Welcome to Watch Roundups?

In December the public was invited to watch “all gathers, all the time” by BLM but that promise has fallen short as over 2000 mustangs have been rounded up in “gathers” that have fallen far short of allowed public observation. New article on the Cloud Foundation website here. You can download BLM’s new “visitor’s agreement form” here: first page, second page or a version of this is posted online as “protocol.” Semi-out dated but BLM’s death report summary is here: death summary_Calico. BLM’s daily reports on Calico roundup online here. BLM has posted photos of roundup (note wet, sweaty horses in winter weather) online here– beautiful horses and all but the 20+ year old mare (who was shot as “an act of mercy”) are in good body condition. 20+ year old wild horses in winter are not at their prime.


29 Responses to “Welcome to Watch Roundups?”

  1. mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

    This shot above looks like Freedom! Does anyone know if he is captured?
    God I hope he can remain so. He is the such an inspiration and icon for wild horses desires and needs to be free!

    And speaking of freedom, what happened to the transparency we were promised in this administration??? It is so frustrating that it just keeps going on!
    We cannot stop or let up for a minute. Its getting stronger with advocates and public attention. I am thinking we might even get International attentions soon!
    We must cut off the corrupt limbs. Restore and purify R O A M!!!!!

    • jo bunny Says:

      cat, elyse gardner addresses the “is freedom still free” question at her blog, http://www.humaneobserver.blogspot.com. please check her site for further updates. there are comments, photos, & video clips of what she & craig have witnessed at the roundup sites & at the fallon facilty. she & craig are pretty sure that freedom is NOT in blm’s grubby paws & that he still remains free!

      • Nora Morbeck Says:

        Like you, I appreciate so much the efforts that Craig and Elyse have put into tracking down Freedom — and also tracking down rumors. In the flurry of information that’s spread around, it’s good to know what is fact and what is fiction. I’m so glad that they’ve confirmed that Freedom is not in captivity. Makes me feel a bit more hopeful.

        Perhaps those of you with more knowledge than I have can answer a question: Why is it that foals aren’t counted as “horses” in the fatality lists? Elyse mentions this on her blog, and I’d just like some clarification as to the reasons that foals aren’t included. Maybe I missed something as I read over the Humane Observer’s blog. Why are foals not considered horses and not counted?

      • mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

        Thank you Jo Bunny!! It is such a relief to know we have our advocate angels on the front lines! It gives some comfort to know they are there, ever present and strong! Craig , Elyse and Laura, Thank you so much!!
        Your efforts and persistence are highly appreciated and I do believe the final justice and reward will be seen.
        God bless everyone acting for our wild herds preservation!

        I am happy to know that it is highly believed “Freedom” is free,
        “Courage” riding on his back……

    • kas0859ohio Says:

      Thank you for your passion! We thankfully are getting international attention! If you search on the web you can find articles from all over the world. The Care2 Petition site has comments from people from everywhere signing the petitions to stop the round ups and their comments. This Obama administration is trying to pacify the public with “new plans” to have more transparency, (have you noticed how many times he has been on C-Span lately?) but actions speak louder than words. The president’s agenda does not include compassion for our horses at this time. We can only pray he will get the message, someday soon.

    • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

      Nora – probably for the same reasons the Captives are no longer considered ‘wild’, the Wild Ones are considered ‘ferals’ and roundups are considered ‘gathers’: Public perception.
      Because the foals were never actually ‘born’ the Bureau doesn’t find it necessary to include them in their statistics.
      I don’t know about anyone else, but these past few weeks have left me with a coat of filth I can’t shower or pray away. I’ve always had visions of Wild Ones, keeping their own counsel and eaking out a living on a range no one but God watches. Now, when I close my eyes to sleep, all I see is blood – the blood of babies and old ladies and souls who never hurt anyone at all.
      I have to offer special blessings to those who observe; I know now it’s something I will never be able to do. I’m generally a sweet and happy girl, but lately I’ve come to know – I am capable of doing things that would do NOTHING to further this cause.
      Think I’ll stick to bein’ a nosy little fact-finder.

      • Laura Evans Says:

        Here’s a scary thought. If foals aren’t counted then neither are babies born in captivity. How high is the actual count of captives? Do we really want to know?

      • jan eaker Says:

        Lisa, I have come to the same conclusion, I don’t think I have the temperament to witness this, thank god for those who can and do, I believe I would end up in jail,

      • Suzanne Moore Says:

        I agree, I couldn’t stand it either. Especially without doing something to the perpetrators of this horror. Maybe we would share a cell, Jan.

      • jan eaker Says:

        Suzanne, that’s a possibility:),
        the hard part is seeing how hard they are on these horses when observers are around, and then thinking about what they do when no one is there to see, how do they live with what they do?????

