Eagle Roundup on Hold- keep up the pressure

Eagle Wild Horses Safe for Now
BLM cancels winter roundup, keep up the pressure!

Dear Supporters,
The spotlight you are shining on the inhumane, unnecessary and costly roundups along with your calls and letters are making a difference. BLM abruptly put on hold the planned Eagle Roundup of 595 more Nevada mustangs (more details here). This is the second roundup this year that has been delayed because of the growing pressure and oversight on the mismanagement of our wild horses and burros- keep it up!

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  1. Roxy Says:

    When is a good time?

    After foaling means they will be running little tiny babies!

    Late fall perhaps? – but with PZP foaling “season” is out of whack because it was not administered at the correct time of year.

  2. Barbara Steele Says:

    Just glad they stopped-got to take baby steps–one step at a time.
    This link appeared on RT’s site. Evidently the DOI wants imput about their programs. Go there and post away–comment and vote too on other posts.

  3. sandra longley Says:

    Glory be!!!! I sure hope smothering Salazars face book page helped-I have been asking him for input on a regular basis..! 1 -day to celebrate. Anything that isn’t moving backwards is GREAT news…

  4. jan eaker Says:

    Barbara, I have the DOI link,too. we need to inundate them w/ comments, questions, demand answers, if they want a dialogue, let’s give them some straight talk and demand straight answers,
    And Roxy, breathe!!!!!! at least these horses are safe for the moment, last time they were rounded up, 85 died. we keep up the pressure and hope for the best. Let’s cross the bridges as we come to them,

    • Roxy Says:

      jan, thanks, I needed that!

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Jan, they easily have killed 85 horses this time, too. Maybe more. There have been more foals lost. If we do not stand up to them, some of the stallions will die in the Processing. Let’s tell them what we want. Make demands. The have no right to prepare 800 stallions for long term holding when the judge said he believes it is illegal and that is what they will return to court to cover and ponder a decision that will very likely be the end of long term holding.

      Think of the faces of the stallions you have all seen and loved; the black with those hooked ears and the Calico, Tomahawk. Tell BLM to set them free. I am waiting to hear from Makendra about extending the Freedom Fund so we can rescue horses we are most wanting to help… mar

  5. Lori Says:

    Well i got my birthday present do you believe they wanted to roundup wild horses on Valetine’s day and on my bithday too!!!! So glad they stopped thats the best birthday wish come true!!!!!

  6. T.A. Paxton Says:


  7. Margaret Says:

    I have a fair amount of optimisim here. HOOFRAY that this roundup was postponed but

    WATCH OUT! The last time the BLM did this they did that sneaky roundup in early Dec with NO PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT.

    As others have pointed out–its one step at a time. One roundup at a time.

    For this moment we can believe that someone in Wash is listening. But we mustn’t stop the phones from ringing off the walls.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Tom Gorey, Public Relations, was most likely responsible for stopping the roundup and postponing the Eagle. They cannot do this until past June, although they will be in New Mexico in June, when foals are small and just coming. We must stop all the roundups and every time they try to have one take them to court.

      We are doing so much good, but BLM is still the bad guy… mar

  8. Janet Ferguson Says:

    What is the following? Have “we” been following this(these)?




  10. jan eaker Says:

    we still have to fight to leave the stallions at Fallon intact.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Righto, Jan. This is what I will pester them about now and at their new comment site.

      JF you have seen those at my blog… the nasty news.

      Louie, I sure hope that we can do that with all the most recently captured horses, even if they have been gelded. . . mar

    • Nora Morbeck Says:

      This reminds me — are male foals castrated or can they be adopted intact? I can’t remember how old colts have to be to be gelded…

      • Laura Evans Says:

        I don’t think they have to be very old. I think my brother had a yearling that was gelded. And do you think they care wether or not they’re old enough? I’ve never really paid that much attention to a horse but if it’s like a cow if there’s enough there then I think they can do it. But I’m just guessing.

  11. Sandra Miller Says:

    Here is my letter to Wayne Pacelle, Pres. & CEO of HSUS:

    Dear Mr. Pacelle:
    Thank you for all you have done to help protect the wild horses and burros of the West. I have read your recent interview in Horseback Magazine. Although the Calico Complex roundup has been concluded by the BLM, I have serious concerns about the fate of the 1922 horses and burros rounded up and now held in Fallon, Nevada. 39 horses died in this roundup (which does not count foals/colts), 2 foals had their hooves destroyed by being chased mercilessly with a helicopter over rough ground and so had to be euthanized, and 25-30 mares miscarried/spontaneously aborted after reaching the holding area. Now I understand that no one will be able to observe the 1922 horses in Fallon, Nevada – it is as if they are disappearing down a black hole. With the statistics above, do you wonder why I mistrust the BLM and want, at least, Humane Observers on the scene permanently? Also, there are plans to geld the stallions. There are some gorgeous ones, and who knows what precious bloodlines will be lost this way!! It is also an unnecessary danger to the horses! We want these horses returned to the wild – we are in court and writing letters to our elected representatives and carrying signs in protest for that very reason! We do not intend that these 1922 captured mustangs be held in
    captivity forever. In their natural state the stallions will move from bachelor groups to having a small band – nature will self regulate, so gelding is not necessary! Please, in your discussions with the BLM, make clear that the American people are NOT going to allow these captured horses to be abused and misused at the whim of this rogue agency of our federal government. Please arrange for Humane Observers to be at Fallon daily with the horses!

