Freedom Fight- new video

Wild horses are safest in their wild homes, though the BLM does not sell horses to slaughter, some mustangs who are sold do end up being slaughtered in Mexico and Canada along with thousands of domestic horses. Please heed Sandy’s call to action at the end of this beautiful video.


14 Responses to “Freedom Fight- new video”

  1. Monika Courtney Says:

    What a beautiful tribute to the horses – very touching and well done – will share with everyone I know. Thanks Sandy for making another great video.

  2. Morgan Williams Says:

    This is a fine piece of filming, poetry and music. Bravo Sandy.

  3. Savewildhorses Says:

    What are our chances of stopping the Calico round up early? Is there anyway to put an end to this one early? I think we need another national call in day with phone numbers to DC and NEVADA.

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      A legal battle was waged by In Defense of Animals and Craig Downer last November to halt the roundup. A temporary stay was granted December 1st for 28 days. A hearing was done on December 16th in Federal Court located in DC. The federal judged ruled that there was not enough evidence to permanently block the roundup but gave his recommendation and advice to the BLM to consider halting the roundup until the BLM could gather more facts on habitat, herd health and actual numbers of Mustangs in the Calico region to see if a roundup was necessary according to the terms of the 1971 Act. The BLM began the roundup within days if not hours. There was a BLM Advisory Board meeting on December 7th in Reno that many of us attended to speak our minds to the BLM, the Advisory Board and more specifically to Don Glenn himself – one of the great and most warped masterminds of the BLM. Our public opinion did not make a dent in their intentions nor stop them from continueing to lie beyond all imagination. Don Glenn said (he was video taped speaking) “all gathers are open to the public and we welcome them”. AT the very moment he was spewing his retoric, an announced roundup was taking place. No public comment was allowed. No independent or humane observers were present. Several hundred Mustang were taken off the range and secreted away somewhere unknown.

  4. halley age12 Says:

    please save clouds heard if possible no horse deserves to be penned up ,iwish someone could save these animals pray for them to be let free like as i do every night this WAS THERE LAND FIRST so save them

  5. Pendleton Taster Says:

    Just wondering why that clip with the horses in the mountains has some mules in the bunch. Is that someone’s domestic livestock?

  6. Janet Ferguson Says:

    How beautiful and how powerful!

    Kerrie Small has written a VERY BIG poem.

    I hope you put this on the child’s pages too , unless the slaughter issue is too strong here.

    Have put this on my Facebook and asked for people to watch the video and think about things. . .

    This video I do recommend for some kind of national distribution iit is worthy of major media of any kind.

  7. Sandy Elmore Says:

    I can make DVD’s for anyone that wants one. Just contact me at my email :
    I also am working on another short film, this one 10 minutes long and about the wild horse and how they need to be saved (more of a doc.). Still music, but this time I have a voice over. I will be entering it in a local Film Festival here in Missoula next week.

  8. Patty Says:

    Please help my Mustangs ancestors live free like other wild animals..
    they are harmless, to people, animals.. they run with only the dirt beneath their feet.. to live and run.. Be the voice for the horse… they don’t deserve to be trapped because of $$$ for other cattle to run on their land…….

    • Sandy Elmore Says:

      Patty, I and many of us will continue to fight for the wild ones and domestic ones.
      Don’t ever give up hope…



  10. Sandy Elmore Says:


    I just got an email regarding this video. This video was made for all horses, mules and burro’s who face going to slaughter, along with the wild ones. The comment asked about the Mules in the video. There is footage of domesticated horses and mules on here as well.

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