  2. Nora Morbeck Says:

    On the issue of managing herd areas, I found this link:


    This relates to the Pryor Mountain horses, but it seems that creating what are termed “guzzlers” is a workable idea. These are watering areas where rainwater can be collected and are supposed to help spread the herds out. Interesting idea, though I’d certainly like to hear what WH&B advocates think. Is it a workable idea? Does it help the HMAs?

    This article also states that the BLM plan is to remove approximately 30 horses per year from the Pryor area. What’s the rational, if they’ve given PZP to every released mare that was rounded up last fall in this area? With such a small percentage of mares able to conceive or foal, the plan doesn’t make much sense to me.

    I know that these questions don’t specifically relate to the above topic, but I’m curious as to whether these guzzlers are possible in other areas where round ups are ongoing (Calico complex) or in the works.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Catchments are also used and hold water and allow an approach to standing water like the pond at Pryor. They hold rain run off. These may be the preferred
      water development. Maybe someone would be able to answer that from TCF?

      Laura Leigh is out at the roundup and in Fallon observing and taking video and photos daily. She is often on her own and I think people should acknowledge her contribution, also. This is hard for anyone and we need to be supportive of any one with the courage to watch and return and document these weak and wounded and the dying. mar

  3. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Nora, check the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center Blog — they discuss the guzzlers there.

    Land sakes! Meanwhile, back in Montana. . . .




    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      They have their own blogs and emails. Laura is at Back Door Studio and you can Google that and Elyse is at WordPress undr Humane Observer Blog and you can get there from the post about her report. Craig may be reached also, but maybe you can ask IDA to forward a note to him. These people do come by and make comments to us at times. Laura has been at RT’s many times. It does matter that we support them, and they are aware of us! mar

    • Laura Leigh Says:

      I read when I can and comment. BTW: I’m “barn door studio,” (love ya’ Marilyn).
      Do you know how much YOU are valued for all YOU do to keep this going?
      Every person we talk to at the market, school, gas station… every set of ears we open leads to another heart that cares…
      Not one of us can do it without all the others… we hold each other up.

  5. Roxy Says:

    This is my letter to President Obama this week:

    February 3, 2010

    Dear President Obama,

    The last few weeks and days have been strange. I have felt a gut wrenching fear and sorrow from loss. And I have reacted towards everyone without understanding the source. I have a lot of questions – what is the source?

    Was it the first report of the mare found dead in the morning at the BLM Calico roundup pens, or the little baby whose hooves had come off after days of pain from the run in front of the Cattoor helicopter? Or the ones found troubled on the range and shot or found already dead from the roundup? Has it been the other 20 plus deaths so far and still counting? Or has it been the 20 to 30 spontaneous abortions, and still counting? Are we expected to believe that these mares were going to spontaneously abort if not run in a roundup in the freezing cold rain, sleet and snow and left soaked with sweat in pens without windbreaks? Or has it been the lie by omission of truth on the Cattoor Livestock Calico roundup pages that leave one to wonder how they come up with the less than .5% casualties? That is easy to do when you dissolve yourself from further deaths that occur in the pens due to the roundup. Or does that leave one to wonder what has really occurred on the range? Are there even more? Now news of yet another foal found dead in the pen after suffering for a week with its hooves coming off, bare nerves exposed, pain riveting through its little body? Or is it the lie by omission on the BLM pages that show a few thin horses, but not the great majority of the horses in November or as they entered the Calico chutes in excellent condition? Or is it the lie by omission on the BLM pages when showing the few thin horses and not disclosing how many calories it took and how much fat and muscle fell off of horses the hours and days in the pens after the run, where they can’t roam – just stand around all day and all night, where if they do lie down they have to lay in their own urine, depressed, torn from their family and homes, where the water source is unusual to them, the food is foreign to them, even deaths according BLM attributed to the feed and still feeding them the same food? Or the knowledge of where these horses that do survive will end up – just more of the same depressed existence, or worse to killer buyers?

    These would seem to any rational person to be enough. Especially when coupled with the grievously irrational reasons given for these roundups in the first place – that just do not add up.

    But, no, those were and are not the reason for my angst. I woke up this morning realizing what had been eating at me on top of the rest of it. I would quote this commenter, just one of us folks, unknown if main street or rural, from one of the wild horse advocates pages. If I could remember who and where it was posted and I apologize to them if I am off mark.

    The following comment is I think something that many, maybe thousands of us have been whispering to ourselves under our breath. Some of us have asked a question of this nature in a gentle quite way. Because to say it out loud as a fact might make it true.

    “Maybe we should not stir up so much; maybe we should leave BLM and Cattoor alone. They might hurt or kill more of our wild horses to spite us.”

    What I want to ask of Cattoor Livestock, all employees and subcontractors and contract employees – are you proud of this?

    What I want to ask all BLM employees are you proud of your agencies part in creating this impression?

    What I want to ask Ken Salazar and all cattle interests, is this the kind of thing that makes you proud of your contribution?

    Congress, does this make you proud?

