POSTPONED!! Secretary Salazar Budget Hearing

Have we run out of room in the West?

The budget hearing for February 24th, 2010 at 10:30am EST —has been postponed. When the examination of the FY 2011 budget request for the Department of the Interior by Ken Salazar, Secretary is rescheduled we’ll be sure to post.  More details here – no explanation for hearing postponement has been given.

We expect Secretary Salazar to push for $42 million for the first of 7 planned mid-western and eastern “preserves” for wild horses, please contact your Senators and let them know this is a bad idea and a waste of  taxpayer money that flies in the face of the true intent of the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act to protect and preserve wild horses in the American west. Find your senators here. The “Salazoo Plan” only adds to the financial and humane train wreck that the Wild Horse and Burro Program has become, this is not the solution.

Please take action for our wild herds:

Call President Obama 202-456-1111

Call your Senators 202-224-3121

focus on subcommittee members for this hearing:

Subcommittee Members

Democratic Subcommittee Members

Senator Dianne Feinstein (Chairman) (CA)

Senator Robert C. Byrd (WV)

Senator Patrick Leahy (VT)

Senator Byron Dorgan (ND)

Senator Barbara Mikulski (MD)

Senator Herb Kohl (WI)

Senator Tim Johnson (SD)

Senator Jack Reed (RI)

Senator Ben Nelson (NE)

Senator Jon Tester (MT)

Republican Subcommittee Members

Senator Lamar Alexander (Ranking) (TN)

Senator Thad Cochran (MS)

Senator Robert Bennett (UT)

Senator Judd Gregg (NH)

Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK)

Senator Susan Collins (ME)

An immediate moratorium on all roundups is needed! This must be followed by hearings and investigations on BLM mismanagement; accurate and independent assessments of just how many wild horses we have left and the real range conditions. Then we need to develop a sustainable plan for our wild herds on our Western public lands and restore their protections set forth in the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. Moving our wild horses in non-reproducing, broken families to the East is not the answer. The Cloud Foundation position paper on the Salazar Plan here.
Subcommittee Members

49 Responses to “POSTPONED!! Secretary Salazar Budget Hearing”

  1. jan Says:

    i dont believe we have ran out of land – up here where i live in high desert there is plenty of open land – just google barstow, apple valley, and points north towards vegas – and nevada has lots of open land – i have looked at desert outside my door – there is scrubby grass and shrubs that i think horses would feed on – what a lie the blm is telling the american people – do they intend to take all of the millions of acres of open land in the west for cattle and engery development – that does not seem possible to me – drive across wyming – you never even see one cow – miles of vacant land – the midwest is heavily populated or has farms needed for agriculture – the west has acres of open land that is not good for argiculture – soil is poor – i just cant fathom the american people buying this latest trick of the blm where is the national news when you need them – i was at a bible study on tuesday and talking to people – one man said the horses are starving – i asked him where did he hear that – oh on the news – i said it wasnt true – he said it must be true if on the news – need some good reporters who know the truth to get on the national news

    • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

      That’s the frightening part – so many people believe out of hand anything the government touts as absolute truth; few check the facts anymore.
      I think that’s what the BLM and DOI are relying on – and why there has been no Public accounting for the Wild Horse and Burro budget. We have caught them in lie after lie becasue WE are looking. But until we can get everyone to check the facts, nothing is going to change.

      • Laura Evans Says:

        And it’s so easy to check the facts now. I used to drive my husband crazy because I always had the tv on the news channels. Now I’m always on the internet. I’m still driving him crazy though, because I keep saying “Hey, listen to this!”

      • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

        Laura Evans – don’t you hate when yer in the middle of the BEST PART of your dissertation & he walks outta the ROOM??

      • Laura Evans Says:

        Mine doesn’t walk out of the room, he falls asleep!



