Wild Mares Mother’s Day Campaign

Wild Mares Mother’s Day Campaign

Reposted from Tuesday’s Horse with thanks to Vivian Grant and Int’l Fund for Horses!

This is a quick yet potentially powerful campaign to raise more awareness concerning our wild horses who are being rounded up and held captive long-term by the BLM where they are suffering great harm from abrupt displacement from their lands and herds, insufficient care and overall mistreatment and mismanagement.

Mustang Mare and Foal. Cropped from an image by David Cramer Photography 2009.

Please send a Mother’s Day card to the First Lady.

Write an inscription inside your Mother’s Day card, or enclose a letter with it.

An inscription might be, “In honor of the Mustang Mother Mares who have lost their foals, please ask the President to call a halt to all wild horse roundups and an investigation into the BLM.”

Sign your name, and include your city and state. Youngsters, please include your age.

If you opt to include a letter, this is an opportunity to make it personal, from you. Tell our First Lady how you really feel about what is happening to our wild horses and burros. Sit down with a blank piece of paper and pour out your heart. That will mean more to Mrs. Obama than any number of facts or figures. If you do this, she may even show it to Mr. Obama!


First Lady Michelle Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20500

Note: Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so please act quickly. All mail to the First Lady must go through security before being delivered to her. Thank you.


14 Responses to “Wild Mares Mother’s Day Campaign”

  1. Jan Says:

    boy this is a fantastic idea and i told all my animal friends – and i wrote back to tuesday horse and said they shd do one for father’s day in honor of all those wild stallions the blm has gelded – that will never get to be fathers again or wont ever be dads

  2. Donna Buscemi Says:

    DOI Open Government Plan as of April 7th


  3. jan eaker Says:

    I like this and will forward it on,

  4. Jan Says:

    well as regards open govt – we know how the president was pigeon holing certain senators behind closed doors to pass health care bill – this govt does not want americans to know what is going on

  5. Jan Says:

    i can draw but not good with photoshop – would like to do a mother day card with a mare and then next to her would be outline of a foal she lost- standing next to her

  6. Michael J Ahles Says:

    I asked a BLM representative at the Earth Day event in Reno on Sunday to please free the mustangs. He asked me to take two thousand of them and put them on my land. I said that they were on my land and you took them away.


  7. Jan Says:

    way to go – did he have a comment – they just do as they are told – like robots – they all have a little pre-programed speech they have been taught to say and cannot say anything else –



  9. jan eaker Says:

    Another mare to honor on Mother’s Day,
    a 3 year old mare was euthanized today at the Broken Arrow holding facility in fallon,NV after she was unable to deliver her foal.

  10. jan eaker Says:

    I am assuming that the foal also died, but was not counted as per BLM policy.



  12. Jan Says:

    took a photo of a wild mare and foal off that mare and foal website, printed it and put on a piece of card paper then enclosed the following letter:

    Dear Michelle Obama,

    In honor of Mother’s Day, i am sending you this care in remembrance of some four-legged mothers who lost their babies during the wild horse roundup in calico, nevada a couple of months ago.

    Right now, some 40 plus mares would be mothers, loving and nuzzling their babies.

    But you think, they are just animals – but you know what, they may be just animals but their love for their newborns is just as intense as any love a human mother has for her newborn. They know how to care for that newborn, giving birth in a sheltered area so no one can see her. Then she licks it all down, to put her scent on it so everyone else in the herd will know its her baby. And she helps it get up and waits patiently for it to find her nipples to nurse. She stands guard over it when it lies at her feet to sleep.

    Her first prioity is for that new foal – she will give her life to protect and keep it safe. But when the BLM rounded up all those expectant mares, the stres of being chased for several miles over deep snow caused many mares to lose their foals – over 40. And others have lost foals born in the open pens with no shelter to protect the other horses from stepping on and kicking them. These new mothers are under so much stress, they deserve to be free with their babies. Tragically, the BLM does not count the babies who have died or even the ones being born as horses until they are 6 months old. How can you not count a foal who was lost or ones being born as nothing? I am sure the mares do count them as something. A mare that loses her foal will mourn for a long time, calling for it and looking for it.

    Though I personally have not lost a child, I can feel with those horses that have lost their babies. I have always loved horses and feel that the current policy of the BLM IS WRONG! Please put our wild horses back on the public lands that were set aside for them. How can you watch a video of a mare and foal running free and not have a catch in your heart for them?

    Check out all the pretty little horses on youtube – just google it and it should come up – shows wild horse foals playing.

    Sincerelly yours,

  13. Jan Says:

    shd proof read – i did say card in the letter – lol



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