  12. Sandra Miller Says:

    Whoops, I forgot to ask to be notified of follow-up comments, so will do so now.

  13. Margaret Says:

    Please help me by going over to the DOI and continue with feedback. Each and everytime you think of something go over and let them know about it. Just because someone else said something along the same lines is not a reason to forego your statement.

    The more people that continue to write in about each “sub issue” (pardon my term) the more clear it becomes to those in Wash about why we are so fed up and distrusting of our government.



  15. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Louie, they are just trying to placate us. Many will think what they say will matter. It never has. They are so bad at this that they would come to us and ask advice?? No, they are too arrogant. This is Tom Gorey doing damage control. It looks reasonable. It has been done before and nothing came of it. But you must do as your gut tells you. mar

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      Sure they are doing this for “damage control”. Going after the structure of BLM itself, like the BLM Advisory Board with no humane official and people like Larry Johnson who have been on the Board for eons(and hate wild horses) is where the truth emerges and is hard to spin. I still remember the public relations woman at the fall Advisory meeting saying “long-term holding” was to be changed to “long-term pastures” and good ole Larry saying he knew a place in Nevada where wild horses could be put and the public would not see them. And I want a count of ALL the horses in holding along with their freeze brands!This lack of record keeping and total public dis-regard needs to emphasized. IMHO

    • Karen L. Says:

      As I said on the other thread, they’ve done this sort of placation before. It is strikingly similar to the “open dialogue” they had going on back in 2008. Yes, it looks reasonable, but truly, they took all the excellent suggestions and used them as a guide to get AROUND what was needed. It was actually a form of espionage used to determine how to continue their own agenda. For example, “stop the roundups” means “hurry up and roundup every horse in America before the roundups can be stopped” to the BLM.

      I’m sorry if this seems negative. For those of you who have asked that we comment on the new site, I did submit one comment last night on the outside chance that this is legitimate. Just don’t be lulled at this late point in time.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Who do we “pester” regarding the post-roundup processing issues???

    • Linda Says:

      Mar, it’s Linda again. I’ve always wanted to save America’s horses, but I’m pretty new to the history and technical stuff. I need advice from those who have been at it longer.

      If you think the DOI “Idea” website is a waste of time, and, as Karen L. says, the BLM will use our ideas against us. I’ll stop posting and recommending folks submit ideas.

      I’m still going to vote and hope sooner or later something will work.

      Anyway, it should be interesting to see the final numbers.

      • Karen L. Says:

        Linda, I don’t mean to stop the flow of sincere ideas for saving/helping our horses. As I said, I posted on the DOI site myself. Just remember that the BLM is masterful at creative semantics.

      • Roxy Says:

        Linda, I’m new too – came on borad about 9 or 10 months ago. Istarted with PBS: Nature: Cloud Wild Mustang. There is a lot more there than just the 3 epeisodes, and if your like me you will want the DVD’s anyway. If you visit the blogs on that site you will see the start of my adventure – where I have come 190 degress from where I started.

        I recommend devouring the radio shows. THye provide really good technical and historical information. And YouTubes, search “Oil, Bush and Mustangs”, Robert Redford on “BLM”, and then search Mustang horses, Wild horses, Saving wild horses, BLM wild horses, etc.

        The one thing I find very telling about the BLM site, unlike our sites where we post all news whether they are positive or negative to our point of veiw, BLM only posts the ones that support them. Huh! That tells a lot.

        They have also posted a Facts and Myths. I am very supportive of this idea – but only if it is flawlessly true and accurate – and thiers of course is not.

    • Margaret Says:

      Oh and be careful that you don’t tromp on their contractor’s. I got a post pulled because I called the contractor out on leaving the horses without water. I even suggested that they should’ve called ALL HANDS ON DECK! The implication being that since I took a shot at the contractor (excuse me who else could have it have been) I was suppose to have the back of my hand slapped.

      Silly really. It was verified by the BLM that they left 30 horses without water and I get my hand slapped for calling the contractor out! What’s wrong with this picture…

    • Linda Says:

      OOPS! I guess I made a double post. Sorry about that!

    • Roxy Says:

      Yes, it does seem similar to when the BLM site asked for comments, then shot every one of them down at the meeting, with no opportunity for point counter point. They are very deligent at stabbing anyone in the back at any time.

      Problem is, since they asked for comments, how many were “positive” towards them? NONE! This says more than any negative remarks from them!

