Wild Horse Prison Program Article from the SF Chronicle

A new article by Carolyn Jones Before Guapo went to his new home in Oroville, he belonged to Juan Medina, a Nevada state inmate who’s serving five to 15 years in prison for drug trafficking. Read more….


4 Responses to “Wild Horse Prison Program Article from the SF Chronicle”

  1. Savewildhorses Says:

    This was just a side story to the FRONT PAGE HEADLINE article by the same author in the SF Chronicle:

    America’s Wild Horse Saga:Government relocation and auction practice spurs debate.

    No link available yet. Author said in a couple days it will be online.

    Imagine, a front page headline in a Sunday MSM newspaper? I couldn’t believe my eyes!

  2. Nora Morbeck Says:

    I have mixed feelings about the prison horse training program.
    On one hand, kudos to the inmates who are successful in this endeavor. As well as teaching, they’re also learning from these animals. This can be such a powerful personal growth opportunity, and it seems that some of these guys really get it.
    On the other hand, I have to question how these horses are actually trained. What methods? What time frame are they working on? What kinds of experience do these inmates really have going into wild horse training? How do they handle de-sensitizing, for instance?
    As a horse owner, I’ve spent a lot of time undoing past training mistakes, made by people who were supposed to be competent trainers. It’s truly annoying.

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Nora, from what people out here have said, there are good programs and bad. Some use good modern gentling and others overwhelm the horse who has to give up. Many people are happy with the horses purchased from the programs. It would be good for an equine journalist to compare them in depth, and give people sound advice about the horses who come from the different prisons. mar

  4. Savewildhorses Says:

    Here’s is the headline article from the SF Chronicle Sunday paper.


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