Budget Hearing March 3rd – Send Letter to be Faxed to Committee

Are we out of room for Wild in the West?

Are we out of room for Wild in the West?

A budget hearing for the entire Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee is scheduled for March 3rd! They need to hear from us before Sec. Salazar presents the Dept. of Int. FY2011 Budget Proposal to the Committee.  TAKE ACTION HERE (note this leads to an In Defense of Animals auto form  -please use your own words to make your message count- IDA will fax each comment to the Senate Committee!- wonderful!) Please follow up with a phone call as well. This is an excellent setup, spread the word as the Committee needs to understand that this is a fiscally irresponsible plan that further destructs our wild herds and puts thousands of horses at jeopardy.  The Cloud Foundation position paper on the Salazar Plan here. (corrected link)

On Wednesday we expect Secretary Salazar to push for $42 million for the first of 7 planned mid-western and eastern “preserves” for wild horses, please contact your Senators and let them know this is a bad idea and a waste of taxpayer money that flies in the face of the true intent of the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act to protect and preserve wild horses in the American west. Find your senators here. The “Salazoo Plan” only adds to the financial and humane train wreck that the Wild Horse and Burro Program has become, this is not the solution.

Please take action for our wild herds: sample letter and sending form online here –  Call President Obama 202-456-1111  – Call your Senators on the Committee 202-224-3121

Energy and Natural Resources Committee

Chairman Jeff Bingaman (NM) – Chair – Phone (202) 224-5521
Byron L. Dorgan (ND) – Phone (202) 224-2551
Ron Wyden (OR) – Phone (202) 224-5244
Tim Johnson (SD) – Phone (202) 224-5842
Mary L. Landrieu (LA) – Phone (202) 224-5824
Maria Cantwell (WA) – Phone (202) 224-3441
Robert Menendez (NJ) – Phone (202) 224-4744
Blanche Lincoln (AR) – Phone (202) 224-4843
Bernard Sanders (I) (VT) – Phone (202) 224-5141
Evan Bayh (IN) – Phone (202) 224-5623
Debbie Stabenow (MI) – Phone (202) 224-4822
Mark Udall (CO) – Phone (202) 224-5941
Jeanne Shaheen (NH) – Phone (202) 224-2841

Lisa Murkowski (AK) – Phone (202) 224-6665
Richard Burr (NC) – Phone (202) 224-3154
John Barrasso (WY) – Phone 202-224-6441
Sam Brownback (KS) – Phone (202) 224-6521
James E. Risch (ID) – Phone 202-224-2752
John McCain (AZ) – Phone (202) 224-2235
Robert Bennett (UT) – Phone (202) 224-5444
Jim Bunning (KY) – Phone (202) 224-4343
Jeff Sessions (AL) – Phone (202) 224-4124
Bob Corker (TN) – Phone (202) 224-3344

An immediate moratorium on all roundups is needed! This must be followed by hearings and investigations on BLM mismanagement; accurate and independent assessments of just how many wild horses we have left and the real range conditions. Then we need to develop a sustainable plan for our wild herds on our Western public lands and restore their protections set forth in the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. Moving our wild horses in non-reproducing, broken families to the East is not the answer.


33 Responses to “Budget Hearing March 3rd – Send Letter to be Faxed to Committee”

  1. Linda Says:

    I live in New Mexico, and although Jeff Bingaman isn’t the Senator from my part of the state, he responded to my email on wild horse and slaughter issues. Senator Tom Udall has also responded, as has Representative Manuel Lujan. Here’s what Mr. Bingaman had to say:

    Subject: Response from Sen. Bingaman
    Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 12:36 PM

    Dear Ms. Horn:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding the euthanasia of wild horses. I appreciate your taking the time to write.

    I understand your concerns and opposition to the euthanasia of wild horses on public lands. It is my understanding that private individuals have come forward to help the BLM with the adoption process and my staff has contacted the BLM to raise these concerns. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar recently proposed a plan to relocate many of the horses and burros to the Eastern part of the United States, and I assure you that I am monitoring the situation as it progresses. I strongly support the adoption of wild horses as a method of regulating their populations on public lands, and your comments are helpful as we evaluate this issue in the Senate. I would also like to encourage you to make your comments known directly to the BLM. To leave a comment with the BLM and to learn more about the National Wild Horse and Burro Program, please visit, http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/prog/wild_horse_and_burro.html.

    Again, thank you for writing. I hope you will continue to keep me informed of issues of importance to you and your community.