      And if you ask for comments, it is not reasonable for anyone to believe that every single one is bad – that just does not equate, not equate, not equate! MELTDOWN! – not really – I have posted on the new DOI site and will wait to see the outcome. This is under new direction from the new adiminstration, so I will remain hopefull until the end. If this is just a scam it will be obvious and will only make them look bad, then we will continue on.

  16. jan Says:

    go to c-span.org and clik on sarah palin’s speech at the tea party convention – dont know how long it will be up or you shd be able to find on youtube

    maybe the save the wild horse movement shd join the tea party movement – maybe they would listen

  17. Laura Evans Says:

    We need to make sure we continue on with all of our other commenting too. This could just be a way for them to say that they opened it up to us and nothing came of it and if the pressure drops off in all other directions they could use it to say that they’ve taken steps and the advocates are satisfied with them. If they’re truly backing away that’s all the more reason to continue to push. Regardless of wether or not this is for our benefit or the horses, the BLM doesn’t do anything without a reason.

  18. jan Says:

    eagle roundup put on hold because of a pending lawsuit that will be filed against the blm tomorrow – found it online under channel 13 headlines in nevada – i dont know how to forward news to the blog

  19. jan Says:

    found website that covers everything in regard to the wild horses frm current to last summer – maybe some of you have cked it out – http://nickolesphotography.com/HTML/wildhorseinformation.htm

    hope i got that right

  20. jan Says:

    went to terri farley blog – she is saying 39 dead horses and 69 aborted foals from the calico roundup

    • Laura Evans Says:

      well, I guess that’s why they didn’t feel the need to dart the mares. They basically wiped out the entire new population in one swoop.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        they did not release any mares, so they did not need to dart, yet… they may still. they give inoculations during processing. They ought to be choosing the adoption horses and letting all the others go. There is not going to be any more long term holding… mar

  21. Karen L. Says:

    FYI, The DOI has already CLOSED the input comments for the following subjects: Public lands livestock grazing/retirement of permits; and moratorium on gathers. That lasted approximately 24 hours?? Are they wanting an OPEN discussion???

    • Karen L. Says:

      Unless I’m missing something, they have removed those categories from public viewing. (Like in the past 5 minutes)

    • Karen L. Says:

      Apparently those comments are considered off topic.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      wow, they are true to form… inconsistent and unreliable. mar

    • Margaret Says:

      The mods can’t stand the scrutiny. They claim we are violating TOS blah blah blah. Even when we point out verified by the BLM stuff.

      I said yesterday and I’ll say it again. Watch out! Last time they did that sneaky behind the back roundup and this time they say their trying to open the dialogue but then when we speak up they shut us down.

    • Karen L. Says:

      Yeah, and apparently they censored Margaret last night.

    • Linda Says:

      Ideas and comments have to be constructive, on-topic, respectful, and posted to the correct catagory. No personal attacks. Criticism must be worded very carefully, as a suggestion and not a slam.

      My gut reaction is to “go off on them”, but that type of thing will be removed.

      Can’t figure out why they removed the post from the Farmington trainer, but I hope he/she will revise and re-post it. It’s a really good point.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Linda, Did Patricia post at the DOI site? What did she say?? There are actually 3 trainers there but she is most likely to have posted. If you see good/interesting things, maybe copy them and bring them here…

        I think we all must do all we can. If BLM uses these comments against us then we will know what they are about. If they take a further step and contact people and create dialogue then it may be good. I do not see that, although they need to have meetings with advocates. I just do not believe they will follow through with anything. Building Our Strength and continuing our campaign is our best course even if they side track us it is only a small part of what we are all doing. I do not want to tell anyone what to do, I am very limited from where I am and under the circumstances I am living this winter. mar

      • Karen L. Says:

        Mar, I don’t know who Patricia is, but I’ve been observing the DOI site regularly since posting there. Most ideas and comments are excellent. I did notice that CCDowner (Craig Downer?) had his post closed/removed to the realm of the off topic list.



  23. Mary Jane Says:

    So they canceled the roundup and you are complaining about treatment of horses and burros that have been rounded up. Have any of you gone and adopted on of these poor animals? Have you gone and bought a few thousand bales of hay for the animals left on the land? What?? you say it’s more humane to let them starve to death??
    Put your money where your mouth is ………….either adopt one of these horses or go and buy them hay.

    I have

    • Roxy Says:

      MaryJane – you need to do, I don’t know what. My townhouse complex would probably, just guessing here, NOT allow me to keep a horse! You may not have been watching the news but millions of us are out of jobs, so can’t even donate right now – you are insulting with you assumptions!

      Anyway, I already pay for thier food, its called taxes and its called forage on the public lands.

      This whole roundup scheme and killing mountain lions is just so some ranchers can make a bundle on leasing there land to BLM, and some helicopter company can make a “killing” of a lifestyle from us taxpayers.

