Second Foal Loses Hooves Then Put Down

Breaking News: Horseback MagazineSecond Foal Loses Hooves Then Put Down Nevada BLM Action

BLM Report– 27 deaths to date

Foal laying down last week, put down over weekend- photo by Laura Leigh

By Steven Long

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The federal Bureau of Land Management confirmed today that a second foal has died at their hands after losing its hooves possibly from being driven down a Nevada mountainside by a roaring helicopter.

“Apparently there has been one more foal that was euthanized because of hoof Sloughs,” BLM spokeswoman JoLynn Worley of the agency’s Winnemucca office toldHorseback Online.

The agency classifies the 1669 horses it has rounded up at the current Calico Mountain gather as “excess.”

Horseback has asked for the report of the BLM veterinarian who treated the foal. The foal died Saturday after two weeks of treatment. Worley has said she will post the report on the website when it becomes available.

Activist and videographer Laura Leigh noticed the foal laying down last week during a visit to the BLM hospital site. She had found the animal a caregiver outside of BLM control, however, it was too late.

According to a website set up for the current Calico roundup citing day to day progress on the capture of wild horses, the bureau acknowledges 27 deaths since the “gather” began on December 28th.

The BLM also admits that 20 to 30 mares have miscarried since late December.

Helicopter induced roundups have consistently resulted in wild horse deaths according to BLM statistics released late last year to Horseback Magazine.

In 2008, 45 percent of the roundups resulted in at least one fatality, and on one in Nevada, 27 horses died. The total number of deaths through injury or for other reasons totaled 126 animals that year.

The 2009 percentage of dead horses on BLM roundups is slightly worse at 46 percent resulting in at least one horse death. In July, a Wyoming gather proved fatal to 11 horses

Over the two years prior to the 2010 roundup season a total of 205 horses died at the agency’s hands

In BLM roundups, horses are often driven down miles of rocky slopes by a roaring helicopter. Such was the case in Wyoming this year when 11 horses died at Coconut Creek when 349 horses were caught.


Hope Springs Eternal  (A Eulogy)  By Laura Leigh

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – On January 22, 2010 I was given a tour of the Fallon holding facility after my observation days (Calico gather) had been cancelled by weather twice.

I had witnessed the gather on January 16, and met Gene Seidlitz (Winnemucca district manager) and Heather Emmons, both of the Bureau of Land Management. Both appeared to be very willing to accommodate and provide access in as transparent a manner as possible Gene spoke to me many times about the concept of finding areas for dialogue and co-operation. I had hoped to write an article based on that concept.

On January 22, Seidlitz and Lisa Ross, BLM public relations coordinator for Calico gather met me at the agency’s Fallon facility. John Neill is acting BLM manager at Fallon. I was given free access to photograph and ask questions. I was also allowed to videotape the “hospital” facility at Fallon. I soon saw a row of small pens near the entrance to the facility next to the area being built to process horses. The plywood for windbreaks was stacked but not installed.

The pens held mostly foals and a few mares. Each horse I saw demonstrated some form of lameness. Many had bandages on their legs. Of particular concern was a foal that would not rise when approached.. His eyes were glassy.

Over the next few days I made several attempts to gain information about that foal. I sent e-mails to Gene, Lisa, and John. I was told the foal was up the very next day and doing well. Information I found hard to believe because I did not think he would even make it through the night. I requested a vet report and was told I would have it as soon as one was available. I requested that the foal be released to me and I would facilitate his placement into a facility that could properly care for him. The request was denied, the BLM saying it was not needed.

I named him “Hope Springs Eternal.” I began to make inquiries to find a facility to bring him to. He would have a home.

Several more conversations with John Neill continued to assure me the foal was fine. John said he was busy and if I did not get the vet report to please call him again.

I called today. I was told the vet report is online. It’s not. He was euthanized Saturday because his hooves had begun to slough.

My emotions are many:

So much for a timely exchange of information. So much for the concept that the “guys on the ground” are any different than the guys in DC, something they want you to believe. So much for the idea that co-operation toward problem solving with the best interests of the horses at its heart will ever be a reality. So much for “ Hope Springs Eternal.”

