Comments due on Eagle Roundup Environmental Assessment’s Wednesday 1/27 + Proposed Antelope Wildhorse Roundup

Click here for Eagle comments

Also, just found out that in a pre-preliminary EA comment period, the BLM is accepting Public Comment on Proposed Antelope Complex Wild Horse Roundup that would take place this fall. This is a huge roundup of 1500 horses. Details follow:

Elko, Nev. — The Wells and Schell Field Offices of the Bureau of Land
Management’s (BLM) Elko and Ely District Offices are seeking public input
for the preparation of a preliminary environmental assessment (EA) that will
address the need to reduce wild horse populations to the appropriate
management levels of 471 to 788 animals within the Antelope Complex of four
herd management areas (HMAs) in northeastern Nevada. The BLM will accept
comments until January 27, 2010. An additional opportunity for public
comment will be available when the preliminary EA is released for public

The Antelope Complex includes the Antelope, Antelope Valley, Goshute, and
Spruce/Pequop HMAs. The EA will examine the need to remove 1,506 excess wild
horses to improve rangeland health and to preserve the health of the wild
horse herds in these areas.

The proposed gather would be conducted later this summer or fall. The gather
is needed to protect public rangeland from undue degradation caused by
excessive numbers of wild horses and to protect herd health by insuring
adequate forage resources are available. The post-gather population of 471
wild horses would represent the lower limit of the appropriate management
level (AML) and should allow the herd to grow to the upper limit of 788
animals over a four-year period without the need for additional gathers to
remove excess animals in the interim.

To lengthen the time before a future gather may be required, BLM is also
considering the implementation of fertility control treatments and
male-to-female ratio adjustments as part of this gather. Approximately 236
mares released may receive the fertility control vaccine.

The BLM is seeking any information, data, analysis, issues or concerns about
this proposed gather and removal of wild horses. Information and comments
received by Jan. 27 will be used to develop the preliminary EA. Comments may
be submitted in writing to: BLM Wells Field Office, Attention: Wells Field
Office Manager, 3900 Idaho Street, Elko, NV 89801. For more information,
contact Bruce Thompson, Wild Horse and Burro Specialist at 775-753-0286.


3 Responses to “Comments due on Eagle Roundup Environmental Assessment’s Wednesday 1/27 + Proposed Antelope Wildhorse Roundup”

  1. Barbara Warner Says:

    You can fax comments on the scoping for the Antelope Complex roundup to 775-753-0255. Hard copies must follow by mail.

    Notice it’s the same old LIE about range degradation blamed on the wild horses. Also it’s a lie that the horses are excess . These lies make me so angry !! This BS is fed to the press and public who don’t know the truth.

    • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

      Barbara –
      I’ve been ranting all day about a little epiphany I had:
      This winter in the West has been one of the wettest in 5 years; the desert will benefit – from snow melt, aquifers being filled, seasonal creeks and streams. Even Death Valley’s gotten a glut. Which means vegetation- lots and lots of vegetation. And with the loss of the Wild Ones, this summer the range will see acres of the tall dry grass no one else can palate.
      Last year was one of the worst fire seasons for Forestry and Range in a very long time.
      These round-ups, being conducted now, without forethought in regards to the not-too-distant future, are not what ANYONE could call Management.
      Loss of range, property, wild and human life. That’s what the fires cost last year. What is an AML for THAT??

  2. Jeannie Parisi Says:

    Helpless is the feeling~They just turn a deaf ear and will do exactly what they want and they believe that we believe there lie’s. I want to say God have Mercy on them, but it is the animals that need there MERCy and they just don’t care. Again millions spent on rounding up and building holding pens and feeding them…Hello, is anyone home. Use that money to feed them in the Wild if you even cared an ounce but they don’t…They can fool some of the people, but NOT US and certainly not the CREATOR of these wonderful Horses….How do they lay their heads on their pillow’s at night and sleep…What goes around comes around, Right Lord~~~

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