Wild Horse Killers Trial Begins Today in Reno

Two men, Davis & Keathley are each charged with one count of causing the death of five wild horses. They are scheduled for an initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge McQuaid today-  April 27th at 3pm in federal district court in Reno.   That address is 400 S. Virginia Street.

If you can, please go and support the horses and the prosecutors, who are prosecuting at the highest level they are able given the evidence in this case. This is the initial appearance and the case will continue and we will attempt to those times and dates.

Thank you


6 Responses to “Wild Horse Killers Trial Begins Today in Reno”

  1. Renee M. Antaya Says:

    I hope the one count is that of the highest, that is deserved for taking innocent lives of horses.

  2. Lisa Norman Says:

    5 dead, 5 crimes. I hope George Knapp will cover this in the media.

  3. Nevada Barbre Says:

    They should be charged with 5 counts of causing the death of a wild horse. I hope the court doesn’t let them off with a slap on the wrist. Someone has to hold such monstrous people accountable for their crimes. What kind of people would do such a thing. I bet this isn’t their first time—this is just the first time they were caught. This kind of evil violence is apprently part of their dna. Hope they are punished.

  4. isopod Says:

    Why are the men charged with only one count of animal cruelty? for years I’ve thought it was one count per animal. . . In my state,it’s 12 yrs.per conviction.

  5. Margie Lampman Says:

    Please send me alerts via e-mail so I can post them on my facebook. Please consider adding a direct link to SNS’s within your alerts. Thank you and know that I stand strong with you in the fight to end this maddness.

  6. isopod Says:

    Reno NV Court Sysyem must have a ‘Supervisor’… like District Court r sometrhin’. Whoever charged these men…did not do correctly. it’s one count per animal.

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