The baby I saw on January 22 was in incredible pain to the point that, as a wild animal, he could hardly lift his head as a strange human, a potential predator, approached. All the others rose and limped away. This baby languished in that facility with no windbreak in agony. A baby that had a chance if the humans involved could have attempted to create an opportunity to work together. Releasing that foal would have cost the BLM nothing… and maybe created the sensation that somewhere in this madness a spirit of humanity could overcome this battle of obstinate adherence to outdated bureaucratic protocol. I had “Hope.”

Little spirit you are now free of this administration’s unwillingness to recognize your worth. “Hope Springs Eternal,” rest in peace. You are loved.


52 Responses to “Second Foal Loses Hooves Then Put Down”

  1. Nora Morbeck Says:

    If any one of us in the private sector intentionally ran our young horses so hard that their hooves seperated from bone, we’d be prosecuted for animal cruelty. The police show up at the door and arrest us for this kind of crime.

    The BLM can get away with this kind of behavior, at our taxpayer expense, with no legal consequences whatsoever — and they’re committing these crimes for the good of the horses. ??

    Does anyone have an update on legal action against the BLM, how it might include cruelty to animal charges?

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Laura, it is like the aftermath of at a battlefield with the weak and wounded and dying. Please take care and remember there are many who know what you are doing and we appreciate it. Your candor in this eulogy cuts through to the needs and finds the short falls. Thanks, mar

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Nora, From what I gather, the Cattoors have become the co dependent to the BLM and the BLM is the enabler to the Cattoors terrible and unchallenged contract. This relationship now goes back decades and is grounded in incompetence and greed. These people never attempted, and were never asked, to improve upon the deadly methods they use. The BLM has been unrepentant and protective of their favored contractor. In my opinion this deadly combination has much to do with how the roundups have escalated. Despite conflict of interest, Sue Cattoor has ‘testified’ to the humane use of helicopters in the roundup process. BLM is the broken machine we see at work now, unable to amend itself for the wrong done. So many bad choices become a work of pure denial. mar

      • Nora Morbeck Says:

        It’s an unhealthy relationship, that’s for sure.

        One of the big problems is that the consequences of the inhumane treatment/trauma aren’t dealt with by the BLM or the Cattoors. They don’t see how it surfaces later in these horses, or how dangerous it can be to work with traumatized animals. With a lot of patience and the right training methods, you can work past some of the reactivity that these horses have to things like plastic bags on whips, corral panels, trailers and so on. But how do you ever work through fear of “monsters” in the air? You can’t introduce horses to helicopters during training sessions to get them accustomed to these loud, scary objects hovering over them. There’s no way to re-teach or reassure them that they won’t be harmed by low flying aricraft.

        There’s nothing humane about terrifying animals. Sue Cattoor needs a new dictionary.

      • jan eaker Says:

        NO ONE that can do anyhting to stop this is doing anything about this!!!!!!! I would be in jail for 1 instance of this kind of abuse, and it just keeps on happening w/absolutely NO ramifications; 2 babies dead after suffering god only knows how much pain and misery; how was this baby “euthanized?” was he shot to death, too?
        So, now we have 2 babies to hold in our hearts in our vigil tonite;
        How do these people keep straight faces as they say the same LIES over and over, do they think we aren’t noticing???

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Yes, That people can stop this and have not is reprehensible. That the abuse is accepted for no damn good reason sets a new low for our government. That this is visible will come back and smack these killers in the chops. It will remain very visible abuse as long as we can keep up the campaign and our quest for justice. None of this is acceptable. We can and will win. Just you watch us BLM. mar

  2. Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) Says:

    I have no words, my heart is breaking!!! Run free “Hope Springs Eternal” you are in a place where you will never experience abuse or pain ever again and we will use your strength to keep up our fight to put these SOB’s where they belong.

  3. Joette Snyder Says:

    I wrote a letter maybe you should too!



  5. Sharon Kennedy Says:

    Christ was persistent in prayer…we must use our voice in plea to The Father to give Justice to All creation. In the miracle of His love we have victory over every evil that stalks the earth.

    • morganjservices Says:


      I am glad to see your comments. I am in a time of losing my grip on faith and God’s authority in this world.

