Photos from Fallon

Photos by Elyse Gardner of the captured Calico mustangs now living in a feedlot style facility. Early Feb. 2010


44 Responses to “Photos from Fallon”

  1. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    I just have to say – look at how much weight they’ve put on in just a few days!! Look at those healthy coats! The luxurious manes and tails! The little flags around their little feet! Gosh! What a HUGE improvement!!

    All sarcasm aside – thank you, Elyse, for posting these. They look wonderful; I can only imagine how beautiful they must have been on their own range.

    • Anne Says:

      put on wwight? are you “out of your mind? those horse are losing weight and many have been “shot because they would not eat; you are off base “dear…

      • Anne Says:

        ps and if your reply was “sarcasim”; you should specify that; because about 40 horses have “died of involuntary starvation or were shot; so I do not see this as a “joking matter:

        ps have you seen the pix of the little foal Hope?
        he was dragged to a sand pit by the BLM altho only 8 mos. old and was left to starve and die;

        then after 3 days the foal didn’t die? blm shot him ! so I have these pix and this is no joking !
        The BLM IS purposely “starving living horses! aw

    • Anne Says:

      i guess you were just kidding; anyway my comment is

      Does anyone see any Hay in any of the pens except for the foal’s pens?

      I sure dont’

      let me ask you a question:

      IS THE BLM FEEDING THE ROUNDED UP MUSTANGS ?(because I do not see ANY Hay in the round up pens
      AND wet straw in pen gets the rye fungus i talked of..

      • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

        Hey, Anne, thanks for posting. Sorry I don’t have the ‘sarcasm’ icon on my keyboard. And I can’t tell you how much it means to me to get a ‘public’ reaming by a fellow Advocate. (sarcasm). Because it’s not enough to fight every ounce of B.S. touted by the BLM and DOI; now I have to watch what I say and how I say it in my Safe Zone.

  2. Mark Akey Says:

    It makes me sick to see those majestic animals that once roamed free penned up as if born into exile. Bastards that did this got paid with MY TAX DOLLARS!!! Screw BLM and SCREW UNCLE SAM!!! I’ve got a few more thousand to deduct this year. Have to claim several for therapy just seeing those ‘Stangs trapped in pens.

    Does anyone have personal information as to the names of the bastards that were involved in this travesty? Maybe we should take lessons from the right to lifers. Hunt the dirty bastads down that caused all those late term foals aborting, running the hooves off juviniles and the senseless deaths and destrution of the gene pool of Century’s of Natural Selection of the Fittest.

    I hope biologist are allowed to take blood samples to ascertain bloodlines and genome factors of the herd before they are shipped off to certain death?

    Has anybody seen the movie “The Cowboy Way” with Woodie Harolson and Keifer Sutherland? Could take the cue from them to get these buggers to see the ways of their mistakes. Not that I’m insinuating waterboarding or other forms of intimidation? Did anybody think to record the license plate numbers of the vehicles and get clear pictures of the individuals responsible for this slaughter?

    The Nazis tried to claim they were just doing their job? Maybe we could prosecute individuals for specific acts of cruelty?

    Wouldn’t it be reasonable for the helicopter pilot responsible for running those animals to death to know that by his actions, animals would suffer great undue pain and suffering and death? Maybe we need to rethink our approach? Get videos of individuals making these sensless tragedies and prosecute them for their part in the Inhumane Treatment of Federally Protected Wild Animals? Maybe we can’t stop the roundups but we can make it Economically Unreasonable to participate in this slaughter! Follow the bastards home. Find out who they are? Video tape their involvement and prosecute them for individual acts of cruelty! You’ve seen those disclaimers on movies: No Animals Were Harmed During The Filming Of This Motion Picture. Go after them and hurt them in the wallet. Make them infamous. Print Wanted billboards near their homes. Make them Piriaha in their own communities! Let’s stop being spectators and defenders. Its time to act now. Go on the offensive. Civil Disobedience isn’t our right it is demanded of us in order to preserve our Constitutional Rights! Has anybody read Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, John Muir, John Marshall, Aldo Leopold, Sigurd F.Olson, Robert Service, Olaus Johan Murie or Calvin Rutstrum? What would Teddy “Bear” Roosevelt say about this travesty? These men spent their whole lives trying to preserve what these bastards including The Bureau of Bowel Movements are destroying with our tax dollars so some connected cronie of Obama bin Laden’s tax and spend Regime can free range some beef and make a quick buck at the expense of complete destruction of Centuries of Breeding of the fittest Stallions, the strogest, healthest Mares, the Calico Colts that had an opportunity to fight for His herd and be The Lone Stallion to send his Bloodlines down through the generations. Not to be driven across rocky terrain with undeveloped hooves until they “SLOUGHED OFF HIS FEET!!!”. I’VE HAD ENOUGH! IF STANDARD MEANS CAN’T END THIS MASSACRE OF OUR NATURAL WEST THEN ITS HIGH TIME WE TAKE IT UPON OURSELVES TO BRING BACK THE “WILD WILD WEST”!!!

