Stop California BLM From Scapegoating Wild Horses & Giving Preference To Livestock – Take Action by May 7th


Please submit comments (below) by May 7 to oppose the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Surprise Field Office proposal to reissue the livestock grazing allotment in the Massacre Lakes Herd Management Area in California.

nullThe Massacre Lakes Herd Management Area includes 40,000 acres approximately 30 miles east of Cedarville, California. It is a federally designated wild horse herd management area, yet the BLM only allows 23-35 horses live there while permitting hundreds of cattle to graze in this same area.

The BLM now claims that the area’s soils, wetlands and biodiversity do not meet range management objectives. It’s unconscionable that the BLM now proposes to reissue the livestock grazing permit and at the same time claims they need to “review the [wild horse] AML [“Appropriate Management Level”], and as necessary the AML would be adjusted to meet Land Health Standards and resource objectives.”

It can’t get any more blatant than this – BLM is scapegoating the already small number of wild horses that live in this HMA for range damage, while turning a blind eye to the destructive impacts of livestock grazing, which it wants to continue.

The Massacre Lakes plan exemplifies the BLM’s wild horse management policy throughout the West: cater to the livestock industry by allowing cattle and sheep to graze in designated wild horse herd areas, while scapegoating wild horses for range problems and wasting tens of millions of tax dollars in the process.

The projected wild horse numbers are so low that this plan could spell the “zeroing out” of yet another herd of wild horses on our public lands.

Of the 253 million acres of public lands managed by the BLM, 160 million acres are used for livestock grazing. Wild horses are allowed to roam on just 26.6 million of those 160 million acres. In many cases the BLM allocates more resources (forage and water) to livestock than to wild horses and wildlife in these Herd Management Areas. Meanwhile, BLM gives ranchers a sweetheart deal, allowing them to graze livestock at $1.35/animal/month – about 1/12th the going rate, while spending tens of millions of our tax dollars to clear the land of wild horses to make room for their cows and sheep.

This is welfare ranching – taxpayers subsidize cattle and sheep ranchers at the expense of wild horses and burros.

Please submit the e-mail below to tell the BLM that livestock grazing must be eliminated in the Massacre Lakes Herd Management Area and that the Appropriate Management Level for wild horses in this area must be increased. Public comments must be submitted by May 7, 2010.

Please personalize the email message, be polite and spread the word!

Take Action (thanks to In Defense of Animals) this form will e-mail your comments to:

  • President Barack Obama
  • The BLM Surprise Field Office
  • Shane DeForest, Surprise Field Office Manager
  • Steve Surian, Supv. Rangeland Management Specialist

4 Responses to “Stop California BLM From Scapegoating Wild Horses & Giving Preference To Livestock – Take Action by May 7th”

  1. Vicki Mason Bilden Says:

    We must leave our public lands to wild things..not domestic cattle and/or sheep..

  2. Nevada Barbre Says:

    Is there any honesty left in BLM? After the killing of the horses in the Calico roundup, they still have no shame. Bet those cattle ranchers never use a helicopter to run their cattle into pens. This elimination of wild horses is against the law set up to protect them. I love steak—admittedly I use to eat it almost every day. But, I refuse to buy steak like I once did. I feel like I am supporting the ruthless rancher. Hundreds of cattle and only a handful of wild horses. The ranchers don’t have an ounce of respect for the horses they once depended on for their success. The BLM and their treatment of wild horses is cruel, disgusting, and wrong.

  3. arlene Says:

    Let us pray that these letters are read. Our horses deserve better.

  4. Linda Reese Leming Says:

    I am broken hearted. We are so unevolved, at the expense of our planet and future generations.

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