Updated Roundup Schedule

Three of these herds, Moriah in Nevada, Winter Ridge in Utah and West Douglas in Colorado are scheduled for complete destruction or “zeroing out” — Take Action for Winter Ridge here by May 10th!

Herd Management Area Gather Date Planned Gather Number Planned Removal Number Office of Adminstrative Jurisdiction
Burros outside
10/1/09 –
45 45 AZ
Murderers Creek
10/01/09 –  9/28/10 100 100 Ochoco National Forest
Ligget Table 10/01/09 – 2/28/10 60 60 Prineville, OR
Calico Mountains Complex 12/28/09 – 2/28/10 2,787 2,523 Winnemucca, NV
Black Mountain 1/4/10 – 2/20/10 100 100 Kingman, AZ
Big Summit – FS 1/14/10 – 3/10/10 15 15 Ochoco National Forest
outside HA or HMA
3/10/10 – 9/29/10 50 50 Ely, NV
Cibola 5/26/10 – 5/29/10 100 100 Yuma, AZ
Black Mountain 6/1/10 – 6/4/10 155 155 Kingman, AZ
Bordo 6/1/10 –
147 147 Socorro, NM
Owyhee 7/1/10 – 7/18/10 620 620 Elko, NV
Confusion 7/13/10 – 7/18/10 230 200 Fillmore, UT
Rock Creek 7/19/10 – 7/30/10 527 427 Elko, NV
Stinking Water 7/1/10 – 7/6/10 100 60 Burns, OR
Cold Springs 7/11/10 – 7/16/10 156 81 Vale, OR
Moriah 7/20/10 – 7/22/10 72 72 Ely, NV
Winter Ridge HA 7/18/10 – 7/24/10 200 200 Vernal, UT
Hill Creek HA 7/25/10 -7/31/10 250 250 Vernal, UT
Lahontan 8/1/10 – 9/30/10 68 58 Carson City, NV
Jicarilla 200 200 NM
Piceance/East Douglas HMA 8/1/10 – 8/11/10 340 300 White River, CO
West Douglas Herd Area (HA) 8/13/10 – 8/16/10 100 100s White River, CO
Devils Garden 8/2/10 – 88/9/10 200 200 Modoc National Forest
Frisco 9/1/10 – 9/3/10 100 70 Cedar City, UT
Conger 9/4/10 – 9/8/10 110 80 Fillmore, UT
Twin Peaks


8/11/10 – 9/21/10 302 205 Eagle Lake, CA
Twin Peaks 8/11/10 – 9/21/10 2,301 Eagle Lake, CA


8/20/10 – 9/30/10 932 746 Elko, NV
Murderers Creek 9/22/10 – 9/28/10 100 100 Ochoco National Forest

21 Responses to “Updated Roundup Schedule”

  1. jan eaker Says:

    this is terrible!
    I thought West Douglas was court ordered to not be done?????

  2. LindaH Says:

    Thanks Makendra, for posting this. When we see these planned roundups in back and white, it’s pretty startling how many herds are planned to be wiped out, or essentially wiped out, this year. Court order on the West Douglas roundup pertained to last year’s roundup. 2010 is a blank slate in the BLM’s mindset.

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Makendra, I talked to WH&B Expert John Hall in Yuma and the Cibola-Trigo wild burro roundup for May was cancelled and will be in September. The date is not set yet.

    Wyoming roundup dates are all missing and we have been commenting on at least 4. In the end there may be 34 roundups, or more. They are switching numbers and there may be fewer wild ones left than we could imagine when they get out there again.

    We have to stand up to this assault and show that this is extermination. mar

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    We were also told that Bordo was not going to zero out the herd… I talked to a WH&B Expert in NM last year and that is what I was told. I will be calling again. Any figures now are likely to change after the 26th when the lawsuit decision is announced.

    West Douglas is still vulnerable. mar

  5. Carryl Edwards Says:

    Did anyone notice that they increased Twin Peaks round up from 1000 planned to 2301 planned and 2301 planned removal.. This is more than double the original gather numbers-horses. Burros in Twin Peaks changed from 156 to 302 planned gather and from 135 to 205 planned removal. This is criminal!

  6. Barbara Warner Says:

    Read this report. We can hope that Salazar will have to resign. This is a huge scandle just like our wild horses being wiped out . He has caused so much harm in such a short time .

  7. Barbre Brunson Says:

    I don’t understand and will never understand how anyone can be so cruel they will run horses to their deaths with a helicopter. The round-ups are breaking the Wild Horses and Burros Act law but the BLM still continues to follow-through with their ranchers friendly agenda and completely and coldly ignore those of us who love our wild horses. Their list show they want to eliminate the wild horses. The only thing that will help is public awareness—the more people know about this cruelty, the better chance we have of enforcing the law in place and initiating additional change. I have sent my financial donations over the years, but as a government employee I had the misconception that the BLM must be doing what is right—imagine my disappointment and sense of betrayal when I learned that truth doesn’t always win. I don’t know how people can see the suffering caused by the round-up and be so cold-hearted. How can they see a foal run its hooves off—or a mare be trampled under the crush of other frightened horses and not care. I want wild horses like the ones I enjoyed growing up with-to still be roaming the desert. It is our history–and their right.