    There are still laws on the books in those states regarding self-protection and “Reasonable Fear For Life Or Limb”. Check it out? I know what I’m talking about! We’ve got a right to be on those public lands hunting Jack Rabbits with .300 Weatherby Magnums if we Damn Well Feel Like It!!!

    • Anne Says:

      hello my friend and I hear ya’ loud and clear; I am with ya’; using american taxdollars to fund the roundups is an atocity; let me let you in a little secret

      You know how the BLm says; horses died “failure to adjust to feed ? what they actually are saying is:

      “the horses would not eat or drink water after we rounded them up (40 would not…

      so we either shot these 40 horses or let them die of starvation; such as the BLM did with Hope the foal;

      the BLM IS actually starving the wild horses in the pens; YOU CAN SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES;

      look at the pix of the horses in the pens on this page

      Tell me : do YOU SEE ANY HAY IN THOSE PENS except for sprigs of straw in the pen?

      do YOU see any HAY IN THOSE PENS: I SURE DON’T !

    • Anne Says:

      yeah; I actually believe the BLM is mistreating the ‘Stangs by leaving them in their pens;

      a. not enough Hay (for sure)
      b. NO shelter whatsoever; (notice the icy shrubs…
      c. giving them Rye grass which induces “miscarriages(Ergot)

      d. do they get enough water? does the water freeze?
      sot he ‘stnags cannot drink water when they get thirsty ? e. Mustangs should get Salt blocks! no salt !

      little hay;no shelter; Rye grass(toxic)little water; no salt; WHAT type of a roundup is that ? i wrote this to the BLM and they send me automated replies !

      they did send one email saying; the hay is ok; vet say

  3. true15 Says:

    Thank you Elyse for checking up on these beautiful horses.

  4. Morgan Williams Says:

    Thousands of Mustang and Burro advocates would be at a tremendous loss without the dedicated work of Elyse. I was priviledged to meet her last December in Nevada. She has got a heart as big as all outdoors. Is the Fallon prison camp now off limits to the public?

    These pictures bear evidence of the truth. There was no need to round up them up ‘for their own good’. If anything, the Mustangs were previously in BETTER condition before these photos were taken. Their health and well being (physically and mentally) were completely stable in the wild while eating their normal diet, conserving energy for the long winter, mares proding along foals within their bellies, nursing youngsters growing naturally stronger each day, casually wandering their winter territories, living peacefully among their orderly and lifelong family bands.

    I do not see any pregnant mares in these photos which leads me to believe few Calico foals are expected come April. I understand that the forced 15 mile run can cause mares to abort foals, but my 100% mistrust of the BLM does make me wonder about purposeful induction of miscarriages with darted drugs. The BLM knew full well they would be running pregnant mares and mares with fillies and colts at the 2nd most dangerous time of year.

    The injustice forced upon all creation is incomprehensable. The corruption and greed in the U.S. federal government may be past the point of nature’s forgiveness. Man’s wicked schemes against God and His ways are not going unnoticed.

    • Anne Says:

      Notice: my opinion is the BLM feeds the wild horses “Orchard Grass and RYE GRASS…(BLM web)

      and here is the key:

      “Rye Grass causes miscarriages; ESPECIALLY in HORSES…(known since 1940…

      and the Horses are given the Rye Grass from day 1 after the roundup; which causes the miscarriages;

      I do not think the rye grass is given purposely; prob. just “plain ignorance on the part of the APHIS Vet.

      The APHIS vet is “abusive to horses; (i have a video);

      I got the video from Cloud; named: Great Star scrambles through Chute;

      shows the Vet. slapping; bending horsesneck; mane;
      anne conn. us “hoping to stop the roundups for good

    • Anne Says:

      u wrote: I do not see any pregnant mares in these photos which leads me to believe few Calico foals are expected come April…

      my comment: that’s becuz the Rye grass fungus (Ergot) and known reproductive hazard: is fed to the horses so the pregnant ones had miscarriages !