  6. Ginger Leilani Chapin Says:

    I am angry, outraged, horrified to learn about the ignorance that the BLM operates its bureaucracy with.
    Why such indifference and downright stupidity within the BLM when it comes to BASIC, elementary horse care?
    Why so many unnecessary, agonizing deaths? Is there anyone at the BLM who can walk and chew gum at the same time?
    These nazi-style, bloody round-ups are costing the taxpayer into the billions of dollars in wasted money.
    As an American, Taxpayer, and educated voter, I am NOT accepting this crude mismanagement of our ecology.
    This is an environmental disaster at the Taxpayer expense.
    Leave the horses in the wild, where they are safe, healthy, happy, and are IMPORTANT to the natural diversity of the ecology. OUR WILD HORSES ARE INDIGENOUS TO THE NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT!
    This is not an acceptable use of our tax dollars, and to boot, it is unethical, inhumane, and cruel.
    All Americans stand up and be a voice for these beautiful and sentient living beings. My God, we must write, email and call our own State Senators and demand accountability and ALL BLM round ups to stop.

  7. Margaret Says:

    Hope Sprins Eternal? could that be Little Courage that I named last Fri night? after being sick for the better of a week because the BLM ran the feet off a little one.

    Now they’ve run the feet off a second foal.

    God help me but these people are such rear ends and the stuff that comes out of them.

    • Margaret Says:

      Hope Sprins Eternal? could that be Little Courage that I named last Fri night? after being sick for the better of a week because the BLM ran the feet off a little one.

      Now they’ve run the feet off a second foal.

      God help me but these people are such rear ends and the stuff that comes out of them.

      eta: No Hope Springs Eternal is the name of the second foal that the BLM killed running its feet off.

    • Anne Says:

      Hello; I just cannot believe the BLM leaves a sick colt lying out in the straw!

      a. where is the foal’s blanket ? b. where is the foal’s shelter from biting insects and flies ? c. where is the foal’s shelter from wind…rain…snow…sleet

      b. most importantly: WHERE IS THE FOAL’S FEED ? What is this Foal eating ? WHERE IS THIS FOAL’S IV NUTRITION; WHERE IS THIS FOALS PELLETS? Where is this foal’s water ? this foal’s hay; this foal’s hay cubes ?
      you can soak portion hay cube in water and put the cube in the foals mouth

      and this pix is going right to my representative with other pix; talk soon; A.

  8. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    Today’s episode of ‘Ammo for Advocates’:
    In his widely publicized paddling-on-the-popo of the Advocates for their lack of reasoning skills, HRH Salazar extolled the virtuous Congress and it’s passing of the Wild Horse and Burro Act as the vessel of salvation for bringing the Wild Ones back from the brink of extinction.
    Silly boy…
    Now, with the exception of directly selling Captives to slaughterhouses and rendering plants, somebody with a saner and more reasonable temperment than mine tell me, PLEASE – what the hell’s the difference??!

  9. morganjservices Says:

    Innocent life lost. Waste of potential resources. What for I ask? WHAT FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA? Why do you give billions more to a filthy and corrupt federal agency that cannot substantiate ONE piece of data for why they do what they do with taxpayer dollars? Could it be that you approve government sanctioned exploitation of taxpayers and their hard earned dollars? Could it be that the trail of corruption leads all the way to your OWN backdoor of the White house?

    Look at that baby lying there dying in the frozen dirt, dying, without a soul to offer aid. Those idiotic freaks are only around to spout digusting & sarcastic remarks when the advocates are filming or attempting to assist a down Mustang. Just watch. The BLM agent reports will be doctored up to tell a tall tale of how much care was given to this colt too, like the other, to make sure it survived. Do you see any bandages on his hooves in the photo? Do you see any bedding to provide comfort? Do you see ANY nourishment near this blessed creature who can no longer drag himself to food and water?

    Cold hearted, gutless, spineless, money grubbing murderers.

