New Press Release: Pigeon Fever Outbreak Uncovered as BLM Continues Closed-Door Policy

Newborn horses unaccounted for as BLM denies public observation of Calico wild horses and keeps up closed-door, business-as-usual protocol… continued here


17 Responses to “New Press Release: Pigeon Fever Outbreak Uncovered as BLM Continues Closed-Door Policy”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Some how the issues of the horses being sorted needs to be addressed; mares and foals and pregnant mares, infected horses..

    Then the adoption event needs to be postponed or the ranchers in Northern Nevada may get angry.

    If nothing is being done the horses are in more danger than ever. That is not needed.

    BLM, Use empty pens and start separating horses! mar

    • Lisa Norman Says:

      These horses are not to be moved (or adopted) until Judge decides their fate. Hearing 4/30, he has until 5/25 to decide whether they will be set free. They can process all they want but these horses WILL GO FREE! I think it’s very suspicious that these horses get PF this time of year. I also tend to think it was tainted hay. No protocol being implemented to prevent spread. They will use this as excuse to keep them warehoused so they won’t infect welfare cattle. This is evil. WHERE’S THE F@$%&*# VET?????

  2. Jan Eaker Says:

    I can’t get to the release

  3. Jan Eaker Says:

    Got to it off the TCF site, unbelievable how they lie and try to cover up and justify, they must think none of us read and keep up with the reports,

  4. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    I think this is symptomatic of building a new facility – we don’t know what animals were on the property before the facility was constructed.
    But since this is a ‘warm-weather’ disorder and Nevada is still a little too chilly for flies, I think it’s entirely possible this came in on either the transport vehicle, the wrangler’s boots or gloves or from re-used pipe panels. Maybe Troy Adams the Cow Man brought it to the facility.
    It’s another moot point; the horses have it and that’s a fact.
    My God, what a cluster FUBAR.

  5. thecloudfoundation Says:

    Sorry! Rushing to get this posted so it is fixed now. Thank you.

  6. jo bunny Says:

    the release is now there….
    check this out….

    “Sheep and goats are sometimes infected with the same organism, but it’s a different biotype; horses can’t get pigeon fever from sheep or goats. But CATTLE CAN BE AFFECTED WITH EITHER TYPE, AND HORSES COULD THEORETICALLY GET THE DISEASE FROM CATTLE and vice versa, particularly if they live in the same pastures. These bacteria occur worldwide, and live in the soil. The organism has been shown to survive for up to two months in hay or bedding (straw, shavings) and more than eight months in soil samples

  7. sandra longley Says:

    There is nothing showing up for a PF outbreak on google in 2010- except the calico horses,,This is a very odd time for it to happen..Also PF can cause abortions in pregnant mares..type in pigeon fever/abortions, many articles come up..that buckskin mare in the photo was or is pregnant, and maybe she has already aborted..these aborted fetuses should have been biopsyed, placentas should have been sent off to be tested. No one has said a word about that being done.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      It was stated that this was not being done for any deaths. There was blood work only; on dead horses? It has been requested that biopsy and necropsy work be done. mar

      • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

        One of the article I read says it’s pretty rare for infants of infected mothers to get it – the colustrum has enough antibodies to keep it at bay. I believe it also stated incubation was 14 days to 2 months.

  8. jan Says:

    it makes me mad blm is not doing anything sure the word is out and surrounding ranchers must be concerned – maybe it was brought in bedding or hay – where does blm get hay

    i never heard of anyone being so cold hearted and against any kind of help that horse people know need to be done to protect the horses and outside livestock as well – they are dead set against any outside help or advice – yet they are not taking care of the problem – comes across to the public as they dont care or they dont know what to do – i did email jane velez mitchell – has anything been said on national media



  10. jan Says:

    i dont know if the bacteria can live in hay – just puzzling that all of a sudden healthy horses that have been rounded up are now sick and what is more shocking to me is the treatment of newborns – no protection from the other horses – the poor mares must be so stressed



  12. jan Says:

    i know i took that article and sent to humane society – any response from them – havent heard a word – if the horses got infection from the holding pens then that means the germs were there – dont think the horses brought it with them

  13. Anne Says:

    Pigeon Fever is transmitted also by “IM Vaccinations: and by “wet living conditions;

    the pens @ Fallon have both IM Vacs and wet living condit.

    the wet straw; mixed with wet sand; and the mustangs droppings;
    create a food source for the flies to attach the vac. spot;

    this is totally wrong; the BLM serves Hay on top of SAND !

    ps Happy Easter to Cloud; and the Cloud Foundation; etc.
    anne conn. 1951

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