Please submit comments for Wyoming Mustangs by Friday

Living Images by Carol Walker- photo of 3 Adobe Town/Salt Wells Mustangs

Please submit comments on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) latest plan to remove thousands more horses from the Western range. The most recent proposal targets 1,950 wild horses living on 1.7 million acres of BLM land in south central Wyoming.

The BLM Rock Springs and Rawlins Field Offices in Wyoming plan to roundup and remove over 1,000 horses living the Adobe Town and Salt Wells Herd Management Areas (HMAs). The agency claims that the Adobe Town HMA, which encompasses more than 472,000 acres, can support only 610 to 800 wild horses, while Salt Wells HMA, comprised of nearly 1.2 million acres, can only sustain 251 to 365 wild horses.

The wild horses of Wyoming have a diverse historic background. The Salt Wells herd includes a high number of palominos and sorrels with flaxen manes and tails. The Adobe Town horses exhibit a full range of colors, with roans and greys predominating. Desert Dust, one of the most famous wild horses of all time, hailed from the Adobe Town area. In the 1940’s, a photograph of this majestic, flaxen-maned stallion became famous nationwide and sparked a movement to protect the wild horses of Wyoming from the very types of mass roundups which the BLM is proposing today.

It’s important that we save these unique horses of Wyoming by submitting our comments now to oppose this newest proposed wild horse roundup.  Please personalize, cut and paste and email the sample letter below by April 2, 2010.


To:, jay_d’,,,

Subject: Adobe Town & Salt Wells Creek HMA’s Scoping Comments

I oppose the BLM’s proposal to roundup approximately 1,000 wild horses from the Adobe Town and Salt Wells Herd Management Areas (HMAs).

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been found repeatedly to arbitrarily set Appropriate Management Levels (AMLs) for wild horses. The BLM’s contention that approximately 1.7 million acres in the two HMAs can only sustain approximately 1,165 horses is questionable.

Due to the BLM’s round up and removal of wild horses in numbers that far exceed adoption demand, most of the horses removed from the Adobe Town and Salt Wells HMAs will be sent to long term holding facilities, the legality of which is currently under question in federal court. The warehousing of America’s wild horses in government holding facilities violates the intent of Congress and the will of the American people that our wild horses be managed on the range in a humane and minimally-intrusive manner that preserves their wild and free-roaming behavior. The policy is also fiscally unsustainable, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars annually.

As a result, I urge the field offices to implement the following measures to maximize habitat for wildlife and wild horses living in the Adobe Town and Salt Wells HMAs as an alternative to the proposed wild horse roundups:

•           Re-evaluate and increase the AML for wild horses for this 1.7 million-acre area.

•           Utilize the BLM’s discretion under 43 C.F.R. 4710.5(a) to close or limit livestock grazing in the HMAs and/or or designate this area to be managed principally for wild horse herds under 43 C.F.R. 4710.3-2;

•           Offer any ranchers grazing livestock in the HMAs incentives to retire cattle grazing allotments or convert cattle grazing allotments to wild horse allotments to promote ecotourism activities;

•           Implement range improvements and water enhancements that will benefit all animals, including wildlife and horses, living in the HMAs.

Further, any environmental assessment conducted for this capture plan must include objective evaluation of alternatives that rely on the above-mentioned measures, as well as a detailed economic analysis of the long- and short-term costs associated with the capture, removal and warehousing of these horses, and a full consideration of the impacts of capture, removal and warehousing on the horses taken from the range as well as those remnants of horses left behind.

Please use this opportunity to implement a humane and cost-effective management program for the Adobe Town and Salt Wells mustangs and reject the plan to massively round up, remove and warehouse these majestic free-living animals.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State ZIP]

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign


5 Responses to “Please submit comments for Wyoming Mustangs by Friday”

  1. Donna Buscemi Says:

    I just started a Mustang blog on the Obama Organizing for America website. Figured it might get some attention. Afterall CHANGE is needed in the DOI. The more the merrier – or in this case – the better, so we might want to bombard this with very nice and educational Mustang Blogs

  2. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Thank you for supplying an email to customize. By the simple fact of having this email here, you will probably increase the number of people who send emails and you will decrease the amount of time that will lapse (with the possibility of it getting overlooked) between the time you post this notice and the time people get the email done,

    Thanks again!!!!!

    Neat story about Desert Dust!



  4. Silver Ziebarth Says:

    DEAR LADIES & Men: It’s hard to believe you are Horse Lovers when you advocate preserving all the wild mustangs you can!! Haven’t you observed a horse die of old age and or die from starvation???? Well it’s the most pathetic sight there is to a True Horse Lover!!! Just remember that
    GOD put us here manage this animals and not to carry out programs that
    allow These Mustang to die of old age and starvation!!! Like any Horse Rancher who loves these animal to see that they are disposed of at the proper time and manage the numbers so they don’t starve to death!!!
    Please use your God given mind to let people manage these herds properly and not cause these Mustangs any more MISERY than NECESSARY!!!

  5. jess Says:

    I think we need ot raise money to help buil dshelter for these horses.

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