    United States Senator
    Phone:  (202) 224-5521
    Toll-free in NM: 1-800-443-8658
    Website:  http://bingaman.senate.gov
    Subscribe to my e-newsletter.
    Look for me on Facebook and YouTube.

    I’m going to contact him again in direct response to his statements. I wonder if he knows how many Calico horses are being “readied for adoption. Where does the BLM think it will find 1900+ homes for these horses? That’s horse pucky!

    People just don’t understand the scope of this situation. At least one Senator will real soon.

    • jan eaker Says:

      Linda, this is a canned response from the Senator, many fo us have received it; the BLM doesn’t care about adopting these horses, if they were truly concerned, they wouldn’t have rounded them up in the first place.

    • Linda Says:

      Yeh, Jan, you’re right. I just keep holding out hope that the government officials care about ANY issues that are important to the people, especially their constituents. HEAVY SIGH.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Maybe what you told him right after you got that letter “sunk” in, because apparently he did some research on the matter, based on his comments at the beginning of the meeting.



    • Karen L. Says:

      My answer would be Mary Landrieu of Louisiana because she is at the forefront of the current equine issues. (I am not from Louisiana.)



  4. jan Says:

    is group also where the ROAM act is awaiting approval – why arent they working on it

    • Karen L. Says:

      Yes, jan, one of the subcommittees is where ROAM is—no one knows if or when they are working on it. I have commented to them regularly with no response.

  5. Linda Says:

    I’m under moderation again, and don’t know why. Here’s a link with a lot of information about ROAM, but not why it’s stuck in committee. I’m going to ask Jeff Bingaman about that. If there’s someone out there from Louisiana, they might get a better take from Mary Landrieu.


    There are a lot of names of those Representatives who voted for the bill, also the sponsor & co-sponsors. Hopefully people will be able to find someone to contact directly. Don’t forget to ask them to meet with the folks at the D.C. rally.

  6. jan eaker Says:

    From what I’ve seen in the news lately, it seems that nothing is getting done in the Senate, I did fill out this form hopefully good things are waiting to happen for the horses,

    • Karen L. Says:

      Nothing is getting done in part because of all the time and energy having been spent on the huge healthcare debate/debacle. I know I mention her a lot, but Mary Landrieu is the only one who purposely calls press conferences and constantly pledges support for the horses. The anti-slaughter and cruelty bill she authored tells me her “heart”.



    • jan eaker Says:

      Louie, I think MANY Americans agree with you on this, we elect them, WE pay their salaries, pensions, insurance, etc, and they keep sending me(the 2 in IL) form letters, I want to know WHAT they are going to do about the BLM and the waste of the horses and taxpayer dollars and I cannot get a simple answer. it is definitely time for REAL change in America.

  8. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    Hey! Pull up this week’s schedule; when and where is this meeting supposed to be?


    • Karen L. Says:

      Lisa, The hearing is before the full Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, not the Appropriations Committee. (They both allocate funds for the DOI though.) Here is the link. Rescheduled date is in the right column, main page.

      • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

        Can you say ‘sneaky’?

      • Karen L. Says:

        Well, both Committees had DOI budget hearings scheduled for February, and both were postponed. This Energy and Natural Resources Committee rescheduled from Feb. 10; and the Appropriations Committee postponed on Feb. 24 and hasn’t set a new date as far as I know. It’s sort of confusing unless you follow DOI/BLM budget stuff, and this year is important for the future of the horses. I started watching back in 2008, when U.S. Reps Rahall and Grijalva tried to obtain accountability from the BLM by demanding they not make roundups a priority until the GAO report came out that fall. Things are really ‘heating up’ now.

  9. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    I’m tryin’ to have a little faith, Karen. I’m so hoping all those pieces – the GAO investigation, Rahall & Grijalva steppin up, the sub-committees having intelligent species on board – all these things come in to play when Kenny asks for more allowance. I hope someone reminds him that We (the taxpayers) aren’t his parents nor are we Federal ATM’s.
    And that he needs to show the Public how the WH&B program budget is ‘currently’ being spent.

  10. Michael J Ahles Says:

    Boycotting beef will set the mustangs free.
    BLM is beef.

  11. Karen L. Says:

    Another FYI—You should be able to view these Committee proceedings tomorrow on C-SPAN or at the Committee site. Here is the link; then click on Webcast at the bottom of the left column. Hope it works!

  12. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I am listening to meeting — started listening 30 minutes late — did Kenny bring up the zoos ????

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      The whole thing’s archived now:


      • Ronnie Says:

        Thank you Janet. I watched the whole hearing and after looked to see if I could watch Salazar/Landrieu again…and again…

        It was a short back and forth between the two, but a lot when on there.