      How many horses entered the Calico chutes “starving”? How many were in good body condition and then deteriorated hours and days afterward directly resutling from the trauma, being left in the freezing wind, snow in a wet “sweat suit”?

      And how many were going to abort thier babies if left on the range?

      How many little babies were going to have their hooves slough off if left on the range?

      And yes, we are complainng about the treatment. That has always been THE prominent issue. If the roundups were humane, if they left the older unadobletable horses wild, and there were plenty of adopters there would not be such an outcry in the first place. And the fact that they ended early tells any reasonable person two things:

      1. They could have gone much, much slower and avoided many deaths, injuries and miscarraiges (but maybe they wanted these).

      2. There range was NOT overpopulated in the first place, that we already knew from Congressional testimony that there was plenty of forage, and we all could plainly see the excellent condition of the vast majority of horses as they entered the chutes and in pictures on this website from October of the same horses on the range.

      • Karen L. Says:

        Thanks, Roxy. I was having to restrain myself from some major verbal aggression here. Besides that, several people on this blog DO have adopted mustangs. Maybe they will speak up as well.

    • Roxy Says:

      Mary Jane, I forgot to mention the many successful wild horse managment programs out there in the world. For example applying PZP by dart, rather than rounding them up.

      Many more.

      Hopefuly others will provide you with other examples.

    • jan eaker Says:

      Ist of all, how would we get the hay to them???? I don’t think the BLM would approve that plan; 2nd, many of us have told the BLM that very thing, leave them on the range, but supplement w/hay in bad forage times.
      What is it exactly that you have done? adopt or feed, you are very vague;
      If given a choice, the horses that were in “poor condition” after being run in terror for miles, may have rather ended their lives in the wild, rather than be shot to death in a pen, far away from home and family.
      What are YOUR credentials to be so all knowing?

  24. Joette Snyder Says:

    I hope this give the public time to stop the madness!

  25. Sandra Miller Says:

    Here is my letter to Dr. Katz at In Defense of Animals:

    Dr. Katz, thank you and In Defense of Animals for taking on this tough fight. Many of us are very concerned about the 1922 Calico horses that have been taken to the Fallon holding site. Your article, “BLM Roundup at Calico Ends” says, “. . .the Department of Justice has agreed that the Calico horses will not be moved from the Fallon holding facility until the case is resolved.” However, it as if the horses have disappeared down a black hole, because no visitors will be allowed at Fallon. You can understand that this makes everyone very nervous, after witnessing the destructive roundup just concluded by the BLM. We all want these horses returned to their homes, where obviously they were getting along just fine, considering the good condition of the majority of the horses gathered. WE DO NOT WANT THE STALLIONS GELDED! Who knows what precious bloodlines might be destroyed? In nature they would stay in bachelor groups until they collected a few mares of their own. As geldings, where would they belong? The BLM, if undeterred, will proceed processing these horses as if they were going into long term holding, into “adoption”, as if they did not already have more than 30,000 horses processed and waiting endlessly for that very thing to occur! If Mr. Spriggs was able to get the Department of Justice to agree to hold the horses at Fallon until the case us resolved, can he also insist that they not be processed for long term holding in the meantime? Can he ask for Humane Observers to be assigned to Fallon to watch over our horses and burros? I have also asked Mr. Pacelle at HSUS for help in these same two areas. Leave our stallions alone and send in the Humane Observers!

  26. Sandra Miller Says:

    Here is something else of interest which I found on the In Defense of Animals site. This organization has, as a subtitle, “Protecting the Rights, Welfare and Habitats of Animals”. Under their “Wild Horses and Burros Campaign”, dated November 25, 2009, the following points were listed, and I quote (I think you will like them):

    “* Shift in resources to focus on range management, range enhancements such as water improvements, the limitation of livestock grazing on HMAs per Federal Code 43 C.F.R. Section 4710.5;

    * Implementation of programs for monitoring, counting, and identifying wild horses, their social groups and family structures and ongoing research on fertility control;

    * An end to mass roundups that break up family structures and bonds and destroy long-standing mare/stallion relationships and the removal of all older, wise horses which are responsible for naturally managing the welfare of the herds;

    * An end to the stockpiling of wild horses as a management method and the creation of viable “exclusive use” sanctuaries or designated areas on the western range.”

  27. Marilyn Wargo Says:


  28. Sandra Miller Says:

    You know, it is great, Karen, when we can agree with the goals of these two great organizations. HSUS is by far the largest and most powerful humane organization in this country, and In Defense of Animals is actually an international organization, headed by a veterinarian, at that. After reading through everyone’s comments today about writing to DOI, I was thinking how impossible it is FOR US to deal with the DOI/BLM. One is tempted to say to them, in total exasperation, “Talk to the hand!” or, more to the point, “Talk to my lawyer!” So, I am delighted to have two large and powerful groups, whose goals and objectives are acceptable to me, to do some talking for me!

