Protest Center – updated!

Reposting the “Protest Center” with sign ideas for March for Mustangs– hold a rally in your town for wild horses and burros.

At least 35 protests have taken place sense the Roundup of Cloud’s herd in Sept. 2009…. All protests planned will be posted on our events calendar. Organize a peaceful protest in your area.

Suggested Tips for a Successful Rally

Tips from Int’l Fund for Horses – click here

Rallies and Marches suggested tips from IDA– click here. Check list from IDA here


These can be printed at your local print shop or please make your own, a list of suggested slogans are available in a word document here:  ”Re-protect our Wild Horses!”

Suggested Short Slogans for Signs and Banners

1. Obama sign 2. SaveWildHorsesObamaSaveWildHorsesObamaColor 3. SaveWildHorsesPoster BLM MAIN 4.SaveWildHorsesPoster 5. SaveWildHorsesFeinsein

Sample Press Releases

1. San Francisco Protest (TCF) 2. San Francisco Protest Media Advisory

3. IDA PR_LA protest 4. Save Our Wild Horses Denver


1. Moratorium letter-FINAL/ Wild-horse-roundup-moratorium-flyer2. moratorium petition– take clipboards and pens along too!

3. Protest Flier template – great to handout and for day of event

Additional Information:

Fact sheets: Click here for printable fact sheets

Talking Points from Int’l Fund for Horses –Click here for one page fact sheet (good for handing out to protesters!)

protesting roundups of fellow equines 

Frequently Asked Questions from The Mustang Coalition FAQ About Wild Horses_12_09

Myths About Wild Horses and Burros from Animal Welfare Institute wild-horse-and-burro-facts-and-myths

Words to Save Them from the Animal Welfare Institute Words to Keep Them Wild and Free


4 Responses to “Protest Center – updated!”

  1. Kathy O. Says:

    protests may work. will draw attention, hopefully. protests worked in 60s -70s, social changes came about! I still say..get the BLM under criminal investigation. guess u know at last audit of BLM the Inspector General found ‘wrong stuff w/ BLM’. great news in Wild Horses favor, except the animals are stressed & coping as well as they can in BLM captivity, on going. BLM ‘hot item’ as a whole! The foals are starving, you saw the photos, not good. I’m adopting, get her this weekend, then another. I think these are groups headed for slaughter. ?dunno? but pays to adopt presently! Why can’t nonprofits adopt? Is that legal?

  2. Mary Adkins Says:

    I really don’t see how protests and phone calls have worked at all. It is all about getting media attention so unless the protests make the news, no one cares and even then it is quickly forgotten.

    The damage is already done and the horses are not free anymore. I am starting to think that they are better off dead than to live in pens being neglected by the BLM.

    Bless you Kathy for adopting them. I wish they could all be adopted. By the way, does anyone know if Cloud is okay? Has anyone seen him since his release? I knew he was injured but it was thought that he should be fine.

  3. Linda Says:

    I volunteer at a registered non-profit horse rescue. We were going to adopt a wild mare last year. She was failing to thrive, and spent about a week with our vet. Unfortunately, she had to be euthanized. Her kidneys were about 1/4 the size they should have been. I don’t think any final papers were signed, since she never left the vet.

    We named her “Heart”. She was a sweet girl, and now runs with the herds across the Rainbow Bridge. She will never be forgotten.

  4. Kathy O. Says:

    oh thanks, Mary! I got her today! We get along great. Horses seem to be real characters. She remembers the ’roundups’! her neck band was removed & i think it’s not too bad where it was. She ate for 5 hrs., non-stop…very hungry! Her ribs are showing but won’t take her long to adjust my place…seems ok! I think it’s the yearlings hungry @ BLM Fallon…I’m no equine expert!! Where is medicine hat, I hope they find him!

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