New Articles and Information

****NEW**** AP Article on most recent Calico mare and foal deaths by Martin Griffith

New from RT Fitch “Straight from the Horse’s Heart”

Ruby Pipeline Poses Severe Threat to Freedom of Wild Horses

Calico stallion recently captured. Photo by Elyse Gardner

The Dead of Winter from the American Herds Blog

Presidential Citizen’s Medal: A few people have already submitted nominations for some of our wild horse and burro heros for the Presidential Citizens Medal of Honor, if there is anyone who you’d like to nominate, just click here for details.

**A note from Makendra:  The Unified Moratorium Letter was again sent to President Obama via certified mail today, this time with 12 pages of names of supporting organizations, ecologists, authors and celebrities. We’ll continue to fax this letter to the White House and to Congress weekly.

In this time of incredible suffering and natural disaster, we still must share our attentions to the wild horses and burros that we are losing, potentially forever, off our public lands in the American West. Please continue to demand a moratorium on all roundups. Our tax dollars and efforts in this country need not be focused on further destruction but on reclamation for both our global community and our own neighborhoods. Thanks to everyone for everything you are doing for the brave and remarkable people of Haiti, the wild horses, the burros and your own families and everything else you are working to help, protect and preserve, rescue and reconstitute. Keep up the amazing work on all fronts. Thank you, Makendra


19 Responses to “New Articles and Information”

  1. Janet Ferguson Says:

    We must make certain that any wild herds presently not under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management NEVER ARE PLACED IN THEIR CARE, CUSTODY OR CONTROL!!!!!!!

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    The Dead Of Winter helps show us better how BLM operates. Right now there are 9 deaths at Calico and only one is Official!!

    81 horses are unaccounted for at Calico and now BLM says that some rare Albinos and some Curly Horses have been caught. Where are they? And where might Freedom be?

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    And I love the calico Calico horse! mar

  4. Janet Ferguson Says:

    This website has legislative issues (horse-related) for all states. Read and heed (read it and weep, actually)

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Livestock, not companion animal:

      I really think this website is full of information — I don’t agree with their positions on things, however, it is a great source of education! And right here in my own state, too!

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        This really says it all:

        “Currently, under federal tax law, commercial horse owners and breeders are treated as farmers.
        Certain tax ramifications could be changed and have a negative impact if horses were not
        considered as livestock. In addition, horse owners and breeders are treated differently by state
        excise and sales taxes because horses are now considered livestock. These advantages could be
        lost. If horses were no longer livestock, horse breeding would no longer be an agricultural endeavor
        and federal and state taxes for horse operations could increase.”

        If horses were no longer livestock, then breeders would lose their tax privileges. Maybe they would not be so willing to breed all those horses and require horsepacking plants in their states to dispose of their equine “livestock.”

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Great stuff, yes, and sad, JF. This is very much at the heart of many who attempt to become breeders hoping to have a National Champ and other dreams. I worked for friends for 5 years that had a dream like that. They had wonderful horses and a divorce sent them all who knows where in the end. Other people do this because they can… mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        OMG You have seen this first hand! I am so thankful that right now I have time and ability (with my new-ish computer) to face off against these issues and use my vote and my voice to further legislation and meaningful discussion on these matters. Also I am so glad to have found so many advocates and wonderful people from every walk of life who are of similar beliefs. However, it is a daunting task as there are so many big issues in this country right now. Thank goodness we still have no horse slaughter in this country, at least legally, and I am working on getting organized for a letter-writing campaign to my state’s newspapers and legislators on this issue.

        There is so much information, but the people who seem to be “holding all the cards” have the “slight of hand” in their favor — like magicians they pull the pro-slaughter rabbit out of the hat and along with their wrong-minded reasoning, convince our elected officials that they are right.

        This is a terrible truth in this country, as I posted elsewhere, there are so many legislatures in so many states ready to “pounce” if slaughter ever does become legal. They are forming a block against all the legislation that would insure our American horses of every type would never be crammed into a truck again to provide humans horsemeat in foreign climes.

        The pro-slaughter people are convinced that humane slaughter is the answer.

        Look at a horse in a slaughter box, with the door closing on it, facing death in a metal terror, and ask yourself: how much lower can people fall?

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Haven’t seen a photo of a horse in a slaughter box? Here’s your chance. . .

        Plus a great article by an equine vet who is against slaughter:

  5. jan eaker Says:

    good article, Janet,

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Just so you all remember that Antelope has a comment period that ends on Jan. 27th also;

    Antelope Herd Management Area
    BLM is seeking public comments on the proposed removal of 1,200 horses from the Antelope Complex in Northeastern Nevada.

    Please send your comments to:
    BLM Wells Field Office
    attn.: Wells Field Office Manager
    3900 Idaho Street
    Elko, NV 89801
    No email address is provided, but you can call Bruce Thompson at 775-753-0286.

    The roundup is scheduled for 8/20 to 9/20, but don’t bet they hold to it. This is BLM and they do as they please. mar

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Tomorrow the McGavin Peak horses will begin to be removed from a home where horses have been wild over 100 years. If there is anyone who will be a witness I hope you will tell us what becomes of these captives. This is Forest Service and they will likely go to sale which may mean to slaughter in Canada. We would be lucky if they have a gentling program like in Farmington. It is sad we could not have had a freedom fund for this little herd in the upper North of Cal. There may be as few as 30 horses. I am going to call Gooseneck Ranger District on Monday and see if I can get any info. mar

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        WHY do they need to remove any population of only 30 horses? It doesn’t make sense, who wants these horses removed? This is who we need to boycott. Where is Madeleine? This is CRIMINAL! I can’t even put my feelings into words…….

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        The assessment said that because the land is fragmented that there should not be any horses there. BLM and the Forest Service and some private land have said this and added that private owners ‘should not have to manage’ wild horses. Maybe they would like to. I will see if I can get any answers from them tomorrow. I did tell Madeleine and others. Mar

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        If the horses a resourceful enough to find their way to that land why can’t they stay? Evidently they must be causing trouble? If the private owners don’t want horses on their land put up a fence. Why does every piece of land in this country need to be owned? Sorry I needed to rant.





  9. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Louie, thanks for contacting Goosenest. Yes, we should still do that. And don’t forget Antelope Complex Roundup also has a deadline of Jan. 27th.

    I don’t think anyone tells BLM what to do directly, but they are influenced and maybe bought by the big corporations who want the use of public lands. These men, mostly, leave BLM and become CEOs at these big corps. Retire very fat having done much back slapping and selling us down the river. mar

  10. LindaH Says:

    Westword Blog in Denver continues to give coverage. (Well-read progressive paper and blog )Please take the time to comment. Prendergast is following this story.
    Also front page article in Denver Post today about Salazar’s first year.
    Only a couple of references to Wild Horses in the article. Might warrant some letters in reference to his lack of interest in working with reorganizing BLM and protecting horses.

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