      (prob. unintentional; time will tell ! if they stop the Rye grass then they will have made a good choice;
      I sent the BLM the info on Rye grass and the fungus(which causes miscarriages; esp. in horses; if the BLM does NOT stop the Ryegrass; I will have to take this issue up with my Representaive Himes of conn. who is a “co sponsor of one of the mustang bills…aw

      • Anne Says:

        ps when the BLM says 20 to 30 “miscarriages; what they prob. mean is 30; 40 or 50 “or so:

        they are lost ! (in their own greed );

        “in a world of persecution;
        that is burning in it’s greed….Moody Blues 1971

  5. jan Says:

    i know and i just watched a vdieo on our local news where one horse fell in the mud along the river in santa ana and tons of firemen and horse people came out to rescue him and he is ok – how sad that the blm do not see our wild horses as treasures and instead of killing them – rescue them for future generations leave them alone

  6. Nora Morbeck Says:

    Look like chubby, healthy horses to me. Seems to me that if the BLM had dozens of starving horses at the facility, they’d have steered Elyse toward them for a photo op and away from all the healthy, thick-coated horses. What a better way for them to prove to the public that these animals are dying of starvation.
    But I guess they just didn’t have any “poster horses” available to illustrate their false claims.
    Nice job, Elyse — big hugs and keep up the GREAT work!

    • Anne Says:

      yeah; while ago I observed a pix of a Horse who had fallen half way down a well; and firefighters resuced;
      was nice to see; BLM would have “shot the horse;

      the BLM are “horse shot crazy ! they shoot Mares; Mares with foals; they shoot stallions AND FOALS !

      lucky thing I belive in non violence 100% ! ! ! non vilolence is the ONLY way to help the horses : I counsel myself thusly; and my comment is:

      The BLM starves or shoots ANY horse who won’t eat!
      (the horses get “anorexia due to stress of roundup..)



  8. kas0859ohio Says:

    Thank you Elyse from the bottom of my heart! The horses look fit and fine, its a bittersweet pill to say the least. I don’t see physical pain in their eyes. I’m very glad to see the emotions and dirty looks on some of their faces! Ears make it absolutely clear “this is MY space!!” Its good to see they all haven’t given up.

  9. Janet Ferguson Says:

    At the BLM website they only show the really thin ones.

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      And the BLM has the guts to say that horse advocates are the ones perpetuating lies. They say that we are the ones manipulating the public and skewing the facts. Good God Almighty.

    • Anne Says:

      may i let you in a little secret; which is my opinion ?
      (based on careful examing of the pix on the blm sites

      The BLM actually “took photos of starving horses from ANOTHER PREVIOUS ROUNDUP

      and then “pasted those starving horses on the nevada blm site; saying those were nevada horses !

      what utter fools ! (is called “falsifying of documents !

  10. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thanks for the photos, they are lovely wild ones and sad to see this way…. where are the 276 that did not make the vet count?? mar

  11. Morgan Williams Says:

    Did anybody catch the fact that NO Mustangs were release back to Calico HMAs? Why? Because the BLM claimed overpopulation and 2,700 Mustangs needed to be removed. The BLM refuses to admit the error in calculations so therefore all Mustangs brutually rounded up are kept in prison pens.

    • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

      They also said there were 600 left ungathered. This factual information was gleaned from a ‘fly over’.
      And why in Heaven’s Name would they pack up and truck- a four-hour trip – any Captives back to the range?

      • Morgan Williams Says:

        It is so easy to poke holes in this lie. How could 600 Mustangs be left ungathered…… if it is true that the BLM cut short the Calico-Region-crimes-against-publically-owned-Mustangs (shrowded in allegations of ‘duty’ and starving horses) due to their lack of finding enough Mustangs to roundup?

      • Laura Evans Says:

        You know they would not have left mares out there that hadn’t been darted. They say the wanted the count at 600 but that the mares would be darted. Did they, out of the goodness of their hearts decide that the mares didn’t need it? Has anyone verified that there are any horses left out there?

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        But they have said they want to go back. I am sure it will be to dart mares. mar

    • kas0859ohio Says:

      I don’t know where they learned math, but they need to go back to school. While they are there they need to learn “The Golden Rule” !!!!!
      I absolutely believe they called it quits because there were NO MORE HORSES! This is the time we need Madeleine to take her choppers out there and do a realistic head count, IF they can find any horses to count!