  3. T.A. Paxton Says:

    Run out of land? Why do people buy it? I don’t understand. Do they think it was beamed up and carted off by aliens or something?
    It’s terrifying how many people just believe what they hear without looking it up for themselves. How can they not know they are only hearing half a story? In the words of C.S. Lewis and his character Professor Kirk: “What DO they teach them in these schools?” It sure doesn’t appear to be how to think! And not knowing how to question or just not bothering could in the long run be a dangerous thing and not just for how it affects wild horses!
    It’s also kind of insulting that if you’re a horse lover you are just a bleeding heart who isn’t listening to the ‘common’ sense that ‘they’re starving’. Meanwhile we’ve actually done the homework, they haven’t!



  5. jan Says:

    just have to post – watched glenn beck speak at cpac meeting – all i can say is WOW – he tells it like it is and america better wake up

    • sandra longley Says:

      Don’t get too excited..the last time we had a conservative government they advocated slaughter of excess wild horses..they don’t want any tax payer dollars spent on the WH&B…and started this whole roundup and remove plan..that salazar is continuing…be careful what you wish for….

  6. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    There are tracts of land all over Nevada – good-sized (several hundred acres), non-human friendly (sand-n-sagebrush and gotta drill for water), privately owned and for sale: 456 acres can be yours for $60,000.
    There is a series of parcels for sale in Battle Mountain,NV. The parcels are over 650 acres. One parcel is selling for $80,000.
    My concern is when you buy this land, are you free to administer to it in any way you see fit? Or do you have to get permission from some government entity?
    And because this is the land of the Golden rule – him what has the gold makes the rules – I’m afraid my children will never own their own homes or land outright. I think they’re going to be indentured to a bank for the rest of their lives.
    If land is disappearing, it’s Public land, getting sold to the highest bidder, to cover the asses of the fools who authored this latest economic debacle.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      There are water issues of course. I don’t understand all the angles, but “them what has, gits.” as far as I can tell. Meaning, he who has had water permits in the past continues to keep the water permits or something. But I think you have to prove continual use of the water you are permitted to use — have to use the minimum amount or something. Maybe these places are for sale because “things are happening” (pipelines including water pipelines, etc.) or because the water available is so bad (polluted) that you can’t drink it. I don’t know too much about it but be careful out there. . . .

  7. jan Says:

    is this private land that is for sale in nevada – dont think govt can sell public land – here there are huge lots for sale – but because housing market fell no one is buying – i would rather see the open land left alone – we dont have much wild life on it except rabbits and coyotes i guess – deer are in the mountains – perfect land for horses – around helendale – just thousands of open land acreage but it is probably privately owned or might be public land who knows – guess i will ck that out on a map

    • sandra longley Says:

      This is from a public meeting the BLM put on -on the outskirts of Nevada-this is the excerpt dealing with the sales of public lands:
      The plan will consider the areas identified for disposal by the BLM back in 1998 and whether to add any more land, Ross said. There can be an outright sale of land, or public entities could be granted a recreation and public purpose lease, he said.

      John Backer, from Sandy Valley, said he didn’t hear anything in Ross’ presentation about plans to sell more public land to private owners.

      “This is probably the best opportunity for anybody, if they know of lands they know are in public lands, to transfer them to private ownership,” Ross replied.

    • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

      There’s a Land Sales and Acquisitions Board within the BLM. It was under investigation at the same time the WH&B Program and Environmental Monitoring of Mines were.

  8. Savewildhorses Says:

    Can someone explain to me why the more populated East and Midwest are better places for the wild horses? I am missing something here.

    • Nora Morbeck Says:

      Well, that’s a good question. The truth of the matter is that anyone who knows anything about wild horses knows that the change in diet alone might very well kill off many of these animals. Grasses in the areas that they’re talking about are pretty rich.
      I think the larger point is that, once the horses and burros are no longer free to roam on their ancestral range, they will no longer be considered wild animals and will have fewer legal protections. Add to that that these will be non-reproducing herds which = extinction. Mr. Salazar knows this. I don’t know who he thinks he’s fooling.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Doesn’t MP want to keep them in Nevada?

      • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

        He can’t possibly believe he’s foolin’ anybody but he does believe his is the best ‘solution’.
        He’s kinda like an Equine Hitler, running the Wild Ones off to an internment camp.
        And I can’t believe whoever he reports to is buyin’ this loada crap. It absolutely defies the imagination. Kinda like the Iceberg Scheme: Southern California was suffering a terrible drought (I know; hard to believe) and s group of scientists had a brilliant idea – let’s run a ship down to the Antarctic and lasso us an iceberg, bring it back here and all our water problems are solved.
        Even if I weren’t an Advocate, I would think this man is nuts.

  9. true15 Says:

    the link is not working





  12. Janet Ferguson Says:

    And now, here’s BLM’s “Spin City” page:

    • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

      All those letters of endorsement of his plan, all the feel-good fluffies about what a fabulous idea this new ‘management’ initiative will be… I think I threw up a little.
      Everyone is always crabbin’ about how the Wild Ones must share the range and how much more than their fair share they consume – does anyone ever mention that wildlife is not restricted to a particular area – that they are free to roam any damn where they please, while the Wild Ones must stay within the ‘management area’ or risk roundup?
      So, is it the ENTIRE Western range, through the 10 state area, that the Wild Ones are destroying? Or is it just their piddly little reservations?
      C’mon, BLM, deliver some believable data!

  13. Debra Whitmore Says:

    You know, the bighorn sheep are not native to America, the horses are. The BLM justifies the roundup of horses because of the big horn sheep and livestock. It just doesn’t make sense.

    “Under its multiple-use management mandate, the Bureau administers more than 18,000 grazing permits and leases and nearly 13 million authorized livestock animal unit months on 160 million acres of public rangeland. BLM manages rangelands and facilities for 57,000 wild horses and burros. The 253 million acres of public land administered by the BLM includes over 117,000 miles of fisheries habitat. ” But we don’t have 57,000 horses running free, the horses are all in storage facilities. This stinks! Get the cows off the horses land.

    • Laura Evans Says:

      Cows aren’t native either but that rarely gets mentioned. When it does it’s usually by one of us.

      • Nora Morbeck Says:

        A good point, Laura. The cows are only there because they make some one $$.
        I love the “support eco-tourism — come out and see wild horses” kinds of promotion coming out of Nevada. I think that’s so right on target. After all, these issues come down to money when you think about it, so why not make money drawing tourists to the areas where the horses already live? How about guided tours or something like “camera safaris” like they offer in African parks and preserves? Is this already being done?
        Think about how educational these kinds of tours could be — and the potential income they could provide. Much better for the horses. Much better for the environment than adding more cattle or bulldozing for energy pipelines.

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        Nora- I love the idea of eco-tourism and Nevada safaris. Maybe an investor or group could get some stimulus money- create green jobs, protect the horses and make money at the same time! Isn’t there a lot of pioneer as well as ancient history in Nevada, too? There is much more to do in Nevada than just gamble.

    • sandra longley Says:

      Only 2 animals are native to north america..the LLama and the Turkey…So when they talk about invasive..thats antelope, deer elk bear ect..Horses are considered a re-introduced species

      • Robynne Catheron Says:

        Horses are native to N. America, as are pronghorns. It’s too bad horses are considered a re-introduced species, because it’s really the wrong mindset. Good research is paramount in situations like these.

      • Nora Morbeck Says:

        I didn’t know that, Sandra. Thanks for sharing that. Learn something new every day … 🙂
        I think about how coyotes weren’t east of the Mississippi until men built bridges. Now they’re all over the country.
        Animals migrate, change territory and adapt. Nature is beautiful that way.

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        The word “Native” has many interpretations. The coyote did indeed evolve in North America, some 1.8+ million years ago. He managed to survive unlike many ‘wolf like’ cousins. Let’s not forget the white-tailed deer, it lives in all but 5 states.



