only of compelling importance – but the only solution and answer after the irreparable havoc that BLM has caused for the American wild mustangs and burros. End the round ups and do your job, which your agency was assigned to do: Protect our wild horses and burros in their designated protected lands and stop the propaganda – before it’s too late !!!

    Monika Courtney,

    An insight to the horrors I witnessed at Pryor Mt., Montana, Sept. 2009:

    The latest on the pending lawsuit and the horrific fate of the Calico horses:

  11. Joette Says:

    I am sick and tired of all the ‘privileges’ the government give to the ranchers. These people are literally stealing the public land and getting rich with our tax dollars. Farmers are also getting rich with tax dollars: they are being paid $42.oo/acre for not cultivating their land. I know of a farmer, here, in Seal Rock who owns 3000 acres in Idaho. He does not cultivate it and gets $42/acre per year from the government $42.00 x 3000 = $126,000.00 per year. He is a millionaire and it is all in tax dollars that we have to pay. This guy still live in Idaho, but a few years back he built a mansion on the Coast in Seal Rock. The majority of the public does not know about these deals that the gov. makes with special interest group.

    For the wild horses, I am sick to know they are going to be killed to favor the cattle ranchers. It is shameful… I wish I could adopt some horses.

  12. Suzanita Says:

    Sounds like the BLMers are in the same unsportsman-like mode as the thrill-seekers that shoot wolves from helicopters!

  13. Linda Mitchell Says:

    Please protect the wild horses and burros under your care. Public land is for wildlife and the horses and burros are a great part of our history. Cattle are damaging the eco-system, not the horses and burros. Big companies are getting rid of any thing that could stop or hinder their profits.
    You are the last hope for the land and those who call it home. Special life over profits. Manage does not mean selling off to highest bidder.
    Keep public lands wild and free, not a pasture. Thank you and please help and protect.

  14. arlene Says:

    Again, our government does not listen to the people, capture the horses, run the horses to death, drown them! This is barbaric. Would those methods be used on the cattle? Of course not! The horses were here before the cattle, they helped develop our nation. For goodness sake, LEAVE THE HORSES ALONE.

  15. Craig Says:

    How disgusting this so called plan for the wild horses in Bordo Atrevesado. It is a mockery of the law and only designed for the eventual demise of the horses and the total monopoly of the public lands by the ranchers and other insensitive exploiters! This must stop! Now!

  16. Jan Eaker Says:

    the horses are NOT going to be drowned! PLease read the above comments as to the nature of water trapping and how it is done.
    That cows are treated way more kindly is true, NO ONE runs mama cows and babies like they do the horses, that they have way more of the horses’ range is also true and that is NOT fair, as there are studies showing how detrimental cattle are to the health of rangelands, whereas horses are of great benefit to the western ecosystems. We must continue to let the government know how we feel about this.

  17. Anna Says:

    water trapping ?


    (this message is for any Mustangs in the area !

    (isn’t water trapping illegal ? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

    no matter what; the mustangs will be trucked to Corrals !
    and in the Corrals they will get dirty water or rain water;(mixed with mud; the blm does not wash or brush stangs

    A pix at Palomino shows a Stang with mud caked to thigh!

  18. Anna Says:

    the point is update: Tally @ Fallon: 87 ‘Stangs bit the dust

    doesn’t matter if you round em up with
    water; feed; helicopter; foot or with a magic charm !

    the end result is
    these magnificent healthy Mustangs from public lands

    end up with their health comprised; Pigeon Fever; one mare died to pnemonia at Fallon; their hooves get soft and or overgrown; they don’t get groomed or brushed

    at Fallon they don’t give Foals bottles of milk if they won’t nurse; if a Foal @ Fallon won’t nurse; the foal “perishes !

    and they know there are not enough adopters for them! a.

  19. Jan Eaker Says:

    Anna, please see the blog at the mustang project for an update on foals at Fallon.
    These are WILD horses, no one is able to brush them or wash them,
    on what facts do you base your claim that the horses are not provided with clean water daily. I have not seen one report that says this.

    • Karen H. Says:

      Do you have the web address for the mustang project? I found info on the 3-Strikes Ranch horses only at…nothing about the wild horses held at the Fallon facility. I’ve been following Elyse Gardner’s blog for info about the horses at Fallon. Please advise. Thanks.

  20. Jan Eaker Says:

  21. Paula Deutz Says:

    Please stop changing the course of Nature. Remember what happened to the Buffalo, The Eagle, The Native American Tribes. Please don’t destroy or jeopardize the nature of these horses. I think review of the percentage of land in use for the herd now, versus a few years ago should be enough compelling reason to stop this. Please, listen.

  22. arlene Says:

    These comments are so heartfelt, but are they even looked at by the BLM? Are the letters to the president read, by ANYONE! It is so discouraging. Especially for the horses. the mustangs look good, they are not thin, they are not old, they are not hurt, UNTIL they are run by the darned helicopters, some to their death. What is wrong with this? Where is the conscious of BLM? Purchased by the almighty dollar?

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