  29. Karen L. Says:

    A statement by IDA and their attorneys re: Feds Cancel Another Wild Horse Roundup After Lawsuit Threat can be read here.

  30. Roxy Says:

    I have added 3 new ideas to the DOI idea page.

    Go there and do your stuff – vote, comment, fill in blanks – you mighty warriors!

    Hopefully I followed their rules and they are still there.

    • Linda Says:

      Hi, Roxy. Just added one myself. I’ve voted for every one of yours. Great stuff! Just posted an alternative to live, streaming video. I sure would like that better, but Pickle1 has made some good points, so I tried another possible method.

      For some reason, my comments here are “under moderation”. Can someone clue me in to what I need to do to address that issue?

      • Roxy Says:

        Linda, Great. I saw our new one and voted for it. And your other idea to put the horses and burros under an entirely different agency – you should post that as an idea. Another commenter right after you said the same thing.

        I noticed pickle1 had some comments removed, so one of my answers to pickle does not make sense as the insult is not obvious, oh well. pickle has toned down now. Someone even commented that they thought pickle was a sour pickle, but maybe they really are sweet after all – funny!

        “under moderation” usually means toast! But your comment is obviosly here. So…?

  31. Sandra Miller Says:

    I have some good news to report from the Eastern Front (east of the Mississippi, that is). The “South Bend Tribune”, which has carried no information about the wild horses and burros thus far, has published my “Voice of the People” contribution today under the banner headline, “Take a Stand for Wild Horses and Burros”. I am hoping that the “Tribune” will follow up my letter with a news article about this issue – they have done things like that in the past. If you have not had luck trying to get this issue before in the public in your locale, try the Letter to the Editors route.

  32. Mary Jane Says:

    I do know people are out of work, I am myself. How does a congressman know what good weight on a horse is? How do they know what amount of food is needed for a herd?
    Do you know?
    I do

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      MJ, almost everyone here has and does have a horse or two to care for and knows. Even some of our elected people know, like Mary Landreiu, a senator from Louisiana, and a horse woman who wants the wild ones taken from BLM management. mar

    • Roxy Says:

      Mary Jane, a Congressman, unless they were wild animal ecologists or biolgists, they would have to depend on multiple reports with credentials to tell them. I am not, my horse days on ranches and farms ended many, many years ago. Someone elses comment here indicated a measure of 1 to 10, 5 being ideal.

      A BLM employee, supposedly an ecology and wild horse expert (anyone correct me if I am wrong), after personally visitng and flying over the Calicos gave testimony to Congress that Calico was not overpopulated and that the horses not only were not starving, but that the forage could sustain even more. This has been substantiated by Craig Downer, a wildlife ecologist, by actually visiting the Calicos. And he has posted pictures on this web site, and there is also a YouTube of these very same horses in October. And we could all see beautiful horses entering the chutes and in the holding pens at the gather site – I don’t think one needs to be an expert to realize the reality that these pictures tell. I have not seen any documentation from anyone with credentials and actual eye witness visits to Calicos saying otherwise. BLM’s mindless unsubstanitalted chant “the hroese are starving, the horses are starving, oh my” is quit frankly sounding like chicken little. And when a real emergency comes along they will have spent all thier money already and won’t be able to respond.

      I understand from those more familiar with wild horses as compared to domestic horses that 1. There are many differing indications to take into consideration for their overall well being, that domestic horse agri standards are not applicable, and 2. That most wild horses in winter iare expected to be below ideal, especially a pregnant mare who is also nursing.

      My take on # 2. is that they will bounce back come spring. They have survived, the Pryors anyway, for over 500 years without needing humans to take control of them. My take on #1. is why are we messing with mother nature? A wild horse starves, as is the cause of most all wildlife deaths, and becomes the food for many other wildlife animals. Its called natural balance and survival of the fittest. This I think I have adequate knowledge from high school and college biology 101 to have an opinion about.

      I admit I do not know that much about Calico. Nothing excuses plain curelty and inhumane treatment however. Nothing excuses an agency that could have accurate numbers from another agency that has proven a minimal 5% inaccuracy wild horse count, to ignor that information, or ignor the reports from their own experts. There have even been people resign during the Bush era because they would not change their reports to be more favorable to BLM’s intentions. What are those intentions anyway?

      Please Linda, go on-line here from this web page and watch the BLM Advisory Board meetings and the discussion with BLM and tell me what are their intentions? You will seldom even hear the words “horse or burro” cross ther lips – its all about sustaining and protecting their exisitng “programs and managment” – which are clearly broken.

      Anyway, what are your wildlife ecology and biology credentials and what is your personal recent experience with Calico and from where do you derive your knowledge of how much food a WILD horse needs and where are your photos that contradict what has been posted here? I have asked these questions of many commenters for over 6 months now – never get a response, never get a link to the posted info or pictures, or I get some info from Agri College stuff, which is not even relevant. Please respond with this enlightenment.