  12. Debra Whitmore Says:

    What does the red paint mean on the horses? If anyone wants to join a “stop the “gathers” and save american’s mustang group here in the midwest please e-mail

    In addition, I plan on going to Midwest horse Expo in Madison, Wisconsin in mid April. I am hopeful that I can hand out information on the destruction of the Mustangs. If anyone would like to attend as a group please email me so we can organize. Thank You so much for the pictures. Debra

    • Anne Says:

      Hello; I have seen Green Paint and Red Paint on the dorsal stripes of some wild mustangs…

      I do not know what the colors represent;

      but to put spray paint on a horse’s dorsal; instead of a simple tag or halter is

      “atrocious ! ! ! as if they were weeds in a forest; BLM does not see the Horses as the intelligent creatures; becuz BLM lack insight to see the horses true beauty

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      There were several areas where horses were removed and the paint was explained in the Gather Activity page. They represent the areas the horses came from. mar

  13. whbamber Says:

    If you do not see any hay it is because the wonderful Elys fails to give the whole picture all the horses have hay 24 hours a day 7 days a week for free choice. Does that sound like starvation to you? I do not think so The 40 some odd horses died due to poor body condition mostly and they are not shot they have a vet that humanly euthanizes them. It would be wonderful if someone was to observe these horses other than Elys who is paid and the mouth piece of the Cloud Foundation. She has a job to do and that is to make the BLM look as bad as possible. Since she has no credentials or knowledge of horses much less wild horses I find her an unreliable observer.

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      Don’t think anybody here is going to give any merit to your words. The Mustang deaths speak louder than verbage you put on paper from the safety of being hidden behind a computer.

      Some ‘Free choice’ hay’. Hay that Mustangs struggle to digest or thrive on? Hay that may have caused all the late term miscarriages of very pregnant mares run 10 to 15 miles in the dead of winter over volcanic rock and slippery snow? Hay that orphan foals cannot possible survive on and therefore are killed by BLM agents? Oh, sorry, humanely euthanized as you say. How MANY Mustangs do the BLM reports say “failed to thrive. Euthanized.” Some great hay they are carelessly and thinly throwing over the prison pen fences to our PUBLIC OWNED Mustangs.

      Before you slander anyone, please spell their name correctly.

      People who live in glass houses should never, ever throw dynamite accusations around. Your own back yard is overflowing with skeltons.

    • kas0859ohio Says:

      whbamber, You are very eloquent in your speech and make a VERY GOOD point: “It would be wonderful if someone was to observe these horses other than Elys…”

      We would LOVE to have someone other than ELYSE to observe the horses! Unfortunately the BLM will not ALLOW anyone to come and “observe” them! Strict appointments 1 day a week is not welcoming (Per Don Glenn) the public to watch or check on AMERICA”S horses.

      ANOTHER good point you make as you defend the BLM by saying: “…mostly and they are not shot they have a vet that humanly euthanizes them.” In YOUR WORDS not the advocates, you are saying death by gunshot is not humane euthanasia.

      Knowing you can so casually say: “…40 some odd horses died…” speaks SO much about your careless cavalier attitude towards these LIVING-BREATHING-FEELING beings.

      You are correct, Elyse does have a job to do, its to protect our horses from (more) abuse from the Blm and its staff. What other agenda can she have? Do you think she loves running from round-up to round-up watching horses being RUN TO DEATH? Elyse does have a job to do but its NOT to “make the BLM look bad” THE BLM IS DOING THAT ALL BY THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!





  16. Barb Smith Says:

    Hi, I’m a former Fallon resident that is now living back in Iowa. I still love the mustang, though, and I am just completing an essay for my college class on them and the burros. I had to do quite a bit of online research, since there are no facilities around here. I found alot of disturbing information, pictures, and videos of the latest roundup of the Calico Complex horses. The pictures do the BLM’s claim no good whatsoever, that’s for sure. I believe that the mustangs and burros should be allowed to remain free, of course. The information that I found concerning the rangelands was disturbing, considering the actual amount of edible foliage that it produces in a year’s time. But, the argument there is, why not have the ranchers cut their herds back instead of rounding up native wildlife? There would be plenty of feed to go around, if the ranchers would take into consideration that the mustangs and burros have been living off the land alot longer than their cattle and sheep. These animals should be treated like any other species that roams our earth. Their numbers are dwindling, which will place them on the endangered species list, or it should, anyway. I just wanted to say this, and tell you that your pictures are very well done and beautiful to look at. The mustang are awesome spirits, whether in pens or not. Thank you for all that you’re doing! Oh, by the way, many people in my class are planning on joining the fight for their freedom, too, after reading my essay.

  17. Barb Smith Says:

    There really is one here? I had heard that the BLM was looking into one for Iowa, and my state is even on their website, but I didn’t realize that there was one already here! Thank you very much, Marilyn, you don’t know what this information means to me! No, not only for my essay, but for seeing them, again, and having my daughters see them. They aren’t running wild, I know, but the thrill of seeing a true mustang is something that can’t be taken away. Does this facility also have burros? I will call and find out the information, if you can’t give it to me. Thank you, again!

  18. Bennett Harter Says:

    I really enjoy the blog post.Really thank you! Great.

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