Some DC hotels for March for Mustangs

This is a busy time in DC and the only group rates we’ve been able to find are still well over $200. Rooms seem to be going fast so please book a room wherever you are most comfortable.

Another good site for deals in the Capitol Hill area:

Within Walking Distance (or a quick metro ride)

$ Harrington Hotel

436 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20004, (202) 628-8140

good rates $140-170 but limited availability Get directions

$$ Comfort Inn Convention Center (website) – limited availability!

1201 13th Street Northwest, Washington, DC‎ – (202) 682-5300

2 doubles is $199/night +tax

Near a metro stop, 15 min walk to Lafayette Park

No airport shuttle, Free Wireless, Free Breakfast included

$$$ Best Western Georgetown Hotel & Suites (website)

1121 New Hampshire Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC 20037

(202) 457-0565

$219 + tax for two queen beds + free wifi & free breakfast

7 blocks from white house

$$$ Hampton Inn Washington DC Convention Center (website)

901 6th St NW, Washington DC, 20001 p. (202) 842-2500

$220/night average for one king or 2 queens on, $289/wed. and $199/Friday

free high speed internet, free breakfast, no airport shuttle.

$$$$ Capitol Hill Suites

200 C Street Southeast

Washington, DC 20003-1909, (202) 543-6000

$359 + tax

Cab/Shuttle & or Metro Ride Away

Best Western Pentagon (website)

(across the river but much more affordable!)

($25 cab ride to capitol hill or take cab 1 mile to Pentagon city and from there take a free shuttle)

$122/night average at (varies $160- $90/night)

Hampton Inn & Suites- Crystal City/Reagan airport (website)

2000 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA – Tel: 1-703-418-8181

2 double beds:  $229/wed/thurs and $129 friday

3.5 miles away-  metro subway one mile away,  free shuttle service to/from airport or to metro stop.

Remember the Rideshare site too!


21 Responses to “Some DC hotels for March for Mustangs”

  1. Kate Swafford Says:

    There are several hostels in DC. Some of them even have private rooms.

  2. true15 Says:

    I have never been to DC and I found out that they are two airports. Which one is the bet to land in to have access to this part of town?
    Also, is the area near the Best Western Pentagon fairly safe? Thanks.

    • Jill Says:

      Washington National/ Reagan National, is the closest and Metro is very close. Contact your hotel to see which Metro stop is the closest to where you are staying and you also may ask them of recommendations for transportation to and from airport and distance Metro stop is from them, also any other details you wish to ask.

      Dulles: a shuttle also can be taken to the Metro stop for ride into town to save $.

      Again, a call to the hotel will give you many details including dinning, hours of service, complimentary shuttle if any, check-in times, etc.

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Another fine poster there, i like this one… Whose? mar

  4. Janet Ferguson Says:

    What a great help for those who can go to Washington! Well done!

  5. KA Schaaf Says:

    I can’t get to D.C. in March, I wonder if anyone would be interested in staging smaller marches in state capitals?

  6. Margaret Says:

    Actually there are three airports local to Wash. One is Reagan National–right there in DC. Not sure how easy it is for most to get in and out. And cost may well be a factor.

    Dulles is actually in Virginia. Supershuttle is about 30 dollars to downtown Wash each way. I was just in Wash so this was accurate as of Jan.

    A bit further north is Baltimore Wash Int. It might be less expensive but is further to travel. I’m not sure about shuttle prices. Many years ago there was a bus that picked me up at my aunts in Maryland, I transferred to this other bus and it took me straight to BWI. It was about 12 dollars but this was 20 odd years ago.

    Since we can’t leave contact info here is this some way we can hook up to maybe share a room? Many FOB’s did this at what would have been Barbaro’s birthday–and was known as the first Celebration. We had a private group–I think at facebook. And then someone did a spreadsheet. It was very well managed–I thought.

  7. Jill Says:

    How will folks know if a room is available for sharing, or if they need a room to share?

    • true15 Says:

      I am wondering if there should be a list with the Cloud Foundation for who wants to share a room. I am interested in sharing as well.

      • Jill Says:

        It sounds like Makendra at The Cloud Foundation may have a few rooms reserved.

        Give her a call if you need a room, or have a room to share!

  8. Lin Says:

    When Americans Against Horse Slaughter went in 2008 alot of us stayed in College Park, 8 miles from DC, resonable and close to metro. You can get on and get off at Union Station and walk or take a cab to the White House…. I am thinking of staying there again. For Horses on the Hill, I stayed at Days Inn on New York Ave, in DC I found out that if you stay in the low numbers 300 to 800’s it’s a bad area. Hotles are nice and clean but I wouldn’t walk around. In Capital Hill area closer to the Govenment offices, is a safe area and very expensive.

  9. jan Says:

    i like the painting of the horse and the white house – could we put cloud there

  10. KA Schaaf(kasohio) Says:

    I can’t get to D.C. in March, I wonder if anyone would be interested in staging smaller marches in state capitals?

  11. Janet Ferguson Says:,427219465

    There is also a duffel bag.

  12. Rob Pliskin Says:

    HEY LIN, re: hotels in College Park — do you have specific hotel names to share?

  13. Jill Says:

    Here it is, I found it:

    Clarion Inn, College Park, MD

    8601 Baltimore Blvd.

    College Park, MD 20740


    Not sure if this is the general number or number specific to this hotel.

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