    • Roxy Says:

      Opps apologies – too many coments today – I mean Mary Jane, not Linda of course.

    • jan eaker Says:

      As I said in a previous post, what are your credentials to be so all knowing,and since all areas out west are different, please tell us exactly how much forage is needed for a horse in NV, WY, CA, OR, UT, CO et al. I don’t think 1 horse requires over 1,000 acres to find enough forage, yet that is what BLM is attempting to tell us, but whatever, I still want to know what makes YOU so all-knowing about wild horses and the range they are on?

    • Laura Evans Says:

      Mary Jane, have you called the BLM offices of the people supposedly in charge of these round ups? Have you tried to ask one of them why the horses are so fat if they’re starving? Have you tried to ask them why the horses aren’t finding any food on the lush green land (specifically the pryor range)? They have no idea what they’re talking about. I’m glad that you adopted a mustang, I have nothing against anyone doing that. The problem that I have is that some one felt the need to remove him/her from their home in such a cruel way. Do you think your horse enjoyed being chased by a helicopter? Hold old was your horse? Do you think he was still young enough to be with his mother? Maybe he was a late foal and they shot her and fed him pellets because she was a little thin from nursing him. These are all things that happen to wild mustangs during round ups. Thank you for rescuing him from either long term holding or from a slaughter house but please, don’t take our word for what is happening to these horses. The information is out there. And when you see what there is to see and learn the truth about what is happening, go cry in your horses mane for a little while for the injustices being done to his kind. And then join us because we have to fix this. Believe me, every single one of us would be lined up to buy hay if that was the answer. And isn’t it alot cheaper for the taxpayers to buy hay than to pay the $3000 per horse to round them up? And then to feed them for the rest of their lives? Watch Stampede to Oblivion. Watch Laura Leigh video on Hope Springs Eternal. Look at the pictures of Freedom earning his name. Read RT Fitchs story about Cloud turning around, away from the Judas horse to face the helicopter one last time and I dare you to not cry your eyes out. The information is there. And the BLM has no facts to support what they say.



  34. lindahorn Says:

    Inundate the DOI website with “IDEAS”. If you see a comment that would make a good “Idea”, encourage the person to put it up so we can vote on it. I just did that under Roxy’s “reseeding” idea to kellisgirl’s comment on tumbleweeds & cheatgrass, and it’s still up.

  35. lindahorn Says:

    Hi, Mar & everyone. Linda here. Still Linda on SFTHH, and Linda/lindahorn (awaiting moderation) here. Still can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

    Took your advice and did a Google search (instead of the useless Bing) for Mustang Camp. It topped the list.

    Clicked on the phone link, had a great talk with Patricia, and got her e-mail address. She thinks her “Mustang Training” idea was booted as “Off-topic” because she didn’t choose the proper category. Folks can still read it, just not vote or comment.. I highly recommend her thoughts form a “been there, done that” perspective.

    She posted another – “Project Planning and the Flow of Money” – that’s still up. Not specifically targeted to the BLM, but, if the DOI implemented something like it, it would impact all their bureaus.

    FYI: the 3 horses at the top of her site were adopted (just in time!) by the same person, so little herd is still together in a great new home. She seemed pretty positive about their future.

    She has so much practical experience and so many good ideas. I’m going to email her about re-posting about training. I’m going to suggest she widen her scope, and propose something similar to the USFS/Farmington program for the BLM. I don’t know about their success rate, but I’m willing to bet it’s higher than most others.

    I’m going to put up a Farmington “Success Story” link on SFTHH. Don’t know if it’ll work here, since I’m still on probation. Look for it on the flip side.

    • Roxy Says:

      Linda, did you send Cloud a note on thier Contact Us link? I was on waiting moderations for quit some time – they did not know why, finaly it was fixed. They are terribly busy but will get it done eventually. You’ve figured out a way around anyway.

      • Linda Says:

        Hi, Roxy. I did contact Cloud. Got a confusing reply from WordPress. I think I had two different names for the same email address. After several tries I finally straightened it out myself. Thanks for asking. It’s great to be me again!

  36. jan Says:

    amazing what u can find when you use google – anyway found link called http://thevegashorse.com/mustang – video on there by former person who worked for the blm – has article why the wild horses are disappearing and why people dont know and yes the burns amendment sets aside all the protection of the 1971 bill

    • Linda Says:

      This is such so great! I already know much of the information, but the fact that it comes from a former BLM employee makes it even more credible. I was especially interested in the statements on water management. Also the inacessable places wild horses often roam. I’d like to see ranchers try to manage cattle up there. They’d have to organize an airlift!

      I highly recommend this video, especially for those new to wild horse issues.

    • Linda Says:

      “This is such so great!” So much for my editing skills. At least I’m off moderation and back under my original screen name. YEAH!

    • Roxy Says:

      jan, which one has the BLM employee in it? I can’t find the article you intended for some reason. Thanks.