  9. Sabine Bradley Says:

    This is more bad news:Calico went so well so they have to repeat the disaster.Why?So more cattle can graze on our land without our permission;so that mining companies can dig up the earth and leave a crater landscape on our land without our permission;so that pipelines can be build across our land without our permission!The American people love their wild mustangs.The world is disgusted by the pictures and footage from Calico and other places.
    Mr.Obama,you promised to protect our wild places but so far have broken that promise-we are waiting….

  10. Jan Says:

    are there any that listen to the people any more – apparently they have a strong contender running against harry reid in nevada – hope she wins – i did email her about the horses

  11. Linda Says:

    BORDO COMMENTS NEEDED by May 15th (I think)!!! Sorry about the length.

    Bordo Altravesada – Comment Period ends May 14, 2010. (I saw May 10th somewhere else. What’s the real date?)

    Bordo is such a MESS! The BLM numbers of horses/removals are all over the place! Here’s some info and personal remarks –

    These stats are from the BLM Bordo Altravesada Report – FY 2007:
    HMA 16,486 BLM acres, 3,128 other acres
    AML – 60, estimated Population – 77
    Last capture – August 2005, Reached AML – 60

    Link to EA Report – January 11, 2010:

    This is the Geocommunicator Rangelands Map:
    I’ll post the methods I use for Geo when I get them typed. If you’re brave, here’s a tip – uncheck PLSS and check SMA, or you’ll get a confusing grid. Then go wherever you want and check what you want to see. Pretty interesting.

    Bordo HMA and HA are the same, but other areas (like Calico) are VERY different. Grazing Allotment #01254 seems to cover the whole HMA, but I haven’t figured out who leases it yet.

    P. 4 –
    “… manage the wild herd at an average of 40 to 50 horses…” and “introduce outside stock to maintain the genetic viability of the herd.” So they’re removing and introducing, just as they did in 1992, 1997, & 1998 (top of page). What did they “introduce” – Spanish bloodlines or domestics? If they diluted the herd with domestics, there goes the “destinctive” herd designation.

    “Approximately 107” on the range
    “Remove 40-60 to low HML”. So I guess the “low HML” is 40, and they would remove 67.
    Removing 100 (current schedule) would leave 7.
    BLM March 8, 2010 Tentative Gather Schedule reported they would gather and remove 147 horses from Bordo. So to reach their “low AML”, they would have to remove 107.

    What follows is a Mar 1, 2010 email from someone very familiar with Bordo:
    ”I spoke with the Socorro Office of the BLM this afternoon. They plan on taking 40-60 horses off of the Bordo, which means 50 – 60 may be left. So they are not zeroing it out, and were surprised to learn that 147 was the reported tentative number on the national BLM website.”
    So NOBODY at the BLM has any handle on this. Why am I not surprised?

    “Trapping will take place in mid- to late-May.” June 1st-10th on the March 8th Schedule. Mid-May? They won’t even have time to review and respond to the EA comments, not that it would make any difference. They plan to use water trapping – only a blessing if they stick to it.

    “The gather will not be open to the public to minimize stress on horses.”
    Mar. 2 email, same source:
    “I asked for permission to witness the gather, and was denied. Is there a more formal channel to go through for this?”
    Here we go again with that crap.

    P. 7 –
    Return Selected Horses – 40 to 50. Will there even be 40 left to return?
    Mar. 2 email, same source, on my question about posssible Spanish bloodlines:
    “(Dr.) Cothron did a report on the Bordo horses a few years ago, and if I remember correctly he did not think there was much Spanish blood in the horses. I have a copy of the report filed away somewhere. The BLM knows very well these numbers take it below genetic viability, having gotten the report from Cothron himself. However, I’ve also heard it explained that low numbers don’t necessary lead to a bad genetic outcome. It’s only if “bad” genes are in the mix. In other words, even in a small herd, if the genes are mostly “good ones” then the small number of horses won’t lead to negative outcomes. I don’t know if this applies to the Bordo herd. The last roundup there was 2005, when they brought the numbers down and the herd still seems strong. I’m fairly certain the BLM does not often listen to the experts, but instead do what will bring in the most $$$.”

    I’ve read that the original Bordo herd DID exhibit Spanish characteristics, but when other horses were introduced, there was no attempt to preserve or enhance the bloodlines.

    P. 10 –
    Livestock Grazing
    “The HMA is located within the Bordo Altravesado grazing allotment, #01254. The allotment permits year long grazing with a carrying capacity of 273 Cattle Year Long (CYL), or 3,276 Animal-Unit-Months (AUMs) at 83% public land.” Those damned cows again. The ratio depends on how many horses are actually left.

    P. 11 –
    “Conflicts arise between the wild horse herd and the present livestock operation.”
    The ranchers put out supplemental feed for their livestock, and wild horses eat it. Well, duh, if you don’t want horses eating it, don’t put it out there in the first place. Do the elk, deer, and antelope eat it? Maybe that’s okay.

