Pigeon Fever Updates from Fallon

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Pigeon Fever Abscess on chest, photo by Craig Downer

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33 Responses to “Pigeon Fever Updates from Fallon”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This disease is not fatal and these horses have been infected for weeks as it incubates before it manifests itself outwardly. No horses should be euthanized as a result of this no matter what the inconvenience may be in treating so many, IF they receive ant kind of treatment at all. They should not be moved to Palomino Valley, either, for the adoption event; not until this infectious disease runs its course. The adoption event is May 15 and 16. That may not be long enough for this to cease infecting horses because of the large number and complete lack of creative medical care. This is an opportunity for creative measures that would help control and treat those infected. BLM needs the infusion of others minds to help with this kind of dilemma. Their wait and see and do nothing methods are not ethical. mar

  2. sandra longley Says:

    Now we are talking! Hit them with another lawsuit! Keep dragging their butts into court and try to defend and provide evidence that they are using sound management judgments…given the outcomes of the calico gathers and the outbreaks and complications…all roundups should be halted until it can be adjudicated or decided by congress. We have no way to know how or where this will end..We have 1900 horses in confined conditions who have shown to be immune compramised by stress and now over crowding..which any vet knows can lead to oubreaks of many infections..GO get em IDA, will make a dnation today!

    • Karen L. Says:

      Yeah, I’ve always thought that IDA had the right idea! When they enlisted William J. Spriggs, I felt they were in it for the long haul and intended to wear the BLM down with suits based on any factual merit they could employ. They are trying.

      • sandra longley Says:

        I put my money where my mouth is and donated this morning, also donating to WWP..The BlM has filed a complaint against the greenfire preserves for not putting cattle on the allotments that go with the preserves..Are trying to take those allotments away from them…The cattle the papers and magizines that support the cattle industry are plumb gleeful…I hope the WWP smacks them down again!! they need our support..The importance of what the WWP is doing cannot be stressed enough. They have tried to help our cause, and we should now try to help them

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        From the point of view of the level of care the Fallon captives receive, it can be seen that it is easier for them to destroy a life than to help save it. HSUS should be coming into this scenario.

        Yes, we need to donate to IDA and Support Western Watersheds Project as they do work that benefits all concerning range health and protecting our water sources from pollution by cattle and other sources. This lawsuit is very sensitive. Others have had to give up leases in the past.

        Good Luck, IDA and WWP, we are behind you all the way… mar

      • Nora Morbeck Says:

        HSUS perhaps should probably step up … but at this point, I’d be happy with some one who just knows a little bit about horse care!
        We’re still hearing reports about “poor condition” horses at Fallon, dying off on their own or being put down. How many deaths are we up to now? Something like 79? That’s insane!!
        Now pigeon fever…
        When horses get sick, isolate them. Duh! I have no personal experience with pigeon fever, but even if it’s not fatal, it sounds like it can weaken the immune systems of these horses, who are aready stressed out and immune depressed.
        I’m sorry, but where did the contracted vet get his license to practice? Even if ill-informed, poorly prepared BLM employees don’t understand the basics of taking care of horses, this guy should!
        The BLM has been operating from an “easier to ask forgiveness than permission” position for so long, I don’t know if they understand how to do business any other way. Let these horses die. The BLM can make excuses and tell us they’re so sorry later, after the damage is irreparably done. Nothing we can do about it then, or so they think.
        As far as ranchers not using their grazing permits… Well, I can buy a car and decide not to dirve it. I can lease a house and decide not to live in it. As long as it’s paid for, who cares whether it’s being used or not? If a rancher decides not to graze livestock one year, it shouldn’t be an issue. Let the land heal for another season or two. You’d think the BLM, with all its professed concerns about the health of the range, would applaud such a decision.

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      What really worries me is if one or more of the horses have the internal abscesses. These are very difficult to treat or even detect early on. I just can’t imagine the BLM providing this kind of veterinary care.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        People who adopt a horse should know if it has been exposed to this… will BLM own up to this?? I just can’t see the adoption event happening when it is scheduled. More stress for the horses to move them to Palomino Valley… mar

  3. jan Says:

    i had read about harry reid on another website how he said something to madeline pickens about the horses being penned up and that it was wrong – well according to article i read online by conrad burns – interviewed by steve long from horseback magazine – it was harry redid that put to conrad burns about writing a new little law allowing the horses to be rounded up as that is what the ranchers wanted – boy what a two-face traitor

    i had called ida yesterday and she said they were working on getting help for the horses in fallon



  5. Jan Eaker Says:

    I just read the article, how can BLM do any of the treatment necessary to wild horses, without causing them even MORE stress, and that’s if they would try in the 1st place, which I doubt, what must these horses be feeling right now, what alternate universe do these people exist in that they think they can continue to justify ANY of this? Oh, this makes me crazy!!!

  6. Jan Eaker Says:

    Also go to terri Farley’s blog, she has a picture of a horse w/ a HUGE draining abcess on his shoulder,
    here is my question, how can the BLM be planning an adoption event for these horses BEFORE these lawsuits are settled?
    These horses looked so good in the first pictures, now their coats are dull, they should be shedding out , my horses are, but these pictures show horses in terrible condition; their expression is hopeless, how can they even get to the food w/these pus pockets on them, causing them such pain and discomfort,

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      There are about 200 foals expected at Fallon. The foaling will still be going on when the adoption takes place. Though I hope that the adoption event will be postponed. It will still entail the hauling, for the 60+ miles, of the mares with little foals to Palomino Valley. This is, again very cruel and wrong to put these horses through this. Is this being done to facilitate adopters?