    • Anne Says:

      morgan wrote; Look at that baby lying there dying in the frozen dirt, dying, without a soul to offer aid. Those idiotic freaks are only around to spout digusting & sarcastic remarks when the advocates are filming or attempting to assist a down Mustang. Just watch. The BLM agent reports will be doctored up to tell a tall tale of how much care was given to this colt too, like the other, to make sure it survived. Do you see any bandages on his hooves in the photo? Do you see any bedding to provide comfort? Do you see ANY nourishment near this blessed creature who can no longer drag himself to food and water?

      Anne’s comment: Exactly what I was thinking; “who the hell is feeding that Colt ? against the law to leave a sick animal with no nourishment or shelter!
      thanks ps you can send your comments to the BLM Nevada @ contact us; A.
      (i have been and will notify of this colt atrocity;and will contact if i get any reply

  10. Laura Leigh Says:

    They bute them every three or four days. That’s it. The claim is that the “trauma” for a wild animal to be separated would kill it.

    I offered … and offered… to take him.
    I called, called, e-mailed.
    I was told he was “fine.”

    I told them I wanted to see the vet report… over a week ago. Still no report.

    I’m sick over this… and all the other injured, displaced…

    Deep breath.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Hey, Laura, i knew you would show. Hang in there.. hugs, mar

      • Laura Leigh Says:

        Yeah… I’m not “gone.”
        A bit sick to my stomach and my head hurts… but not gone.
        hugs back!

    • Nora Morbeck Says:

      Sending good energy your way, Laura.

    • Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) Says:

      Laura you are not alone, just know you did what you could and the people and animals know that and they are grateful. Let this make us more determined. That baby is looking down on you now, free and out of pain and grateful for what you tried to do, and running free with Courage and all the others who are counting on us. (((Hugs)))

      • Laura Leigh Says:

        I know I’m not “alone.” Days it feels that way … but in this fight I am just a link in a chain that includes so many… many… “beating hearts.” People who are human and make mistakes… but when it comes down to it… know “right from wrong.”
        We just keep going… and praying…
        There were a lot of sore babies there.
        There were a lot of amazing horses that are now in pens…
        they need “voice.”
        WE are all they have.
        WE will get louder, smarter, stronger…

    • Anne Says:

      Hi Laura:

      I think you should send this page and your complaint to a “Representative Himes of Connecticut; here is why: I sent a comment to Rep. Himes via the web such as The Cloud foundation or In Defense of Animals; etc.

      I received a regular thank u and short note from Rep. Himes; saying: “after careful study Rep. Himes had decided to be a co-sponsor of the ROAM Act;

      then I wrote Mr. Himes via Representative Himes . gov @ “contact us: and today I received another letter from Rep. Himes saying he is listening to my comments etc. So this is why I think you and I and anyone should send this story about the poor precious Soul of a Foal being literally “left to perish;

      I think we should’ maybe this foal; and the downed mares can STOP THE BLM from another roundup ONCE THE PEOPLE AND GOV. SEE THIS PIX !

      I have pix AND videos for the congressman; make your comments brief so he can read or just go to his website; he is a co sponser of ROAM; good pix !

      to Hope Srpings Eternal…You may have just saved the day ! “ps sorry they didn’t give you any IV nourishment; Nutrition; not even A FOAL LAC PELLET





  13. Barbara Steele Says:

    Also posted on Straight from Horses Mouth
    Live grassroots conversation with the President online Feb 4th. Do you think we could get through with opening questions about DOI budget, domestic spending and then onto BLM—
    I personally spent time in my Republican small town handing out Obama literature, phone banking, etc and now we can’t get through to even an aide. I was put on hold and finally gave up the last time I called. Maybe the next step is to contact the Democratic National Committee and ask why the grassroots don’t matter anymore.

    • Laura Evans Says:

      This may be the exact story to use for this. The fact that Laura repeatedly offered to take him and they repeatedly turned her down. The fact that she has repeatedly asked for the vet report and still has not received it. It’s the complete lack of responsibility that the BLM has shown regarding the animals in their care all wrapped up in a nutshell. Their indifference towards what’s best for these animals and their flat out refusal to allow another option is all there, plain to see in this little baby. And they have cost him his life.

