Wild Horses & Burros on White House Radar! Please call!

We are making a difference, the white house is receiving a lot of calls. Thanks to everyone who calls and writes for the wild horses– some even daily! We are now on “the issues checklist” meaning one of the top issues people call about. The treatment and mismanagement of our wild herds is not logical, sustainable, humane or legal. Demand a moratorium on roundups– call for Obama (202-456-1111) and Congress (202-224-3121) to:

NOT FUND ROUNDUPS OR THE SALAZAR PLAN! Wild horses live only on 4% of our public lands, moving them to the East is a huge waste of their lives and taxpayer money and destructive to or dwindling western herds

1)     Place a moratorium on all roundups until accurate and independent assessments of population numbers and range conditions are made available and a final, long-term solution is formalized.

2)     Restore protections included in the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act. Update existing laws that protect wild horses by reopening certain public lands to the mustangs and burros, thus decreasing the number in captivity. Return healthy wild horses and burros in holding to all available acres of public land designated primarily for their use in 1971. If these lands are not available, equivalent and appropriate western public lands should be added in their place.

3)     Support federal grazing permit buybacks. Reduce livestock grazing and reanalyze appropriate management levels for herd management areas to allow for self-sustaining, genetically-viable herds to exist in the west.

4)     Conduct Congressional hearings regarding the mismanagement of our wild herds and further investigate the inability of BLM to correct the shortcomings of the program as audited by the Government Accountability Office’s 1990, 1991 and 2008 reports.


10 Responses to “Wild Horses & Burros on White House Radar! Please call!”

  1. Karen L. Says:

    Wonderful news! Sort of a “praise the Lord and pass the ammunition” moment—thanks and will call ASAP!

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I called about 12:30pm Friday and a recording said that due to inclement weather the White House call line was closed. They are expecting a couple feet of snow in DC…

    BUT, This is great and WELL DESERVED news!!!! mar

  3. Elvira Janz Says:

    Just keep calling and emailing the White House and Congress. We’re taxpayers and why should our money be wasted by inhumane treatments of the wild horses, burros and baby foals/other little ones. These babies are separated from their mothers, cry for days and then die if help isn’t avaiable for them. Please keep calling to stop the roundups of wild horses, burros and their little ones. These roundups are just insane.

  4. Denise Shirey Says:

    We have to keep calling every day. Don’t stop; don’t give up. As a group of caring citizens, we can stop this misguided policy and have public hearings on the matter. Add to speed dial; and call every day.

  5. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    Hey, folks –
    Don’t forget to air your righteous indignation on the Ruby Pipeline (next blog up). The Eagle Round-up, if it gets that far – cuts right across the pipeline’s path.

  6. sandra longley Says:

    excellent! Not only that but-hit news organizations with comments..let the public know what is going on….copy and paste information so the public can become aware…if the have no interest in the horses-they may be concernd over some of the issues on these energy projects..I also urge you to go to the ruby pipeline blog…I am increasingly positive this winter roundup is related to that…now its proving it…

  7. sandra longley Says:

    PLEASE..got to the DOI website, comment, click on the comments they have closed and it will take you there…comment on the things they do not want openlycommented on…like the MORITORIUM..they are closing comments on subjects they do not openly discussed, there is a moderator who is controlling conversations…KEEP posting, thanks-pleasure_inc

  8. Dawn Corby Says:

    Comment line is still closed due to weather, but will keep trying.

    Have faith. We will prevail.

  9. Patricia Covin Says:

    I saw the helicopters chasing the horses a couple nights ago on Jane V-Mitchell’s ISSUES and it broke my heart in half. What is wrong with these people?? I will call, I will write letters and continue to spread the word!!! PRAY< PRAYPRAY. Is ther anything else we can do?? I am in!!!

  10. Robin Brower Says:

    What a horrible way to treat an animal. For what, so the cattle ranchers can have bigger sreads? There has to be a way to coexit. Being inhumane like chasing them with helicopters, putting the horses in a croweded pasture. Foals forced from their mother. Mares forced to miscarry. The government is an inhumane, greedy entity.

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