    “Horses have been known to kick and injure livestock while feeding”. If you dont want your cow kicked, keep it at home. “Have been known” on this specific HMA, or over the entire planet since the beginning of recorded time? “Have been known” is totally different from “have been seen”. Maybe an elk or a deer kicked their precious cow. Do the ranchers run their own horses (aka livestock) on the allotments? Could they be the culprits? Where’s the proof?

    Recreation – Lots of folks go to Bordo SPECIFICALLY to see and photograph the wild horses, and are thrilled to find them since they’re “quite elusive”. I believe there are organized treks for wild horse viewing, but that eco-tourism opportunity isn’t even mentioned.

    P. 14 –
    “63 AUMs allocated to wildlife.” What types of wildlife? Do they ever actually do a census?

    I don’t know if anyone can understand my rant. I just had to get this out because it’s SO MADDENING!

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Linda, I understand! Thanks for getting into this again. I will tell you if they will allow viewing. You know they allow comment after and/or despite making up their minds already. It will still be checked out… mar

    • Linda Says:

      I want to emphasize we have no way of knowing if there is Spanish blood in the Bordo horses unless genetic testing is done. A number of horses were introduced in 1992, 1997, and 1998 and there is no mention of their breeding. They were introduced to “maintain the genetic VIABILITY of the herd”, but not necessarily to maintain or enhance the horses’ distinctive and/or historic characteristics.

      I’m not going to refer to the horses as “Old Spanish” in my comments, but I am going to request genetic testing to determine if there is Spanish blood present. I’m also not including information from Carlos LoPopolo of Wild Horses of the West, since I can’t confirm some important information on his program.

      I do want to post this clarification from Donna Hummel of the BLM:

      “I work for the BLM in New Mexico. We appreciate the opportunity to dispel the persistent rumor that we are planning to eliminate the Bordo Atravesado Wild Horse herd. This is false and possibly based on a tentative 2010 gather schedule that does not accurately reflect our plan for the herd.

      Please refer to our Environmental Assessment for the proposed gather at: http://www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/medialib/blm/nm/field_offices/socorro/socorro_planning/socorr_eas.Par.4361.File.dat/DOI-BLM-NM-A020-2010-07-EA.pdf

      In this document you will find the alternatives we considered for this gather. Our preferred alternative is to gather approximately 107 horses, remove 40-60 of them, and leave the remainder on the range.

      Thank you.”

      At least this clears one thing up, but please still submit comments so you can be on record with this EA.

      • Deborah Says:


        Would you be willing to talk on the phone or correspond via email about the Bordos? The local folks I’ve talked to have given me such mixed messages that my head is spinning. I want to proceed with wisdom and caution for the safety of this herd and ask for your help in doing so.

        For the love of the horses,

      • Linda Says:

        Deborah, I’d be happy to correspond with you, but I don’t want to post any personal information here because some folks take advantage of others’ privacy. Maybe we could connect in some other way. Ideas?

  12. jennifer drake Says:

    The BLM wants our wild herds extinct clearly. There is no clear census of numbers of justification for what they are doing. Chaseing wild herds with genetic heritage that once is gone, it cannot be brought back. Torturing them in a flight or fight low chopper chase to a pending corral and the beforemath on the way there are injured foal with non formed feet, lameness to all and cardiovascular issues including tie up and the stress of it, whiich they will experience the minute those chopters show up and it’ s won’t stop. they will be separated, stallions, mares, foals, in their own sandy shitty infested feedlot fenced area to await getting water, their new diet and then to gear up for gelding, shots, all kinds of horrible shit we’ve seen at fallon and they too will die in numbers ans suffer from the minute they are in sight of the choppers. We have to stop this, BLM’s round up of our wild horses need to CEASE immendiately and we must put more and more pressure on NOW and get it done. Our good buddyjoke, Ken Salazar is up to his ass in oil so Dir Abbey of BLM is no doubt acting director for Calico and all plans for removal. Let me remind you that Salazar and Abbey view horses as vermins, they want them gone so they can run cattle and drill. Clearly either of them has any respect for our wild hores,their heritage, what they represent, how they have surved this country. These are loving, kind, honest animals who feel-and Im talking emotions=pain, suffering, depression, loss of love, loss of famly. This has to be stopped!

  13. Deborah Says:

    Thanks Linda. Posting private information is a dilemma which is why I didn’t post mine. Let me think on this.



    • Linda Says:

      Hi Louie –

      I thought about CF/HW first thing, but I didn’t know how that might work under their confidentiality policies. Plus, I’ve been so covered up with other doin’s I haven’t sent my paperwork in yet. BAD ADVOCATE! I have a REAL day off tomorrow, so hopefully I can get it in.

      If Deborah is also going to be a part of HW, maybe we could both send CF a signed release for cross contact. I’m going to investigate that possibility.

  15. Der Mustang- amerikanisches Symbol der Freiheit! | Reiten-weltweit.info - Reiten und Pferde online Says:

    […] Bis jetzt sind 94 Pferde an den Folgen des Roundups gestorben und 40 Stuten verloren ihre Fohlen, Leben das nie eine Chance hatte. Weitere Roundups sind in Planung siehe hier […]

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