Who has inspired you?

A lot of folks are nominating heros for the wild horses and burros– so I wanted to bring this to your attention, nominate someone who inspires you today!
For over 40 years, the President of the United States has awarded the Citizens Medal — the second highest civilian honor in our nation — to Americans who have “performed exemplary deeds of service for their country or their fellow citizens.”
Now for the 2010 Citizen’s Medal, the White House is opening up the process to include an exciting source of nominations: you.  President Obama is inviting the American public to nominate candidates he should consider for the Presidential Citizens Medal — truly making this an honor of, by, and for the American people. Who has inspired you?  Whose selfless dedication to service has touched your life or the lives of others? More info and details here


8 Responses to “Who has inspired you?”

  1. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I wondered where to find this info.

  2. LindaH Says:

    I received this email last week from the Obama emails I get. It was one of the easiest letters I have written in a long time–fired that puppy back with Ginger’s name at the top!

  3. jan Says:

    i nominated ginger for this reward and also the aspca has a contest on who has helped animals – i put in ginger;s name there too

  4. morganjservices Says:


    I really have to agree with you. My nomination would be Ginger.

  5. Margaret Says:

    I also nominated Ginger for bringing awareness to so many.

    I first learned about Cloud last summer via alexbrownracing. One of our speakers at the Sacramento rally last week also came to Cloud via ABR. Funny the timing was just about the same.

    For me, it took about 5 secs of seeing Cloud and falling head over heels in love. It’s okay that its not returned measure for measure. He just wants to be left alone to raise his family and take care of them. And who came blame him?

    It’s hard to see the pictures of Freedom and to know what he went through to regain his most valued treasure. HIS FREEDOM. But all of us owe it to him to write letters if the BLM catches him again.

    For me, Little Courage symbolizes not only everything wrong with what the BLM is doing. But Little Courage symbolizes the heart of every youngster fighting to keep up with not only his/her mom, dad but everyone in the band who is family.

    I feel awful that he was forced to suffer such pain and indignity. That no one would come to his aid sooner than they did. This highlights what is wrong with the BLM, their idea of roundups and the care they give. Had the helicpter pilot been more observatent at the time he could have called for help–long before Little Courage was past being able to be saved.

  6. Lori West Says:

    We will not let “Little Courage” die in vain. His spirit will live on in our hearts and he has passed his courage on to all of us who stand up for him and shout out for him as we share his story with the world.

  7. jan Says:

    guess we shd change ginger’s name to wild horse ginger – in remenbrance of wild horse annie

  8. Linda Castle Says:

    Ginger should win, in my book! Thanks to those who nominated her.

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