  15. sandra longley Says:

    Watch the LIVE webcast of this meeting by clicking on this link and on the left bottom click on live webcast…otherwise you can read the live transcript sometime after the budget meeting..I read last years speech by alazar and then the question/answer session with comittee members last year…was very informative and illuminating..Meantime contact EVERY comittee member before this meeting-so our concerns are fresh in their minds as they start talking about the billions they plan to spend on removal of the wild horses.

  16. jo bunny Says:

    the committee meeting has been postponed.

    please keep writing, calling, faxing to the committee members listed above!

    • Karen L. Says:

      Yes, jb, I thought it had been postponed per the Appropriations Committee site.

      Also, please remember that this DOI budget committee meeting is NOT the same as the DOI budget hearing/meeting in the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. We need to comment to both.

    • Karen L. Says:

      The Energy and Natural Resources Committee meeting on the DOI budget was postponed from Feb. 10th, and has not been rescheduled as far as I can tell. (Looked at the calendar on the Energy&Natural Resources site.) As jb says, keep commenting to the Appropriations Committee members as listed above for us by TCF.

  17. jo bunny Says:

    well, two different websites say this meeting has been cancelled but a friend got off the phone with senator alexander’s office & was told that the meeting is on. i do you think that they would say that the meeting is off but still have it in secrecy anway????

    keep calling, keep writing, keep faxing.

    • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

      Why would they do that? It’s not like any of US or other members of the Public are invited.

      Crap! I hate bein’ on the uninformed end of a conspiracy!

      • Laura Evans Says:

        What was it they said a couple of weeks ago? Just because they said they’re going to be transparent that doesn’t mean they’re just going to tell us everything.

  18. jan Says:

    well according to the people who study ancient creatures – the horse evolved here in america and then for some reason disappeared – but america had broad plains, perfect for animals like horses and buffalo – native americans – then man tried to kill them off

    knew turkeys also were native animals – when america was being formed – i think it was ben franklin that suggested the turkey be the national bird but the eagle won out – can u imagine a turkey on our national momunents instead of a eagle – there are still wild turkeys in midwest and south i think – pbs did a special on them – a lot of other animals like pigs, cattle, sheep – were brought over by early immigrants along with their diseases – burros – are they descendents from donkeys in the holy land – will have to read up on that

    • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

      When opposers talk about the Horse disappearing out of North America, they fail to state that, whatever disaster occured, it ALSO killed off the Mammoth, the Giant Camel, the Short-Faced Bear, the Giant Elk and hundreds of species of ancient animals.
      Some jerk even went so far as to say the original Native Horse died off because it was incapable of adapting to it’s harsh environment.
      They’re here right now and in desperate need of protection, not irradication. It’s damn frustrating having to fight back on too many fronts. Even science can’t convince a Stockman his views might be a little skewed.

  19. Janet Ferguson Says:

    We have at least 2 bands of wild turkeys in our metro! We also have some bison at a county park. . . I wonder if they are “pure.”

  20. Janet Ferguson Says:

    P.S. I love the “peek-a-boo” photo, above, for this article!

  21. Southerntrojan Says:

    Un til we hit these People(Politicians) in the pocketbook, where it really hurts, nothing of measure is going to happen. By getting them Un-Elected, we hurt their livelihood and that seems to be the only thing any politician really cares about. We need to go back to the days of “Citizen” Politicians with term Limits so they can vote how they really feel and not have to listen to the P.A.C.’s and other special intereast groups. it’s all about MONEY anyway, so we need to have a radical change in Philosphy and Tactic’s. As I am a U.S.C. Trojan, Fight On !!!!!



  23. Janet Ferguson Says:

    On Blog Talk several weeks ago there was a guy talking about removing all the reps:

    “Get Out of Our House”

    to replace all 435 members of the House of Representatives with “citizen candidates”

    I haven’t checked the website and didn’t listen to his “spiel” but it might be interesting.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      The weakness with this of course, is that he wants to REPLACE these 435 members of the House of Representatives.

      I am beginning to wonder if the American public can really affort Washington, D. C.!

      I would like to start small: just take their benefits away. For all federally elected officials! Ouch! To mean?

      I wonder how much of our tax money that would save?

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