Wildhorses Don’t Need Windbreaks? and please vote

A new article by Frank X. Mullen Jr. from the Reno Gazette Journal “BLM says windbreaks not needed for corralled horses”

Vote on Change.org for a moratorium on roundups of America’s Wild Horses and burros, just click here. If we can get this issue in the top 10 it will get a lot of attention and be brought to The White House.


21 Responses to “Wildhorses Don’t Need Windbreaks? and please vote”

  1. Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) Says:

    Put the BLM officials out in the pens and see how long they last!! These anmals are out of their NATURAL environment and are now expected to adapt to being confined without their normal resources to protect themselves.

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    After all we have been given to read about how wild horses are affected by sudden confinement and food changes it is obvious that their ability to remain healthy is affected. The indifference to humane care is just a part of what BLM has to offer and will continue to be. The concession to put up something for young and sick may save some lives. They could do better, but who are we to hope? They are BLM and a world unto themselves. mar

  3. mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

    BLM needs an investigation!



    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      In order for it to go to court, you have to establish (your lawyer does) that you have a connection with a herd — like you visited it or something. I heard this on the radio Howling Ridge last time 1/20/10 it is there in their discussion — it was a great show. Listen to it because they discuss this very thing.

  5. Trish Kerby Says:

    Would a “class action lawsuit” be appropriate here?

  6. T.A. Paxton Says:

    What a bunch of balogney. Anyone out there watch Animal Cops and the like on Animal Planet? People are ARRESTED for leaving animals in a big field without sufficient shelter. Of course they are experts at adapting. But adapting means finding shelter on their own-and that means space to roam, not being penned up. There is NO excuse for this!

  7. Jennifer Gage Says:

    Is Mr. Mueller a vet? Have a degree in animal husbandry? Have any brains? He couldn’t be more dead wrong. Of course, wild horses need shelter just as dogs, cats, pigs, cows and sure as shit your car! Why do we put our cars in the garage? The same reason any animal needs shelter-to keep from freezing, to stay out of the wind, rain and hot sun! Excuse me, but any human or animal given the CHOICE (the operative word being CHOICE) will choose protection and stay out of the elements. The horses have NO CHOICE to move to a protected area like they would were they FREE. Wild horses and any animal for that matter would and do seek out protection/shelter from the wind and bad weather. Furthermore, if they are eating the plywood, they are out of hay! Then they are not adequately giving them enough hay. Horses are meant to chew 12 hours a day. He should go to U of I, MI State University or Texas A&M and learn about a horse’s digestive system and biology!

    What a bunch of BOZOS! NOTHING-ALIVE AND BY GOD-NOT EVEN OUR MOTORCYCLES, CARS, ETC., GIVEN A CHOICE CHOOSE TO STAND OR STAY IN INCLEMENT WEATHER. PERIOD! What kind of idiotic person would believe that healthy or the majority of horses don’t need protection but the sick horses do? And why wouldn’t the sick horses eat the plywood if the healthy horses would? Boy, that’s sound reasoning. The BLM thinks the PUBLIC IS STUPID. Well, we are not. They are creating unnatural conditions for the horses causing them to die without remorse or conscience. They have no heart-not one of them.
    The wranglers get $610/per horse dead or alive.

    There is no market for mustang adoptions to the degree they would have you believe.
    Our economy is in a recession and people are UNLOADING their horses and in fact, at thehorse.com giving them away!
    It takes a trained person to handle a mustang and/or at least someone who knows what they are doing.
    The average Suzie-Q down the street is not going to adopt a mustang.
    There aren’t 40,000 potential adopters out there so why the hell are they rounding up even more!???
    This is all insane and ALL ABOUT GREED AND MONEY.
    On top of all that, they knew for quite some time that they were going to round up another 12,000. Shouldn’t they have planned ahead and ALREADY made shelter for a sick pen and the holding areas for the healthy horses?! They knew they were coming! And that’s what I think.

    • thecloudfoundation Says:

      Mr. Mueller is the reporter, the BLM is the one denying wild horses need or even deserve windbreaks– please comment on the article and make calls to your Congresspeople and Senators Thanks!

  8. Jennifer Gage Says:

    I knew that (duh!) That’s just as bad when a reporter doesn’t do his homework and doesn’t present the truth or other side.

    I have contacted my senators and congresspeople and the president. I will continue to do so until something is done.

  9. jan eaker Says:

    Have voted on Change.org, posted a comment, agree that I’d be in trouble and could possibly lose my horses if I left them out in the weather w/no shelter/windbreak,
    COntinue to contact the president and other officials,

  10. Nora Morbeck Says:

    In the state of Georgia, shelter for horses is not required by law, though definitely recommended. (This is the south. Obviously, it doesn’t get as cold here.) HOWEVER, to keep a horse, by law you have to have a minimum of 2 acres of pasture, with a suggested ratio of 2 acres per horse.

    So, what are the state’s legal requirements for shelter and acreage where these horses are being held? Does the BLM trump state requirements?

    It just seems to me that the BLM wouldn’t be in compliance with state law by keeping these horses in such close quarters and with no shelter.