      • Anne Says:

        Yeah; that is blatant obvious cruelty to a Foal; no nourishment or shelter! SAD

        if this story and these pix could get out ot hte news and gov. people;

        surely the BLM roundups will be halted ! no one is in favor of “foal mistreatment

        I have the downed mare; the great star jumps through window; the horses with the BLM noose around him and this pix; plus many others; contact for copy give me a few days to put the slide show together; wahpoose 2003
        “not a horse owner (yet; a novice rider; and a horse lover…in conn. anne1951

      • Anne Says:

        this is another one of those Oreo stories; recall the dog in NY who was thrown off a roof and treated by the aspca and then the aspca “put Oreo down; EVEN THO’ A RESCUE HAD A PLACE FOR OREO !

        Sounds like Lil’ “Hope Springs Eternal”; is another Oreo story; which is: The Foal has a place in a rescue; or atleast a rescue would have been found; but the BLM “refused to let the Foal go to the rescue; saying the Foal was fine; brother; anyone can tell by looking at the pix of lil hope spring eternal THAT FOAL IS NOT FINE; THAT FOAL IS AS SICK AS A DOG; AND ANYONE BLM FOOL WHO SAID THE FOAL WAS BETTER IS A

        DOG GONE LIAR ! “leave a living sick foal in wet straw!
        ‘stop the ignorance of the BLM Vet; a true jack ass of a a man; you can see the Vet in Great Star Scrambles through chute video on cloud web; vet almost kills Star!

  14. Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) Says:

    I go to that place of disgust, loss of hope and tears every single day of my life from the time that I wake up until the time i go to sleep when I have nightmares I spend a lot of time wondering if there is a God and if there is why he doesnt help so many of us who care. Unfortunately unless we stand up I think that the darker side is winning, I see that every day around me too, people just dont care anymore, they are more concerned about how they look to others, their personal appearances, their personal “happiness”, their drugs, everything artificial in their lives, even to the detriment of their own children and families. Corruption, Delinquency and evil are winning over at the moment and WE HAVE TO PUT A STOP TO IT. It is just not easy and we have to stay strong amongst ourselves. Just seeing the people who comment and care on this and a few other blogs and message boards restores some of my faith in the human race. Hang in there everyone, it is going to be another long day but we have some wonderfully strong and determined people on our side and they will show us the way we need to go and we will win!

    • Anne Says:

      “i hear ya” ! i have heard said: be the change you want to see in the world…ps the only way to stop the BLM is thru congress; or an executive order from Prez/ Obama; no one else can stop these uninformed BLM fools!
      (i call the blm roundup the BLM Rodeo Circus; and I call BLM “Rodeo Clowns

      ps you can see a “ferocious vicious Rodeo on Madeline Pickens website; I say the BLM is just like those vicious rodeo clowns on Madelines’ website;

      today I call the BLM the Mustang Abusers; leave a foal with no protection; why I never ! ! ! to the BLM : stop the B.S. before you end up “indicted ! (for animal cruelty) AW

  15. Karen H. Says:

    May we have your permission to copy and send the photo of little Hope Springs Eternal to our congress people? They say a picture is worth a thousand words…maybe this photo will make an impact. Please know that we have all been touched by your eulogy.

    • Laura Leigh Says:

      Please send the picture. Send anything I have written, photographed… anything if you think it can open another set of ears.
      That photo was taken with the purpose of sharing that little waning life…to document him, and recognize “him” as not just a statistic.
      In a way he was not “alone.”

      • Karen H. Says:

        Thank you Laura. Do you know if the plywood “windbreaks” have finally been installed? Or how many other injured and sick horses are in the “hospital” pens? I’m just trying to get as much info as possible before I send another e-mail to my Senators and the HSUS. Also, I just tried to access the veterinarian report on the BLM website for the first foal whose hooves sloughed off and was unable to…”the webpage cannot be found”. Interesting. It was available to read a day or two ago.

      • Anne Says:

        thank you for permission to send little “Hope Springs Eternal” to our representatives etc.: and madeline;etc.
        the good thing about madeline is: she cares and has $;

        so she can do things most of us cannot do; like take a private helicopeter to the saloon where the blm stays;lol

        the pix of the little foal lying there in the WET cold STRAW just “haunts my mind; HOW; could anyone just let a sick Foal lie there ? for how many days ? “stupid !

