Take Action to Stop Zeroing Out of Utah Mustang Herd

Thanks to In Defense of Animals for this action alert:

Your Quick Action Needed Today: Stop Government’s Proposed Removal Of All Wild Horses From Herd Area In Utah

Please act by Monday, May 10

Please use the form below by Monday, May 10, to submit comments opposing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Vernal Field Office (Utah) proposal to capture and remove ALL wild horses from the Winter Ridge Herd Area, approximately 90 miles south of Vernal, Utah.

Utah wild horsesAccording to BLM statistics, only 180 wild horses live in this more than 45,000-acre herd area. For unstated reasons, the BLM has decided that this herd area must be zeroed out, meaning that all horses will be captured and removed from their native homes.

Please take action to oppose this ill-conceived and inhumane plan. Since 1971, the BLM has zeroed out over 20 million acres of herd areas, shrinking federally-designated wild horse habitat by over 40 percent (including 2.4 million acres lost between 2005 and 2009 alone.) This Utah proposal continues this devastating practice.

Please take action below to tell BLM that they must not zero out wild horses from the Winter Ridge Herd Area and that they must amend their Resource Management Plan to give wild horses and burros their fair share of our public lands. Public comments must be submitted before close of business on May 10.




One Response to “Take Action to Stop Zeroing Out of Utah Mustang Herd”

  1. sandra longley Says:

    I asked that the US. Attorney general Eric Holder or a special prosecuter be appointed to look into the corruption mismanagement and theft of the american taxpayers assets that are being administered by the BLM..I think we need to start petitioning the president and congress along these lines..For anyone who is delusional enough to believe the BLM is willing to compramise—I suggest you take a LONG hard LOOK at this project and please read Americans herds Blog about the Massacre Lakes HMA…and advocates must take a long hard look and ask themselves if they are being PLAYED!

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