      We need to request that the foals be accounted for. I see no reason why they cannot add the births to the Gather Update and say if a foal has died just like an adult.. Let them count the foals, for goodness sake…. mar

  7. jan Says:

    i think if the horses were still in the wild they would not be sick unless they came in contact with cattle that were sick and yes i read on one website the horses know which plants help heal them of diseases

    i email a lady in new mexico who works in WHOA – told her the horses were sick in fallon – sent her the link from cloud – she did not know they were sick and is going to get the word out among her people

    i fear the blm might decided to destroy this herd – they would tell american people they had to as horses were contgagious – please STRONGLY PRAY FOR OUR HORSES THAT GOD WILL HEAL THEM

    i believe He watches over his creatures and cares for them


  8. jan Says:

    went to terri farley blog – poor horse he must be in such pain – and read her blog how a foal was born in crowded pen and apparently was kicked or stepped on and suffered broken leg and was destroyed – she said blm does not regard new born foals as horses until several months old – how simple it is for blm not to count them and not to care about them – out of sight out of mind – i just want to go out in the desert here and scream, “Why God, do Your creatures have to suffer??”

  9. hopefulforhorses Says:

    This is such a completely overwhelming tragedy, created by evil, corrupt individuals that have lost sight of caring for creation. I agree completely with you, Jan, that we need to pray night and day for God’s intervention and that with Resurrection Sunday this week, that the LORD would show us His Glory in this situation.

    “Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Galatians 6:9. Keep writing, praying, calling, and don’t lose faith.







  13. sandra longley Says:

    BLM updated their page this morning with its first “interpretation of the PF outbreak”, and 1 more dead horse from processing…a spinal injury

  14. jan Says:

    i sure hope someone is reading here — i emailed jane velvez mitchell at cnn do not have a private email or i would have sent her the blog from terri farley – also i emailed senator landieu and told her horses were sick – problem is washington is on spring break – dont think any one is there to help

    if someone knows private phone numbers and emails please contact them – i dont know what i am more upset over – the horses being sick or the foals being born in open pens – i cant believe its happening in america – and i did email one article to the humane society – hope someone there reads it – if all the horse protection groups learn about conditions at fallon, will the blm even listen

  15. Karen H. Says:

    Washington may be on spring break…however, do you think Senator Landrieu may check in with one of her state offices? Got this contact information from Congress.org

    Baton Rouge Office: (more district offices listed below)
    707 Florida Street, #326
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801
    Phone: (225) 389-0395
    Fax: (225) 389-0660

    New Orleans Office:
    500 Poydras Street, #1005
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
    Phone: (504) 589-2427
    Fax: (504) 589-4023

    Shreveport Office:
    300 Fannin Street, #2240
    Shreveport, Louisiana 71101-3086
    Phone: (318) 676-3085
    Fax: (318) 676-3100

    Lake Charles Office:
    Hibernia Tower, One Lakeshore Drive, #1260
    Lake Charles, Louisiana 70629
    Phone: (337) 436-6650
    Fax: (337) 439-3762

  16. Terri Farley Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the majority of the horses still look GREAT, as of last Sunday. Beautiful conformation, rainbow diversity of coat colors and many seem to have kept their inquisitive natures. All the more reason to follow recommended measures and ISOLATE the sick horses, improve cleanliness and shovel out any soil on which the seepage has drained.
    The whole world is watching & that’s a good thing. Please keep your eyes open for word of the phantom foals, whose lives and means of death are recorded no where, if they’re born “in facility.”



  18. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I just sent this to Senator Mary Landrieu (via web contact page).
    Dear Senator Landrieu,

    I am contacting you today because as a citizen wild horse and burro advocate I wanted you to be aware that there are several observers who feel the Bureau of Land Management may be selling truckloads of horses to slaughter.

    Please read this — it came to me via email yesterday. (This is from another advocate)

    “I was told today that the horses in holding at Rock Springs are disappearing, their number decreasing and that trucks are coming and going. There are many sale authority horses there. They are being sold to kill buyers and/or they are going to the new facilities to make room for the new roundup captives that are coming. I just wish someone could document this and stop it. No one buys mustangs by the truck load but kill buyers. I am so upset by this. I knew it and I know it is happening elsewhere. What do we do?? They lie about this. They were told not to do it and they are. I feel so helpless and i am terrified for them. Good horses die that should be free or being gentled for people to ride and love. I know you worry. I am not wanting to upset you. If you have been in touch with Mary Landrieu’s office you should tell them about this. They must act. BLM has transport papers for horses, also. To move horses from Palomino Valley to new holding further east. All this movement of horses needs to be documented and compared. We knew this would be going on yet what can we do when those who have the power to investigate do not? Please contact Mary Landrieu if you have before… please do it again.”

    You directed the BLM not to sell horses to slaughter. Are you following up by policing their actions?


    Janet Ferguson

  19. jan eaker Says:

    Janet, I just wrote her as well, PLEASE everyone write!!!!!!



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