BLM Updates 1/21/10 entry + Vet Report for Colt

The report changed to the following around 11am this morning on the BLM Website (here), we appreciate the clarification on this colt’s death  & have asked for independent analysis of the colt’s body but it has already been taken to the Fallon rendering plant.

The report yesterday can be downloaded here: 1/21/10. The Vet report can be downloaded here: Vet Report 10/22

BLM has no photos of the foal or the mare who died yesterday. Public observation days will continue to be only Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat even when roundup is on public land.

Transported 118 horses to the Fallon facility on Wednesday.  Plan to ship the horses remaining at the gather corrals to Fallon today.  Continuing to dissemble the gather corrals and move to new location in the Calico HMA.

Mares coming into the Fallon facility are in poorer condition than stallions and weanlings/foals. About 30 mares from the Warm Springs HMA range in body condition from a 2.5 to 3.0.  One mare that was down on the transport truck arrived at the facility alive, but subsequently died.

One colt with multiple hoof sloughs from the capture was euthanized at the facility.  The colt was from the Black Rock East HMA and has been at the facility more than two weeks. When the colt arrived at the facility it was put in with the general population. A day or two later, the colt started showing acute lameness and was moved to a sick pen. The facility veterinarian noted the colt’s two hind hoof soles were bruised, but there was no visible abscess or  infection. The colt was given antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicine, was kept segregated and contined to be checked by the veterinarian. The colt’s hind feet abscessed and the outer hoof wall did separate. The colt was euthanized by the facility veterinarian.

About 20 to 25 horses at the facility have received treatment for vaioius injuries or lameness and are recovering.  There are no indications of infectious respiratory disease.

The BLM has asked that wind breaks be installed at the Fallon facility, similar to ones that are at the Palomino Valley Center.  The contractor will begin constructing wind breaks in 12 of the smaller holding/sorting pens which are used for sick or lame animals.

Totals: 1,195 gathered, 1,074 moved to Fallon, 121 at gather corrals, 2 euthanized at gather site, 1 death pre-existing condition, 1 back to HMA.

Fallon facility: 6 deaths


12 Responses to “BLM Updates 1/21/10 entry + Vet Report for Colt”

  1. Karen L. Says:

    Hmmm. They corrected their arithmetic. We can add “lack of good math” to the exsting problem of “lack of good science” for the BLM. How can anyone consider them credible?

    • Karen L. Says:

      That should be ‘existing’ in the second line above.

    • Laura Evans Says:

      yeah, but we already know they didn’t have good math skills. They can’t say how many horses there are in any one location. Be it the wild or their own holding facilities.

  2. Barbara Warner Says:

    The abcesses were caused by running this poor colt for miles on rocks, and it’s death was caused by this cruel roundup. I just wonder how many times it was given medications.

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    If this was a foal there for more than two weeks and it was separated from others and being given meds, is it not the ‘orphan foal’ that has had so many of us wondering how it was orphaned? The little dark bay that bonded with a mare with a foal then they put Trooper alone? Let BLM tell me it was not this very same foal. They could also have told us what the meds were for. mar

  4. Savewildhorses Says:

    There should be no deaths or lame horses resulting from the round ups, otherwise it is inherently inhumane.

  5. Mary Says:

    The BLM can “update” its reports all day long, and get its story straight so that it is sanitized for public consumption. The facts are incontrovertible–the foal died as a direct consequence of the roundup. This is completely unacceptable.

  6. Roxy Says:

    All I know right now for sure is that Sue Cattor went on record that nothing like this would happen. She stated that the horses are walked until they get close to the chutes. She invited people to go along on the helicopter to see what a wonderful walk in the woods the horses experieince, unstressed, by wonderful caring and humane people – the Cattors.

    I feel such grief – and that our own governmnet is doing this.

  7. Shari K Says:

    Of course Sue Cattoor is going to say that do we think she would say otherwise. Hold her to her words and see if they REALLY would allow spectators on the helicopter. In fact I believe that would be a great idea and would put many of us at ease if an advocate such as a representative from the Cloud Foundation was on the helicopter and make sure it is like she says. LETS DEMAND THAT HAPPEN PLEASE. We obviously cant stop this dreadful situation so lets make sure it is done humanely and demand it open to public ALL days

  8. Jo De George Says:

    I’m glad you guys have all your stories straight now. Feel better? A poor, innocent foal lies dead after a torturous run. His thin legs and tiny feet could not support him. How do you people sleep at night?

  9. Reginald Kitch Says:

    Tiger, now that you got divorced, My partner and i wish you even now find time to enjoy golf.

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