  37. jan Says:

    also found on a wild horse website – all the future gathers, staring in march, will round up all horses and burros and none will be returned to the land

  38. jan Says:

    just comment on mary jane – wonder if she is affilated with the blm – she is so negative against what cloud group is trying to do – i am on soc sec and pay a lot of rent and have 4 cats to care for yet have loved horses all my life – we had horses on farm when i was a kid – but i will protest what the cold hard govt is doing to our wild horses – because some people with money can influence what goes on in washington – and since to them horses do not earn any money – they will get rid of them – how ironic now they are spending so much money to do that and if left alone horses would find their own food and shelter – glad washington got dumped on-maybe judgement from God for their sins

  39. jan Says:

    friend in new mexico emailed me and said blm is rounding up the wild horses in her area – placitas new mexico – does anyone know this – she is physically sick over it

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Jan, Is your friend on Sandia or San Felipe Pueblo land? That is where Placitas is. This is a small area that is between Interstate 25 and NM 14 to Madrid. The only way BLM would be removing wild horses from reservation land is if they were asked to. Your friend needs to ask her elders what is going on. This is very unfortunate and I have no idea what to say. Since I do not have details it would be hard to ask questions and I have been in that spot before. Find out more. mar

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Jo B. found this from WHOA and I was right about the place but it is a very confusing situation with BLM intending on removing these horses in an unscheduled roundup…mar

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Jan, This is what Jo Bunny found for us:
      Feb 11, 2010
      New Mexico
      It is illegal to willfully remove or entice a legally wild horse off BLM lands per 16 USC 1334.

      There is strong evidence that the BLM is performing/preparing a round up of the Placitas Wild Horses. It should be in the light of day and should be listed as an alternative in the next step of the RMP. The people of Placitas have proven to the BLM and their representatives their interest, concern, and desire to keep these horses in Placitas.

      It is not proper in the middle of a Resource Management Revision (Unit 5 of the Rio Puerco) to make so many changes to the BLM before any final decisions. The BLM has opened right of ways, carelessly added new roads apparently to perform this round up, granted grazing permits in a clandestine manner, and has withheld much of the public record as well as misrepresented information regarding the public record.

      Moreover, the BLM has deemed most of the Placitas public record as “Out of Scope” of their scoping process. Now Placitans and New Mexicans have the added insult of a round up without the light of day.

      This letter will be followed by proof of birth in Placitas of these horses including pictures, as well as proof that they were here long before 1971. This by definition makes them legally wild on BLM lands. This letter of proof will be shared with all Placitans and friends on the back side of the mountain. WHOA continues to offer and work every administrative remedy available to it. Call WHOA for round up details of the BLM. WHOA has written confirmation of this round up plan from the Honorable San Felipe Pueblo and again, visual evidence of the last 4 days shows it is in progress.

      PLACITANS/FRIENDS – What You Can Do.
      Though we continue to try every administrative remedy, the BLM will not entertain a discussion of the legal aspects of these Placitas Wild Horses. The BLM has deemed all comments approximately 2000 of them regarding the horses as “out of scope.

      Please be out on the BLM walking up and down the Northern most side of it every day, as the apparent plan is to move them through the grazing permittees property to San Felipe Pueblo.
      Please be open and professional when you see any BLM employees out there. Ask them what is your name, and what is your mission here? Record their license plate and send to WHOA.
      Please take your cameras and recording devices and send WHOA any documentation.
      Please send donations to WHOA Legal Fund, PO Box 932, Placitas NM 87043 (Every cent goes to the defense of the horses and the open spaces with they live.)
      5. Please call/email your representatives below and ask them: (phone nos. below)
      · Please hold a mediation and include WHOA and all stake holders per WHOA’s request.
      · What did they knew about this round up plan.
      · What new proof does the BLM have that San Felipe owns these horses as they have denied it through the years.
      · Has the BLM used mining permits or other “incentives” to gain cooperation from the honorable San Felipe Pueblo?
      · Did the grazing permittee gain his new permit from the BLM in the middle of this BLM RMP by agreeing to “safe passage” of this secret round up across his property?
      · Will you please stop the round up at least until the BLM’s RMP is done and disputes are settled?
      · Please document the answers to these and your questions and send to WHOA via email.
      Downtown Albuquerque Office Representative Heinrich
      20 First Plaza NW Suite 603 | Albuquerque, NM 87102
      Phone: (505) 346-6781 | Fax: (505) 346-6723

      Sarah Cobb for Senator Tom Udall
      219 Central Avenue. NW Suite 210
      Albuquerque, NM 87102
      ph: 505-346-6791

      WHOA to Senator Udall and Representative Heinrich –
      Dear Representatives – Representative Heinrich, and Senator Udall
      Please sponsor a mediation where WHOA and our legal counsel can discuss the legalities of this issue so important to the people of this state and to Placitas. Please ensure all the stake holders are there.
      Please stop this clandestine round up.
      Please answer the bulleted questions above as well

      For the Open Spaces and the Animals that Grace Them,

      Patience O’Dowd co-founder WHOA
      Wild Horse Observers Association
      A public 501 c3 non-profit corp.
      PO Box 932
      Placitas, NM 87043

      Permission to cross post granted by WHOA

    • Linda Says:

      For anyone who hasn’t already seen this, here’s the link to WHOA’s page on the Placitas Wild Horses:


      I received an email (forwarded from the New Mexico Horse Rescue Coalition) of a letter and action alert from photographer and wild horse lover Lynne Pomaranz.

