Upcoming Protests- Las Vegas & Carson City + Phoenix Videos

BLM Protests to Greet President Obama in Las Vegas and Carson City, NV

CHICAGO, (EWA) – Wild horse and burro advocates from across the country plan on greeting President Obama on February 18 in Las Vegas with a protest of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) mismanagement of the Wild Horse and Burro program and total disregard of the 1971 law protecting the wild horses and burros on their public lands.

The highly criticized Calico Complex round-up in Nevada that concluded on February 5 resulted in the death of 48 wild horses and the loss of 30 unborn foals. The death toll continues to climb from injuries resulting from the round-up as well as health issues from diets, such as Alfalfa hay that wreaks havoc on wild horses unaccustomed to a rich diet after feeding a lifetime on desert grasses.

The Calico round-up is being called one of the most deadly round-ups in history. Video footage shows foals being chased by a Cattoor helicopter as they tried to keep up with their mothers fleeing during the stampede. Two baby horses literally later had their hooves fall off, dying a dreadfully painful death at BLM’s hands. The horses were run over miles of rough terrain in the dead of winter.

According to the BLM, the round-ups are for the welfare of the horses. They claim the horses are starving but the photos and footage tell a different story. They claim the few thousand horses remaining free roaming are ruining the ranges but the GAO reports reflect the millions of privately owned livestock being subsidized by tax payers are the cause of the range degradation.

Although the wild horses and burros belong to the American public and the BLM speaks of transparency by the bureau, humane observers had very limited access at the round-up and are being kept away from the Fallon Facility where the horses are being held.

George Knapp from KLAS TV I Team recently aired two reports, BLM Wraps Up Huge Wild Horse Roundup and Wild Horses Forced into a Stampede of Death, which are an eye-opener to those unfamiliar with the BLM round-ups.

The Equine Welfare Alliance, The Cloud Foundation and In Defense of Animals (IDA) encourages concerned Americans to join the protest on February 18 at 1:30 at the Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse, 333 S. Las Vegas Building, Las Vegas, NV. Expected speakers at the protest are Dr. Elliott M. Katz, DVM and president of IDA, Craig Downer, wildlife ecologist and humane observer at the Calico round-up, Neda DeMayo, founder and CEO of Return to Freedom, Gina Greisen, president of Nevada Voters for Animals and Arlene Gawne, wildlife artist. Additional information can be obtained from Arlene Gawne at 702.277.1313 or artistfromafrica@hotmail.com.

As second protest, Truth Rally, will be held on February 20 in front of the Legislative Building on North Carson Street, U.S. Highway 395 in the state capitol of Carson City, NV and is sponsored by The Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates. Information is available from Bonnie Matton, Wild Horse Preservation League at 775.220.6806 or Mattonco@prodigy.net.

The Equine Welfare Alliance is a dues free, umbrella organization with over 95 member organizations. The organization focuses its efforts on the welfare of all equines and the preservation of wild equids.


Thanks to Las Vegas organizer Arlene Gawne for the excellent banners– volunteers needed to hold banners along Las Vegas Blvd on Thursday, Feb 18th! More details here

plus: new youtubes on 1/30 Phoenix protest:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHMeOWMl4Ks and  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-0wjchdx44


16 Responses to “Upcoming Protests- Las Vegas & Carson City + Phoenix Videos”

  1. mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

    Wonderful posting, thank you!

    For the Carson City “TRUTH RALLY” hosted by AOWHA, Bonnie is asking us to be present by 11:15 AM so we can be organized by noon for the actual beginning of the rally.
    If you bring signs, some suggestions are, “Truth Not Lies”,
    “Broken Horses = Broken Promises”, “WIld Horses, Our American Heritage”,
    “Honk for Wild Horses”, “Tell The Whole Truth”. “We Want Transparency”,
    “Death IS Not An Option”

    We are planning over 100+ in attendance. Hoping to make national news!
    Please try to make it.

  2. jan eaker Says:

    Good luck to ALL of you! Hoping that more and more protests crop up ALL over America, really hoping to see this on ABC Nightly News and that YOU are ALL the persons of the week this Friday, wouldn’t THAT be something!

  3. Laura Evans Says:

    Those banners are gorgeous. I’m working on getting some people there.

  4. jan Says:

    since obama going to be there – wonder if c-span might cover his nevada trip – then we would see the rally on tv – sure hope the people who are involved in the rally call all the tv media – pretty sure george knapp will be there but you need some national coverage like fox news and cnn – i dont live that far from las vegas – about 2 hr drive but just have no way to get there but all of us here in the high desert who love horses will be rooting for you

  5. Karen L. Says:

    I like the phrase, “Give the wild horses and burros a fair share of public land,” but would add a word—“Give them a fair share of THEIR public land.”

  6. jan Says:

    yes the land belonged to them first – just like the native americans – our govt has taken every thing from the inidan people and the wild horses and burros – it was all theirs

  7. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Here’s an article 2/16 on Obama’s visit — mentions he is trying to help Reid’s chances in the election.



  8. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    The banners for the post are wonderful! I hope that is what people will be holding up…. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Way to go Nevada! mar



  10. Frank Martinez Says:

    Prayers going out to all the protesters. Mr. Obama has been publically “quiet” on the wild herds issue. Your efforts may shake loose his feelings on it. And not just a “politically correct” reaction, but something with teeth in it that would benefit the herds!

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      I agree. This protest must get his attention. I wish I was there to help make some noise when the President goes by. President Obama’s silence must be broken on this issue. He has admitted that he has been wrong on the economic and job recovery actions he took a year ago. He can admit that he has been horribly and tragically mistaken on the Mustang and Burro issues. President Obama has been 100% wrong to appoint Ken Salazar. With public land and public property, he has been ethically, morally and legally out of step with the laws of the country he is Commander in Chief of.

  11. jan Says:

    has anyone contacted wayne newton – he is known as mr las vegas and is also a horse lover – he breeds arabians at a ranch up there – i dont know how to contact well known people



  13. Cindy Wines Says:

    Yes, I agree and have been following this. It is so inhumane what they are doing to the horses. They are minding their own business and have plenty of their land that they should be running free on and it is the cattle ranchers behind this. Definitely get Wayne Newton involved. Call Fox News and have them cover the story. We need to get TV press on this.
    I live in Tucson, AZ and I run the Tucson Chapter for PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society). Don’t take your kids to the circus because they abuse the elephants and tigers that are forced to perform these stupid tricks. Also The Mirage has a 75% death rate for the poor dolphins that are shipped in and die from the chlorine. Someone in Las Vegas, get a hold of Wayne and get him on TV so he can talk about this issue. Also there should be a law against Horse Tripping. It is legal here in AZ and Colorado, Write your congressman if it is legal in Nevada and get it stopped. See http://www.peta.org. Also see http://www.wildhorserescue.org. Jill Parker is working so hard to save and rescue the horses. Donate to her site.

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