        I say the BLM is “stupid; not only because they do these stupid and inhumane acts to horses; but they let people film these acts; so they “incriminate themselves!

  16. true15 Says:

    Is there any reason that external vets could not be volunteering their efforts to save the animals? What about raising funds for vets to go and dedicate their times to assist the ones in need?

    • jan eaker Says:

      I don’t think the BLM would allow independent vets to come to the holding pens. It was difficult enough to get an independent humane observer there, when she was videoing the older mare that went down, BLM tried hard to get her to stop filming. They really don’t want the world to know what goes on at these places.

    • Karen L. Says:

      I would think that the HSUS could strong-arm the BLM into allowing Humane Society vets to “assist”. Private volunteer vets probably would not be allowed; once they saw the carnage they’d never stop talking.

  17. true15 Says:

    “timely exchange of information” are used as a mean to gain time and decide how to present the issue to the general public.
    In other words, instead of having an open discussion, time is being used to discuss PR ways to deal with the problem.

    • Laura Leigh Says:

      Or… in “time” to have the desired effect.
      The phrase was used intentionally in the eulogy.
      I used a few.

  18. Laura Leigh Says:

    Here is the report on the first foal:

    January 22, 2010
    Black Rock East
    History and Report on Sloughed Hoof Foal

    This foal was received at the Indian Lakes contract holding facility from the Calico complex gather around 1/6/2010. He was feed and watered for a day and when noticed to be lame was removed from the general population and placed in a hospital pen with other lame horses. On 1/8/2010 this horse (and all others in the pen) were treated with phenylbutazone (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and penicillin (an antibiotic) for presumptive sole bruising and abscesses. No abscesses were noted at this time but there was some foot swelling suggesting hoof trauma. During the next 5 days the colt which was nine months old was fed and watered in the hospital pen and observed for body condition and lameness. He was retreated on 1/13/2010 with phenylbutazone and penicillin. Sole abscesses and potential hoof sloughs were noted. Both hind feet were flushed with betadine ( an antiseptic and bandaged with gauze, antibiotic ointment and tape. The colt was slightly improved after treatment but over the next couple of days spent more and more time lying down. On 1/18/2010 the 2 hind feet were examined again. Multiple hoof sloughs were noted and the foal was euthanized for humane reasons. The cause of these hoof abscesses/sloughs was most likely hoof trauma from the gather operations.

    Richard Sanford DVM
    NV #565

    • Laura Leigh Says:

      I’d like all you all to note the dates of “treatment.”
      1/8, 1/13, 1/18.
      If you had a lame horse (potential stress founder) is “ibuprofen” every five days the treatment plan you would follow if your vet gave it to you?
      You’d find a new vet.

    • morganjservices Says:

      Uh huh. I knew this report was coming. Take a look at the picture Mr. Vet R. Sanford. Do you see any signs of medical attention being administered? Does this look like a ‘hospital pen’ to you? How much were you paid, Mr. Vet, for this understated report?

      • Laura Leigh Says:

        This report is the first foal, not the one in my photo.

        I still have NOT received the report on him. I received this one as his “care” would have been the same. I am still waiting….

  19. LoriProphoto Says:

    VERY IMPORTANT : If you want to use any of the information on any of the sites you MUST print a hard copy and save as a PDF File. If they change the information on the page you will no longer be able to see it or as has happened the page will no longer be there whereas if you have printed it you will have the proof.



    • Anne Says:

      Hi i just read your e-mail; all I know is: I sent an email to Jim Himes via either Cloud or IDA or EWA and he wrote me a personal reply and said;

      He has decided; after careful study; to be a co sponsor of One of horse protection act; I think ROAM

      I could copy the letter and post here; an open e-mail;
      anyone can send info to Rep. Himes; such as Fallon; I am sure Rep. Himes would appreicate the info; thnx!

  21. jan eaker Says:

    have you ALL just seen what I have ?????? BLM is delaying the Eagle roundup!!!!!!! until after foaling season!!!!!!!!

  22. Laura Leigh Says:

    It is amazing what has to happen to create an action that resembles anything like “common sense.” But it happens because of outcry… not simply because it “makes sense.”
    I am physically stopping myself from banging my head on the desk….

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