      It also contains a lot of information on how deeply the people in the area feel about protecting the herd. She would like it distributed as widely as possible. I could forward it to someone, and they could take it from there.

    • Linda Says:

      Here’s some more info on the Placitas Wild Horses. Placitas isn’t on the BLM schedule, so I’m assuming it’s a “stealth roundup”.

      FYI: This is the Mustangs 4 Us link on New Mexico’s Wild Horses under USFS management. Take a look at the photo and description of “Valeroso”, a Placitas-area horse, and the stats on acreage (especially Carson NF)/horse numbers/AMLs/cattle allotments. This whole thing is so depressing.

      If you have time Google “Placitas Horses” and view the images. Looks like a lot of Spanish (especially Barb) blood to me.

  40. jan Says:

    roxy – it was that website thevegashorse – video is by a man who used to work with blm

  41. Sandra Miller Says:

    It is the video of the former BLM employee on thevegashorse.com site that finally convinced me that of all the possible “smoking guns” we might consider. the grazing issue best explains what is presently happening and why on our Public Lands. It was, specifically, the shot of the dead horse lying inches away from the sturdy fence behind which were both the cattle and the water.

    I believe the BLM has lost all control of grazing by cattle on the Public Lands, exactly as the federal government eventually lost all control of our borders and immigration until a vast outcry from the American people began to bring some order to that process. In both cases it was deference and catering to special interests and Corporate America that created the problem. In both cases the solution proposed by the federal government was/is not law enforcement – heaven forbid! – it is changing the law and/or the circumstances to make the law fit what is already going on!

    The horses must go, because, in many cases, the cattle are already there. As the former employee of the BLM explained in the video, leased land becomes part of the ranch, is loaned against with the rest of the ranch by the bank, which expects the leased land to remain with the ranch forever (or at least for the length of the loan). We all know about the miles and miles of illegal fencing already on our Public Lands for cattle.

    The BLM will never admit that they are no longer in charge of the grazing program. They will simply try to move the horses and burros out as fast as possible and issue additional grazing permits as fast as possible to make everything on the surface look tidy and under control. THEY THEMSELVES CANNOT CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF EVENTS AT THIS POINT – ONLY WE CAN!

    I believe all of this has been in the pipeline for a long time. Republican administrations, being business oriented, are very encouraging to any plan (or scheme) with the potential to make money. The sad and surprising part is that the Obama administration, now in office for a year, shows no interest in changing anything – but don’t forget, WE CAN!

    I am not the slightest bit discouraged or depressed about this situation! I know that we have all been working very hard, with every sincerity of purpose and love for the horses and burros, and hard work always succeeds. We are on the side of the good and the humane – which is like saying, “the Lord is with us” (or whatever Higher Power you respect).
    It took me two hours of thinking at 3:30 am this morning to come to all these conclusions. We should expect even more haste and frantic behavior on the part of the BLM to accomplish their miserable goals, but every single thing we do for the horses and burros is an impediment to their plans.

    One of the people on my “friends and relatives” list asked me today whom I thought in the federal government was most instrumental in getting the 1971 WFRHBA passed. My answer – no one! That law was passed because from the middle 1950’s to 1971, through a lot of hard work, despair, and just plain slogging along, Wild Horse Annie and her army of children, dragging along their parents, convinced every single one of our elected representatives, that we, the people willed this. So, they voted for it. The vote was a tribute to pure democracy in action – and it will be the same way again – because, again, we the people WILL IT! Soldier on, everyone!

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Sandra, We are on the right path and it leads where we most want to be. Good words. mar

    • Karen L. Says:

      Sandra, Very insightful. We are meant to be good stewards of the animals on this earth and I believe that we, the horse and burro advocates, will prevail eventually. We have indeed become an impediment to the plans and actions of the BLM.

  42. jan Says:

    email friend that wrote me about placitas horses is writing a book on the mustangs in new mexico and on her email to be she did email ginger personally – apparently it was a sneaky roundup and is making her physically ill – i dont know how many horses were involved – she is just devasted the blm did this without any outside notice or protests allowed

  43. jan Says:

    i am with louis when i think about those two colts who suffered such horrible pain and the blm did noting to ease their suffering – it would be like running on broken legs – what kind of vets work for the blm – they must not have any compassion for the animals they take care of or care about their suffering

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