Roundup Watch Fund

The Cloud Foundation will be starting a Roundup Watch Fund to support observers at roundups. This is in process but many people have asked and if you are interested, please tag your donation as “roundup watch fund.”

Many thanks for your generosity and patience as we set this up. You can donate online here or mail donations direct to the Cloud Foundation.


12 Responses to “Roundup Watch Fund”

  1. Janet Ferguson Says:

    The donate online here = “fatal failure”. Please check?

  2. Kathy O. Says:

    There’s recent photos taken at Fallon on Flickr, username Cat Kindfather, click on Kids’ heART for horses. The Calico horses are in bad shape, to me, puncture wound, ribs showing, sad faces, unable to reach their hay…..good shots. My idea is to involve the United States Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. (Chief Law Enforcement) & Inspector General Glenn Find (to report violations civil rights & civil liberties) Can anyone email these Fallon pics to US Attorney Gen & Inspector General ~> There’s a NV State Court Doc on Dave Cattoor’s criminal charges at Equine Rescue.orgI’d like to email the court doc too….but I don’t know how my pc! BLM better not mess w/Cloud & his herds…What a stupid thing to do! I’d gladly donate, but…I’m founder of a 501c3 & I donate soo much already or I would. Cloud’s a sweet beauty! I sincerely hope u’ll use above listed email addys to get the BLM under criminal investigation!

  3. Kathy O. Says:

    I’m founder 501c3 nonprofit….donate, donate….They better not mess w/ Cloud & his herds. blm creeps up too much blm. I think we should contact the United States Attorney General Eric H. Holder (chief law enforcement) to investigate the BLM. US Inspector General Glenn Find (to report violations of civil rights & civil liberties) Their emails ~> There are recent photos taken at Fallon Holding. The Calico Wild Horses are in bad shape, i think. There’s a puncture wound, ribs showing, sad faces. Flickr username Cat Kindfather, click on Kid’s heArts

  4. Kathy O. Says:

    salazar does the harlem shuffle.

  5. Valerie Says:

    This situation has me sick and I’ve launched a website 4WildHorses(dot) com to help spread the word about these horribly cruel and inhumane roundups. I’m adding content as quickly as I can, and I want to say thank you for everything you do to protect our wild horses.

  6. Kathy O. Says:

    I WANT THE BLM UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION & the people who do this is the US Attorney General (chief Law Enforcement) & the USA Inspector General! Inspector General recently found discrepencies with the BLM. Why can’t there be a Petition concerning my ISSUE???

  7. Caroleyn Says:

    Why are wild horses dependent on hay? If they are to be classified as a truly “wild” animal, and not just a feral domestic animal, they need to be treated as such. Certainly humans aren’t building all homes and/or casinos all over the Nevada horse range. Cattle grazing has been reduced drastically. Why can’t the wild horses be left to take care of themselves? If there are too many, and they eat all the available forage, nature’s answer is starvation. It is cruel, but the way of mother nature. The “wild” horse should be no exception.

  8. isopod Says:

    The Wild Mustangs supposedly to be under BLM management. . . could refer to hay / water sources, Calico herds looked great coming in Dec 28,09. It’s only right to help living creatures, whoever they may be. I hope they are doing as well as can @ Fallon holding. The much valued Elders of the Herds (valued by the Wild Mustangs themselves) are probably no longer in existance. too sad, not timely, the way we, the American people, are dealing with them present time. Why seemingly no one in office wants them to be on their range lands with families & herds is beyond my comprehension. They’re part of the environment, native to the West, adapted to the West. Gov’t does not want them to live according to their congressional rights…

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