  11. Savewildhorses Says:

    The BLM will fight EVERYTHING, even something that can be remedied in an afternoon, like erecting windbreaks and simple shelters from the elements. They listen to no one. cannot be reasoned with and will fight every single request for the welfare of the horses, no matter how simple and reasonable. Do you realize instead of answering so many emails and phone calls on this one issue, they could have erected 100 shelters!

    Keep writing the Nevada BLM on this issue. Heather_Emmons@BLM.gov

    There is no excuse for their lack of common sense and basis compassion for these animals.

  12. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    You guys are probably gonna smack me upside my head for this but hold on:
    Where these Wild Ones were rounded up is chilly and snow-covered with few natural windbreaks (take a look at the pictures posted by the Humane Observer), and they fortunately still have one another to huddle with. But it should be noted – those long and wooly winter coats? are a sure sign OF GOOD NUTRITION. If they were starving, their coats would be curly and inconsistent, not look like an angora sweater. Which gives lie to the BLM’s assertions that there wasn’t enough forage for them to survive.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Lisa, The presence of the older horses was one of the best indicators of the range being good. There have been record snows and near record ones these last 7 years. The watersheds have been sucking up moisture and doing what they are supposed to. mar

      • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

        Absolutely. And it’s this same wet and wild winter that’s gonna produce an over-abundance of vegetation on the range – more than enough for the Wild Ones and their neighbors. Come next summer, the range dries out and there’s acres and acres of that tall dry grass no one but the Wild Ones can palate. And when the range and forest fires start, the Forestry Department and the various State Fire Departments can holler a hearty “Thanks, Fellas!!” to the DOI and the Bureau for their very well-thought-out-because-they-can-see-the-future Round Up the Ferals Program.
        Oh, and who’s gonna pay, in millions of dollars and loss of property and lives??!
        Sorry. I blacked out there for a second…

  13. Jennifer Gage Says:

    Lisa-according to Winter Care for Horses by U of NE, Equine Facts Bulletin 1007, “cold weather causes the hair to stand up, trapping and retaining body heat. Once the hair coat becomes wet, (as in after the round up) the hair lies down and loses its insulating ability. A long fuzzy hair coat can be deceiving of a horse’s true body condition. The most accurate assessment of body condition is done through feeling the condition of the horse’s ribs, (not likely!) plus visual inspection of overall condition.” I haven’t looked closely at the pictures on Elyse site but I would say things are bad for them after being rounded up because they are sweating so much. That makes them cold then. I agree that they have enough “forage” where they were tho.

    • Lisa LeBlanc Says:

      I agree, Jen; I always blanket mine after a workout for that reason. And, trust me, I’m not trying to score points FOR the BLM but the Captives did have a chance to ‘cool down’ during what I’m sure was a pleasant ride to the interment camp.
      I have an Arabian who furs up like a polar bear in the winter, and she refuses any refuge from the cold or the wet (kinda strange for a desert breed). The whole point I’m hoping to make is the Wild Ones are tough – so tough! – and it’s that toughness that reinforces my belief that they needed NO BLM intervention if the intent was indeed for their benefit. Which we all know, wasn’t the intention at all.

      • Jennifer Gage Says:

        You know, I keep looking and looking and looking and I can’t find one stinking picture of a starving wild horse. Yet, I can find many, many, many pictures of abused, dead, dying horse around the BLM and gathers. I’m positive that’s becasue they are not starving out in the wild! Yes, I know and have learn that they are tough. However, when they are put in pens in un-natural conditions that promote parasites, disease and stress, I think their ability to be “tough” is lessened. I believe their spirit, their free-ness and ability to move around to forage and drink and family bond keep them fit. All of that is gone in a pen. I think the stress alone after losing their freedom, family and spirit kills too. They need no intervention from living in the wild. I believe they need intervention or the ability to choice to go to shelter if they need it-especially the yearlings and colts and fillies. The babies need shelter….just my opinion tho 🙂

  14. Lisa LeBlanc Says:

    I have to believe, for my own sanity and soul, that their trauma is only temporary, that their inherent independence and spirit will see them through. If I don’t reinforce their strengths, in my own mind and the minds of others then the enormity of what they have suffered in just the past few weeks hits ME, and I’m the one who’s lost.
    I have to believe, Jen.

  15. Audrey K. Says:

    Common sense. IF a wild animal (horse) is captured AND contained (corral) is it ‘wild’ anymore? No, it is now under HUMAN control and in need of SOMEBODY providing the basic needs which include FOOD, Water and SHELTER (from the elements – HOT blazing sun and COLD wind and rain). WE have taken the wild horse OUT of the wild and now WE must provide for him/her.

    Common sense. What are the RULES the BLM puts forth in ADOPTING a ‘wild mustang?’ Food, Water, SHELTER and a very tall fence. I know, I was accepted to adopt a mustang.

    Common sense. The BLM needs to follow its OWN protocol and NO EXCUSES or else the BLM DOES NOT get to have ANY MORE horses!

    Dah! Common sense, following the rules. SOMEBODY needs to BLOW the WHIstle on the BLM for NOT following the rules and endangering the lives of poor helpless creatures.

    SOMEBODY needs to go to JAIL!

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