    President Obama, your lovely wife First Lady Obama and your family, your White House staff, your Cabinet, does this make you feel pride in your administration?

    All of the above, maybe some of you have even sat with others and boasted, even laughed at us? Is this what makes you feel pride in yourself, your actions, or lack of actions? Is this your United States of America?

    These little whispers, these little questions, are like little pebbles scattering all around the world, making little ripples, that as they grow and compound turn in to waves. This is a wave of an impression of our treatment of our own American icon on our own soil. It’s this kind of fear that turns to resolve. Because we, the people, won’t be intimidated, we won’t allow erosion of our pride in what we know “should be”. Oh, there have been a few success stories, and a few people have come forward. But the overwhelming truth is that almost entirely everyone involved in the BLM, USFS and state and local wild horse roundups, the “programs”, have lied to us all along and continue to lie to us, and continue to lie to you Mr. President.

    What also eats at me is I know the only person that will read this is the mail room guy – that these questions will remain unanswered by anyone. How do we get passed the mail room guy? Thousands and thousands have signed petitions, there have been lawsuits, protests. What does it take to get through? How do we get you, Mr. President, to ask the same questions, get the real facts and truth and do something about it? Well, this time I’m posting my letter on the advocate pages, so the mail room guy will not be the only reader.

    What also eats at me is what is going on in other agencies that I haven’t taken such an interest in?

    These are just more and more little pebbles from just one of thousands of citizens and thousands of people around the world.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration,

    Roxanne Hale

    The Cloud Foundation blog
    Straight from the Horse’s Heart blog

    • Anne Says:

      Hello Roxy;

      what a beautiful well written letter; I agree with what you say; your rock Roxy

      a favor: Roxy; may I have your permission to cross post this letter to Representative Chris Himes; Rep. Chris Himes is “a co-sponsor of the ROAM act; and he has replied to two of my letters by e-mail; If NOT ok;

      please contact me @wahpoose2003@sbcglobal.net (wahpoose is ex’s name; if I don’t hear from you by Friday: I will send this copy ot Mr. Himes (of Conn.; thanks again; anna

      • Anne Says:

        ps did you see the pix of the “downed mare? looked just like the downed Foal

        no hay no water no blankets no shelter no iv nourishment; no vitamin shots

        not even pellets put in front of the horses; hoping they would begin to eat;

        you rock Roxy ! thanks !

      • Roxy Says:

        Anne, sure. Nothing in our comments are copywritten or owned, permission not needed. But I’ll send you an updated one – that I have not mailed yet. I ran out of ink in my printer, then found that the foal had laid there for 2 weeks, so corrected this and made some other little tweeks.

        I will try to send it to Obama by e-mail but I think its over 2500 characters!?!?!

  6. mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

    I recently got a flickr mail from someone who has a photo group on flickr.com, and she fought for horses in Italy very hard against slaughter there about two years ago! I had shared with her the video from “Good Morning America”, and some info of current events. She is sharing the video with all her contacts, which can be quite a few in a group on flickr! She also blogged it on her facebook. So that video is circulating in Europe and also to contacts here and all over the world!
    Its one way I network, on flickr.com. Flickr gets 5,000 photos per minute uploaded with descriptions attached or not. I feel I have reached many with updates, educating and contact info. There are several horse photo groups on flickr. I will post some links here later. A few of my horse photos have many links there. I do not have nay wild horse photos and would love to get some!! Obviously this gets to be harder every day that passes with BLM at the wheel of managing our wild herds! I am doing the best I can with this.

  7. mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

    A big shout out and respectful thanks to Pam Nickoles for her Beautiful photographs of wild horses!!! Nice work Pam!! ❤

  8. jan eaker Says:

    These horses really looked starved, don’t they???? Terrified, and freezing, yes, starved, no,
    the picture of that baby on the ground is heartbreaking,
    didn’t Sue Cattoor also issue an invite to come out to see her crew in action?
    How can they keep American citizens off of PUBLIC land?

  9. mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

    Leave My Horses Alone!   Explored!

  10. morganjservices Says:

    I was at the Advisory Board Meeting in Reno. I looked Don Glenn right in the eye when I gave my comments. I started to shake after looking into his eyes. There is so much evil and darkness in that man – along with many on the Advisory Board itself. Lies, deceit, violence, greed, power and lust fill their minds as they purposely destroy American, the dwindling wildlife & habitat and the beautiful remaining landscape that belongs to the PUBLIC of these United States of America.



  12. jan Says:

    kvcr or kcet in california has a show called calif spot or something like that – tomorrow at 8 they running a half hour show on the wildhorses – and then again on friday at 8:30 – go to pbs and see when its going to be in your area or if u can watch online at either channel

  13. jan Says:

    went back and looked it up – its on at 8 pm today – thursday and again at 8:30 pm on friday – show is called SoCal Directed so its on a pbs station here in calif – kcet which is 28 but u might be able to find online at kcet website online – i always tape anything to do with the hroses

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