March for Horses- Attention Kids!

The March for Horses from the Girls Horse Club! Now accepting submissions from young, horse-loving girls with wild horse stories/artwork — click here for details!

Read the submissions so far too!


3 Responses to “March for Horses- Attention Kids!”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Wow, lucky girls! This is fun stuff, have a blast… Poetry and stories, perfect. mar

  2. Jalkr Says:

    My 12 year old son says, “What about us BOYS?” Horses don’t care about gender, so why only submissions from girls?

    In all his years being around horses, he’s only seen guys enjoying them a handful of times, and I think that’s a shame. Boys learn a lot about quiet focus and gentleness from horses.

    How about it?

  3. Jo Says:

    Hey Jalkr, I’m on GHC a lot. And I don’t think it would matter if your son submitted something. But you’d maybe have to ask LeadMare. (‘Leadmare’ of the site 😉 ) I don’t want to give you permission without having the authority to though. Today is the last day for submissions, so I’d find out fast. :0) good luck. But don’t just do it cuz I said. Ask for permission please. :0)

    And he doesn’t make it in time, he has plenty of writing to read. And theres always next time.

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