        But nothing said about the Bureau of Land Mismanagement and horrendous inhumane treatment, killing of the wild horses…pregnant mares…foals…

        Strange, for with other DOI issues, the Committee had lots to say about mismanagement, $$$, not being consulted, the DOI doing what it wanted to do…

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Where in the recording is that found? Haven’t caught it yet!

      • Karen L. Says:

        Landrieu did bring up the inhumanity of roundups, particularly in winter. Salazar seemed ill at ease with the entire wild horse subject matter. Most of the Committee members addressed issues relevent only to their own states, while Landrieu addressed her regional issues as well as the national wild horse policies.

  13. Barb S Says:

    Here’s Salazar’s wild horse spiel–same old, same old—At least Mary L brought up the wild horses running free in THE WEST–watched Salazar’s face after her comment—
    Management Effectiveness

    Wild Horse and Burro Program — The current path of the Wild Horse and Burro program is not sustainable for the animals, the environment, or the taxpayer. On October 7, 2009, I announced a new comprehensive long-term plan to put the wild horse and burro program on a sustainable track. The plan identifies three management strategies to improve the protection and management of wild horses:

    • Managing sustainable herds on western rangelands through the aggressive application of fertility control measures.
    • Establishing new wild horse preserves, primarily in the Midwest and East for horses that must be removed from western rangelands.
    • Providing special designations for selected treasured herds in the West.
    The 2011 BLM budget includes $75.7 million, a program increase of $12.0 million, for the Wild Horse and Burro Management program. The BLM LWCF budget includes an increase of $42.5 million to acquire land for a wild horse preserve. Initial costs for implementing the proposals would be significant as the BLM acquires preserves and works to achieve sustainable herd levels on public rangelands, but overall program costs should decline in the future. The plan will enable BLM to achieve appropriate management population levels on the range in the near future.

  14. Karen L. Says:

    Basically, Landrieu came through for the horses. Salazar looked like he hoped she would not pursue the subject, but he also seemed strangely uninformed on the issues in depth and not prepared or willing to confront questions.

  15. Barb S Says:

    He sure looked like he was “drawing a blank” or uncomfortable when Mary made her comments about the wild horses. Go Mary!

    • Karen L. Says:

      Yes, he was really sort of ill at ease. As I said above, Mustang Mary came through for the horses!

  16. Ronnie Says:


    Almost all the committee members were questioning, confronting Salazar on their own issues. Like conservation, energy, logging, land purchase, monuments…

    But FIRST they all deferred to him as being a great guy, good job, difficult job..and so on. This might be polite procedure, but I wonder if they are intimidated by him. For I have listened to other hearings and never heard such “praise” first…and the Committee was definitely upset with him.

    They said the DOI & Salazar promised this and that but has not come through. That the DOI wanted public comments but they were not listened to. That the DOI has its own agenda and is not informing the Committee, States or public about what they are doing until it is in effect.

    Basically, the DOI and Salazar is doing what they, he wants no matter other’s input and/or opposition in ALL matters discussed today. Just like with the BLM and wild horses: comment period (for what?!), welcome observers and then severely limit…

    And it was sickening to hear over and over again Salazar say he was willing to work with others! Wants input. That theses are national issues.

    Not much talk in this hearing about Wild Horses or American Indians. Very telling.

    But my impression from the hearing was that all were upset with the DOI and Salazar and felt they were being deceived… That things were not right with Salazar. He was not open nor honest. Like a sneak and corrupt.

    In summary: The DOI is Salazar’s DOI and no one interfere.
    SALACZAR for sure.

    • Linda Says:

      A veneer of cordiality, individual agendas in a NATIONAL committee hearing, political sleight of hand – welcome to the American government!

      If Mary Landreiu hadn’t gone OVERTIME, nothing would have been said about our wild horses. I imagine the commitee had an agreed upon agenda, and the horses brought up the rear.

      Did anyone notice Senators kept disappearing? Lots of empty chairs at the end. I would think they should be required to stay through the entire hearing. I guess lunch trumps our tax dollars.

      Salaczar is a slick one. He had so much to say on other topics, even when put on the hot seat. I don’t want to hear about his warm and fuzzy personal life with horses. That’s not the issue.

      One more thing – did anyone else hear Salaczar say their are 30,000 more wild horses than the land can carry? 37,000 wild ones now minus 30,000 “more” = 7,000!?! Maybe I heard wrong.

  17. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Here’s an article where some western senators oppose Salazar’s public/private land ideas for the west:


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